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News on the Trigger Report

Based on the feedback we´ve got about issues related to our trigger report /SCMTMS/PROC_TRIG_BGD we made some improvements to it.

The main improvements are:

  • Performance Improvement by mass enablement of action processing, independent of the context the triggers are created
  • Performance improvement in housekeeping of the trigger tables, specifically when many entries are in the trigger tables when the report is executed
  • Strict consideration of package size
  • Automatic fallback logic for validation and catchable coding errors (switching to package size 1 automatically in case of any catchable error)
  • Accessible and more structured output (ALV-List including only the really processed triggers)

The necessary notes are:

TM 9.3 & 9.4:
2369160 – Performance optimization for trigger report
2383599 – Program termination in trigger processing
2378429 – Performance improvement in trigger report
2386562 – Removal of freight units leads to program termination or is not considered correctly in update process
2391715 – Unnecessary trigger table entries

TM 9.2 & 9.1:
2382899 – Performance improvement and refactoring of the TM trigger report
2391715 – Unnecessary trigger table entries

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