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Configure Embedded Search with TREX for Solution Documentation in SolMan 7.2

You can configure the embedded search with TREX for Solution Documentation in SolMan 7.2 using transaction SOLMAN_SETUP. The search functionalities for Solution Documentation in Solution Manager 7.2 SP03 will be configured in scenario  “Process Management”, step 7 “Configure Embedded Search”:


The prerequisite for this configuration is a successful completion of the general configuration of the embedded search in the setup scenario “Cross Scenario Configuration -> Embedded Search”. Within that activity you will need to ensure that: the TREX is correctly installed and connected to your Solution Manager system; the extracting user has the needed authorization as well as other configuration (an activation of UI services or proxy setting) is performed.

You need the authorization role SAP_ESH_ADMIN.

The mandatory activates of the “Cross Scenario Configuration -> Embedded Search” configuration should be green:

Initial Setup of Embedded Search for Process Management  

Now, you can proceed with the manual activities in the “Process Management”, step 7 “Configure Embedded Search” configuration:

Activity “Delete Search Connectors”

In the first step “Delete Search Connectors”, you need to ensure that the old connectors are deleted. The search models of the Solution Documentation have changed substantially with SAP Solution Manager SP03. After upgrading the system, it is required to delete the existing search connectors in order to make possible the creation of the new search models.

Click on the link “Start Transaction” next to this activity and you will be taken to the transaction ESH_COCKPIT. If your system is new and you never before setup the search then you will not find any connectors to delete:

Select all:

and delete the old connectors:

Activity “Create Search Models”

The search models are a prerequisite for searching the Solution Documentation content in all SAP Solution Manager application areas.

The search models are created by a system administrator either after system installation or after activation of SAP Solution Manager content. Afterwards, the search models must only be created again if object types or attributes types have been changed or added to the Solution Documentation model. Please see the section “Adjusting the Search Model” if you need to adjust any search model.

Specify your custom development package and press “Execute”:

Activity “Create Search Connectors”

The search models for the Solution Documentation are assigned to the software component “Solution Documentation: Core Model”.

After the search models were created, you need to create the Search Connectors. In the “Connector Administration Cockpit” select the software component ZSMUD_CORE (Solution Documentation: Core Model). Select the connectors and press the button “Create Connector”:

Activity “Adjust Exceptional Package Size”

The connectors with the connector items will be added to the Connector Models. Before you proceed with indexing, you need to maintain the package size of the indexing activities. Click on the hyperlink next to the activity and execute the steps:

  1. Select your logical system (Solution Manager system)
  2. As object type select SMUDKW_INFO_OBJECT.
  3. Set the package size for initial and delta indexing to 1000.
  4. Press “Execute”.

Activity “Schedule initial Indexing”

In the last mandatory activity, you can start the initial indexing of the Solution Documentation content.

Select all items:

And schedule the indexing:

Click on the link “Show Input Form” and maintain the scheduling parameters. In this case: “Start Immediately”, “Real-Time Indexing”. The “Clear Index Content” will be used only if the indexing ran before:

Copy this setting to all search models:

You can observe the status of the indexing activity in the column “Status”. Depending on the size of the content in your Solution Manager system, the indexing can take a few hours to finish.

Adjusting the Search Model

After you changed the process model (e.g. added new customer attributes) you need to regenerate the search model. The flag in the column “Modified” indicates which models were changed and are not the same as the production version in your system.

Execute the Activity “Create Search Models” again:

If you added customer attributes to the solution documentation model then those two connectors would need to be updated:

Update the connectors:

Note: You will see a new connector item only if a language dependent or multi value attribute was created.

Click on the link “Show Input Form” and maintain the scheduling parameters. In this case: “Start Immediately”, “Real-Time Indexing” and “Clear Index Content”:

Copy this setting to all search models you need to re-index:

The initial indexing must run again.

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      Author's profile photo Boris Milosevic
      Boris Milosevic

      Hi Ewa,

      excelent blog post 🙂 Great job, thank you!

      Im trying to find Search and Classification TREX 7.10  installation media on but without success.

      I found installation media SAP EHP2 FOR SAP NETWEAVER 7.0 Search and Classification (TREX7.00) Number 51037295 which is  Trex 7.00 but no chance to find Trex 7.1.

      Would you be so kind and share with us  exact number of the Trex 7.1 installation!

      Thank you

      Boris Milosevic

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Blog Post Author


      Hi Boris,
      thanks for you comment. Please check the SAP Note1856942 - Latest Revision for TREX 7.10 for information you look for.

      Author's profile photo Boris Milosevic
      Boris Milosevic

      Hi Ewa,

      I’ve started configuration of the Trex and I following your instructions , unfortunately I stacked because the transaction esh_cockpit does not allow my user to create or edit.
      The Create , Delete and Actions button are disabled!!!???

      All authorisation are ok.

      My SCN question is here

      Thank you

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Blog Post Author

      hi Boris,
      Is the connection to TREX working correctly? And did you create the search modelsin the previous step?

      Author's profile photo Boris Milosevic
      Boris Milosevic

      Hi Ewa,

      I now trex is installed and in function but still in the Solution Documentation BPM are not available searchable ??

      I have some question regarding yours Trex Installation and configuration  like:

      • which TRex version are you running on which OS version and which SP Level
      • Bussinise Process Models are searchable and visible in your Solution Documentation in Solman 72 SP3??

      My questions is on the link

      Thank you for your answer.


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member


      Author's profile photo Emerald Yao
      Emerald Yao

      Hi Ewa,

      Thanks for the post, really informative!

      I want to know if there are any TREX version restriction when integrate with SolMan 7.2.

      is TREX 7.0 and 7.1 all work well?




      Author's profile photo Scott Li
      Scott Li

      Hi Eva,

      This very good post, it is really informative.

      Question.  Is TREX 7.1 about to search attachment within incident in ITSM?  If so could you provide information with need to configuration in Solution manager 7.2 sps03 or is there document that about it.

      Thank you very much in advance.



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Thanks for the info! Great post.

      Author's profile photo Biral Gajjar
      Biral Gajjar

      Hello EWA,

      I am getting UNCAUGHT_EXCEPTION error while scheduling the INDEX.I have followed the  Snote 2472279  but no result.Could you please help me out.


      Thanks & Regards



      Author's profile photo Mohamed Moanes
      Mohamed Moanes


      How can I add a solution configuration in the SOLDOC , however, the Trex is successfully working & also the connectors.

      the search is empty like below

      Author's profile photo Endre Rasmussen
      Endre Rasmussen

      Hi Mohamed,

      I have the same issue. Not only searching for objects from library (as per your screenshot), but also using the full text search there are no result, either on document. Strange thing this is only appears in development branch and not in maintainance branch (standing on same level).

      Have you solved your problem?

      Best Regards