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SAP Solution Manager 7.2 for VAR-D Support

If you are currently certified as Partner Center of Expertise (PCOE) or preparing to get certified, you know that SAP Solution Manager is a critical requirement (and mandatory for SAP Business All in One and SAP HANA solution support).

The Mainstream Maintenance for SAP Solution Manager 7.1 will end on December 31st 2017. Therefore this version will no longer meet requirements for PCOE certification after this date. From January 1st 2018 onward, only SAP Solution Manager 7.2 or SPS -2 will be compliant with PCOE requirements.

Upgrading your SAP Solution Manager system to version 7.2 is a significant project, so please start planning now.


You can find the latest SPS release information for SAP Solution Manager 7.1 and SAP Solution Manager 7.2 on the SAP Support Portal.

Good to know:

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  • Hi Stefanie,

    thanks for all infos, just a question: our PCoE certification will expire after 1st Jan 2018....this means that we must upgrade our 7.1 SolMan even if we are certified?


    nice day



  • Hi,

    Can you please confirm if we dont use Hana Db with Solman 7,2 is that still accepted for VAR support. Also if there is any document for this kindly share.



      Hello Farroq, please refer to SAP Note 2282944 and related notes.


      • Dear Stefanie Rindt

        Thanks a lot

        It means we need to first download the customer systems from SAP Portal using LMDB. Then we need to complete the Managed system configuration for each system ? If customer has EWA reports in their own Solman then is it possible taht customer send us the EWA reports. Also, if the customer is sending EWA to SAP and not the partner then how can we download the EWA from SAP portal to patner solnam

        Please advise


          Hi Farooq,

          I'm afraid I cannot comment on this. I suggest to attend the Expert -guided sessions (EGI) offered by the SAP Enterprise Support Academy. They cover SAP Solution Manager and ITSM setup, and you have the chance to talk to an expert directly. You can access the EGIs via the SAP Learning Hub, Enterprise Support edition:




    Hi Faheem,

    for the audit, the latest SPS or -2 is required. We are currently at SAP Solution Manager 7.2 SPS 6, so we would accept SPS 4 or higher for audit. SPS 7 is planned for May. So if your audit is after that, the requirement would be SPS 5+.




  • EWA display in VAR solman 7.2

    Hi ,

    I am not able to find a corresponding auth. role that allows VAR customers to display only their own EWAs in solman 7.2. In 7.1 we had such a thing like SAP_SMWORK_SYS_MON_SPC role. Now, the EWAs are located under the service delivery section and can be accessed haing role SAP_SMWORK_SERVICE_DEV.

    But for VAR customer this is not useful as the user is able to see all EWAs, also those from other customers...

    • Hello Jianhua

      I'm afraid I cannot answer that one and have to refer to the experts. Check out the SAP Solution Manager wikis: