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S/4 HANA / Current Status regarding SAP EHS Management

Dear all, Dear Community

The new S/4 HANA On Premise version 2021 is now released.

The “” pages are “up to date” so you can check “what is inside” the new release.

With this releases the Product Compliance solution was extended.

Other documentation for the new softare has been updated as well (e.g. check SAP Learning Hub)

Anyhow: With S/4 HANA environment terms are changing. So you have to pay attention here.

The “Product Compliance” solution is planned by SAP to be the follow up solution of EHS classic.

As this software is “new” the concepts used here are new as well and can be a challenge even for an experienced EHS consultant.

Therefore. If somebody use the term “EHS” then in many cases it refers more to the product currently called “Component Extension for SAP Environment, Health, and Safety Management” (e.g refer to than the product called “SAP EHS Management as Part of SAP ERP”, e.g. refer to

Therefore: it is important to understand that in the new S/4 HANA we talk about two different products.

This blog discuss only the “SAP EHS Management as Part of SAP ERP” product and the follow up solution in S/4 HANA.

Therefore: to get the correct picture: it is a good idea to get direct in contact with SAP so that may be you get some help to move to the new S/4 HANA environment and if you have the chance to visit SAP presentations you will get a good picture on roadmap in the area of EHS.

If you are interested in the future of EHS/EHSM: You should now start to learn the new terms/options etc. As mentioned: based on roadmap of SAP SAP will now deploy year by year new cpabilities in SAP S/4 HANA.

Considering the fact, that the “term used” are changing, it is important to understand the new terms as used with S/4 HANA: (In the past we have used e.g. EHS, EHSM etc.). But the situation will get “slightly” more complex (more terms).

Some discussions regarding the change of EHS with S/4 HANA can still be found.

SAP will communicate per year the current future roadmap in context of  “EHS applications” based on S/4 HANA to the customers (but only via direct contact with the customer or using some SAP presentations or partially via SAP marketplace).

You as “user” of SAP EHS Management should really try to follow any discussion in any user group (e.g. DSAG, ASUG etc.) to understand the SAP strategy. The changes (old world; new world) will be clearly bigger as the change from SAP 4.6. to SAP Enterprise, to SAP ERP; so this new “EHS” version will be a complete new software. But you (as Customer of SAP) need to think about: how to use the new version. Uutil 2025 you can still use SAP ERP in “compatibility mode) using an S/4 HANA environment (but you need to understand, that S/4 HANA will not support all EHS tools/solutions (refer to different blogs)


PS: We have now some additional blogs here which you should may be check (context of “Product Compliance” and some “YouToube” videos as well

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      Author's profile photo Mark Pfister
      Mark Pfister

      On October 31.2016 SAP announced it officially:

      EHS even made it into the release news:

      “Environment, health and safety (EHS) management offers comprehensive and integrated new functionality reimagined to take advantage of the digital transformation occurring across the enterprise. It uses real-time data to support EHS practitioners in managing operational risk, worker safety and compliance, with integrated solutions for incident management, chemical management, operational risk assessments, industrial hygiene/exposure monitoring, regulatory compliance and emissions management.”

      Oil and Gas:
      Oil and gas industry customers can take advantage of upstream and downstream functions, including hydrocarbon product management, that are optimized for high performance on the SAP HANA platform, as well as a real-time inventory planning workbench with enhanced simulation capabilities for supply chain scheduling, providing insight and flexibility to better meet the needs of end customers.

      Author's profile photo Christoph Bergemann
      Christoph Bergemann
      Blog Post Author

      Dear Mark

      your link does not work. Can you please check?


      PS: Link

      is ok

      PPS: link does work

      But i am looking more on "real roadmap" and not on SAP HANA 1610 content

      Author's profile photo Mark Pfister
      Mark Pfister

      Hi Christoph,

      I fixed the link.

      In regards to the EHS road-map for S4 I think the Information shared by SAP at the DSAG Meetings is the only official communication available.

      I'll check if I can get the slides and post them here.

      Kind Reagrds





      Author's profile photo Christoph Bergemann
      Christoph Bergemann
      Blog Post Author

      Dear Mark

      currently it seems to be that SAP is talking about roadmap only in context of e.g. DSAG and similar meetings (EHS conferences etc.).  If you dig deeper and ask SAP contact for the slides as shown in such meetings honestly the list of “question marks” (that means you will not get an answer from SAP to your quesiton now)  is such long that i can only hope that SAP can really deliver a solution as shown which is as flexible as the old solution portfolio so that we do not loose functionality (and they have to deliver “in time” (until 2025 latest). And here are my greatest doughts (that we will loose additional functionality as: EHS IH, EHS waste)

      But honestly: it is not an easy job on SAP side. They need to deliver a “simplified” EHS version still supporting the needs of chemical industries (and others) who has use EHS classic for many years now. Hopefully we willl see a documentation on roadmap soon which SAP  will share may be here.