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Author's profile photo Christopher Solomon

Troubleshooting and Tips for SAP Certification Exams via Questionmark Browser

Last Friday, I took my SuccessFactors Employee Central -SAP Certified Application Associate exam using the SAP Certification Hub. To say things did not go smoothly is an understatement! (haha) I was already anxious/nervous enough to take the exam, so the last thing I needed was any “surprises”. My exam was scheduled for 9am, so as they advise, I logged in to the Certification Hub and launched my exam 15 minutes early (they give you time to connect to the proctor, have them check your ID and do you system/testing area check with the proctor as well as help should any issues arise). However, things did not go well for me the first time…..nor the second….or even the third.(haha)

When you sign up for an exam, they provide you with several helpful tips to set up and prepare. These include:

Test your equipment prior to your exam date.  Utilize the System Test provided on this home page.  Contact Technical Support if you receive any warnings about your equipment.  Examinations are secure and remotely proctored.  You will be required to use certain technology to take the exam:

  • Questionmark Secure browser that you will need to download and install
  • Webcam
  • Microphone or headset
  • Adobe Flash
  • Broadband connection

I followed everything to the letter, performed my “conduct system test” (a button on the same page…did you click the one above? Sorry…it’s not real. haha) and passed the “check” with flying colors (HINT: if you do not have a webcam set up/connected, it will just sit and wait with no communication back to you on the screen. Once webcam was connected, each “check” showed “loading…” and then “passed” very quickly. I think this needs some work on their end!) In fact, leading up to my exam on Friday, I tested my laptop each day just to make sure.

So back to 8:45 am on my exam day as I logged in….the first thing the Questionmark server does is a whole “new” system check. Again, there is NO on-screen information during this, so you pretty much have to sit and hope something is going on. After what seemed like 3 minutes or so, the screen showed all the test. It was the same as the other “system check” you can do, but this time it showed an error on one check…it said I had “IE8 compatibility mode” set (this will be important later). As I was using Firefox, I had no idea what this meant. I did see a “connect to proctor” button, so I clicked that. This took me to a new page…all white….except “waiting for proctor…” sitting in the center….and just sitting….no indication anything was going on at all. I waited a few minutes. It was close to 9am then, so I closed out of the exam browser and used the “contact technical support” link for “live chat” with a support agent.

First up was Blaine. He was helpful and had me check a few things…launching from Chrome….launching from IE…..he checked the proctor queue and said he never saw me in it when I tried again. Soon however, it was 9:15 am and my exam window had passed. They give you only 15 minutes passed your exam time to sort out technical issues. Blaine said he was sorry but to reschedule. My appointment was marked “Abandon_TI” (abandoned due to technical issue). I immediately jumped back on the Certification Hub and was able to reschedule for 10 am. While waiting I checked everything I could.

Second time around, I logged in at 9:45am and already saw the exact same issues. I jumped right on technical support live chat. This time, I got Fredrick. I explained the situation and what happened before. I will say that he was fairly useless (no disrespect meant), but he was honest about it. He said there was pretty much nothing he could do on his end as it was likely some issue on mine, so he said he would have to escalate it. He said it would be at least 60 minutes till I would get an email and then go from there. 60 MINUTES?!?!? I went back to trying some things as I still had about 20 minutes left. Same thing ….”waiting for proctor….” and nothing happening. Before time was up, I got another tech agent…this time Blaine again and let him know what was going on. He did say to turn off any anti-virus/firewall software I had running, so that was helpful. He said this time to just try to launch and sit on the “waiting” screen up till I ran out of time (just to make sure it was not an issue of the proctor queue). I did that…same thing….timed out…”Abandon_TI”. Again, I rescheduled…this time for 2:30 PM…and yes, I was pretty steamed at this point. I went to lunch and waited.

Third time is a charm? Nope. 2:15 PM, I logged in and tried to launch the exam but even that link was not working. I contacted support and let them know I was just “giving it a try” as I was still waiting on my email from support. Nicolas (Nick) helped me this time. Also, this was during the time on Friday when all across the US, domain servers were being hit with a large DDOS attack from hackers. So I could not even launch the exam at all…just getting “error 1001: invalid login” over and over. Nick and I agreed to just try again later….much later. I “deleted” my appointment and scheduled a FOURTH time that day…this time for 5:00 PM. I was determined to get the exam done TODAY! (haha)

During that time, I received the following in an email direct from Questionmark support, and it helped me tremendously….which makes you wonder why this information is not part of the initial information they provide when setting up everything for the exam. (?!?!??!) Anyways….here is what they sent…

Getting stuck at the waiting for proctor screen can have many different causes.  It is most often caused by third party software on the client computer blocking the specific communication necessary to make that connection, even if the ports are otherwise open.  Some examples of this type of software are things like Websense, Symantec DLP, or certain third party firewall apps.  It can also be caused by attempting to take the exam on a computer that is connected to a company network, as the network monitoring and blocking settings are usually out of the end user’s control in those environments.

We advise that you take all of the steps below, and then try again.

  1. Verify that your version of Flash is up to date.  The system requires at least version 17.  You can check your version of Flash here:

  2. Adjust the Global Flash settings.
    • Right click on the Flash window (or go to Control Panel -> Flash Player, and run it there)
    • Select “Global Settings”
    • Click the “Camera and Mic” tab
    • Click the “Camera and Mic settings by site” button.
    • Check for the following sites in the list, and if not there add them:

    • Set those sites to “Allow”
  3. Check for blocked ports on your client environment.
  4. Turn off all popup blockers and any real-time malware, spyware, or virus scanning software, and any firewall or port blocking software.  This includes software such as Symantec DLP, and Websense, which blocks specific types of communication over otherwise open ports.
  5. Turn off Compatibility View completely in Internet Explorer.  Even if you are using a different web browser, the Questionmark Secure Browser that opens for your exam uses the settings within Internet Explorer, and Compatibility View will cause issues.

Turned out my issue were:

  • Adobe Flash was not up-to-date nor enabled (I had it turned off for security reasons.) Soooo although their “check” makes sure you have Adobe Flash installed, it does NOT check that it is enabled.
  • Did you notice #5 above? It does NOT matter what browser you use to click your “start exam” link, it will ALWAYS try to launch Questionmark in MS Internet Explorer! So THAT is where the “IE 8 Compatibility” check comes from.

After following those much better “tips” and waiting for the day’s DDOS attacks to end, I was finally able to login the SAP Certification Hub and launch my exam at 4:45 pm. This tiime, everything went perfectly. The “system check” passed every check…and actually the page looked better with Adobe enabled for some reason. I then clicked the “connect to proctor” button, and this time got a whole different looking page than before…not to mention seeing myself in my webcam and the proctor as they connected by video as well. With that….the exam began.

Oh!….and I did pass.(haha)  Just hoping these tips help others and save them some of the frustration and anxiety I went through on exam day. As for passing the exam, well….you are on your own there….study hard!!! As always, I will keep blogging if you keep reading them. Till next time….

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      Author's profile photo Colleen Hebbert
      Colleen Hebbert

      wow - glad to hear you got there in the end. I can see a whole series on this from when you first started in the old SCN status update chatting about the cost to sit certification and finding out that Learning Hub gave you the content through to this and passing

      Mm... I keep hearing the requirements for Adobe and how a lot of people are getting caught out with Flash security issues. I can imagine this might be a challenge if someone is trying to sit the exam in their workplace

      Awesome blog!

      Author's profile photo Christopher Solomon
      Christopher Solomon
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks! This is actually 1 of 3 I plan….and yes….the next is the “journey” to the certification….the last is my perspective as a mostly technical consultant jumping into SF EC. Hope you stay tuned for those “exciting” ones too! haha

      Author's profile photo J. Pazahanick
      J. Pazahanick

      Thanks for sharing Chris and EVERYONE I know has had various system issues with taking the exam. SAP/SuccessFactors should be holding Questionmark accountable as it makes them look very bad.

      Author's profile photo Christopher Solomon
      Christopher Solomon
      Blog Post Author

      Trust me, Jarret! I wanted to vent a LOT more. The lack of any kind of information on screen is VERY frustrating. Once everything is working, it is a smooth and easy experience (if you don't mind a proctor staring at you as you take your exam haha), but getting there is a real pain!!! I am hoping they can take some "hints" I was dropping in this blog and make things more pleasant. The LAST thing you want when taking an exam is for ANYTHING to go wrong. haha

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      It is getting least I can have it with my MBP (with using iPhone app for proctor AV communication, dont ask just do)

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Christopher,

      My name is Angela O’Leary; I work as the Client Services Manager at Questionmark Computing.  I work very closely with the SAP team that look after the SAP Certification Hub.

      Thanks for raising these issues in your blog post, whilst it is, of course, very disappointing for us to read, your feedback has been very valuable.  Based on your feedback we have already made changes to our processes, as well as looking at how we can improve other aspects of the customer journey.

      Angela O’Leary
      Client Services Manager

      Author's profile photo Christopher Solomon
      Christopher Solomon
      Blog Post Author

      Oh wow! Thanks! Glad to know I could help. It really just is the "little" things that make such a BIG difference.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi, Due to Technical issue if we are not able to complete the test and status as Abandon_T1 for that same day we have to reshedule it or we can shedule any other day as per our avilability? please confirm?

      Author's profile photo Christopher Solomon
      Christopher Solomon
      Blog Post Author

      You can reschedule immediately for same day (which is what I kept doing till it worked out) or you can do it another day. Basically, you just get out of the cert exam for that scheduled time without using up one of your certification "uses" (6 per year with the sub) and just start the process over (ie. schedule).

      Author's profile photo Anil Sabbani
      Anil Sabbani

      Hi  Christopher,

      I'm getting Question Mark Browser stopped working window while connecting to proctor window.

      System tests are successful before launching the exam.

      I have gone through your blog,made all the mentioned settings.

      Contacted to SAP support team for verification of settings,installed-re-installed question mark browser,antivirus removed from system,firewalls all tested,they have confirmed ,good to go.Still facing the problem.

      My OS is Windows 10.I'm trying to take exam on Chrome/IE 11.

      Kindly let me know if any setting need to be done.

      Author's profile photo Christopher Solomon
      Christopher Solomon
      Blog Post Author

      You are asking the wrong person. I just relayed my experience as a warning....not because I can do "support" for you. I would work/contact Question Mark or SAP Certification group and sort it out.


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member


      When trying to launch exam am getting error " The page has expired:

      any ideas?



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member


      Similar experience here as well and one of the proctors I was dealing with was not helpful at all..

      Short Story:

      Overall, not impressed with the Questionmark service, very unreliable. If you show up on time for an exam, you shouldn't have to reschedule due to technical problems that are not found until you wait 25 minutes in a queue and get a hold of a proctor. Spent almost an hour in between queues due to exiting the application to fix technical issues only to lose the ability to launch the exam (40 minute window now). With no other available times for the same day or even the next day, I am left to reschedule in two weeks after my business trip..

      SAP, I would consider using a different service unless Questionmark can provide significant updates to prevent critical failures that can be avoided long before the exam. Example: Let the user launch into a mock proctor meeting setup, this will ensure everything is functioning vice Questionmarks current technical check of "Is it installed?"


      Long Story.. aka rant:

      Scheduled my exam for Friday @ 13:30 because after that I was going away for 2 weeks and wouldn't be able to dedicate study time or run through a test. Logged in at 13:15, everything passed in the system check (I did checks a couple times through the week as I was paranoid things would fail). Got it, went in the queue for a proctor. Waited 25 minutes to get a proctor. Got a proctor but she noted that I was not in the meeting and to click accept on the popup. Unfortunately the popup button were all disabled. She asked what browser I was using, Chrome, which supposedly is not good even though it's listed in their recommended browsers. She told me to close and re-open with IE. In the meantime I checked all the FAQs and other information before I reconnected, just to be sure.

      I logged in through IE and sure enough same problem. The next person I got through to was not an actual proctor but someone that sends you to the queue. He asked if I was having technical issues. I replied yes and explained the situation. He said, exit and use the FAQ to fix your problem. I promptly responded that the FAQ did not have any guide to fix my problem. His response "exit and contact technical support or search the internet and fix the problem before launching your exam". I closed the session and pulled out my laptop, quickly downloaded questionmark, did the system check and launched the exam. This time the Agree button worked and I was able to get in the meeting room... Unfortunately there was some kind of issue with my webcam on my laptop that the proctor could not see me... great... "Please exit check your settings and try again". Turned out I had my default for the webcam turned off to prevent webcam usage during Skype business calls. Fixed that, no problem there.

      Log back in and launch button is gone!! Seems like they have changed the timings from this original post, according to technical support it's now 40 minutes. After that, the link is gone and I have to reschedule. Look at available times to reschedule, there are none for Friday or even Saturday (I leave on Sunday)..

      Not impressed to say the least... at least taking SAP exams at a physical location is reliable...


      Author's profile photo Christopher Solomon
      Christopher Solomon
      Blog Post Author

      Sorry to hear/read about your frustrating experience. I have not had to test again yet and was hoping they had ironed out their issues.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      The lost attempt for technical problems was reimbursed and when I did get a chance to schedule my test it worked fine. Just the initial ironing out of bugs seemed to be the problem. Hopefully they fix their automated system checks for future new users to help prevent problems from happening on test day.

      Good luck to all those taking the test through this service for the first time! Make full use of the 15 minutes ahead of your scheduled time to get things going.

      Author's profile photo Lyda Osorio
      Lyda Osorio

      I am not able to run certification test.

      Even after following all the steps, and your guidelines about Flash Player, I always encountered the same error message, even after changing the settings.

      "Your browser has scripting disabled". In order to take an exam within the Certification Hub you will need to enable scripting in Internet Explorer.


      The issue is Scripting is enabled, as well as Miscellanous > Access Data across domains > Enabled

      However system is not able to detect this.

      Has anyone been able to resolve this issue?

      Author's profile photo Sukanta Rudra
      Sukanta Rudra



      I was scheduled to take the exam today. I have followed the guide exactly and tried for 'System test' and it failed. My webcam works with other softwares, and have the latest version of Flash Player. I have tried all other options (the ones mentioned in this blog), etc etc ... and failed to have a successful 'System test'. I am worried as to how I should resolve this issue now.

      I have written an email to SAP, and awaiting an answer from them.


      Sukanta Rudra



      Author's profile photo Keabetswe Sefolo
      Keabetswe Sefolo

      Good day,

      I am unable to run the questionmark, I get a message that Centra is running and I have no idea what centra is. I have SAP and my IT guy at work and none of them could understand what centra is.

      Please help.

      Author's profile photo Christopher Solomon
      Christopher Solomon
      Blog Post Author

      The only Centra I could think it might be is Centra webinar software....which would be a BIG no-no during an exam. hahaha


      Author's profile photo Keabetswe Sefolo
      Keabetswe Sefolo

      Lol how would I uninstall it?

      Author's profile photo Rupali Karbhari
      Rupali Karbhari

      Hello All,


      Thanks for sharing your experiences for appearing for cloud certifications. After reading so many issues , I want to be bit cautious before appearing for exam. Just wanted to clarify few things-

      • As per my understanding before 15 minutes of planned schedule , we need to start QuestionMark secure software , which will ensure closing all applications & connecting to proctor . ....(as of now facing issue as close Java application...any hint to remove this??)
      • after this , login to certification site , where appointment is fixed , start button will be enabled and need to take exam.

      Pls help me to confirm upon flow so as to avoid any confusion.


      Thanks Again,


      Author's profile photo DEEPAK GORANI

      For Mac User there is still an issue.

      I have booked my access last year in may 18 and Questionmark did not work even yesterday.

      SAP Online Proc had nothing to say just apart from Sorry. and Questionmark Just replied to my escalation asking to Uninstall and install. - In Europe

      So,, what next

      Use Windows OS rather than wasting your time.

      I could do it spending couple of hours (Installing Win 10 on my Macbook -(check youtube to see how) My Mac has 2 OS now and QM works on windows fluidly.

      Author's profile photo Rajtheluck RR
      Rajtheluck RR

      Thanks Christopher,

      It was very helpful to do certification without any trouble.

      If you are new to certification then follow below steps to complete certification easily.

      1.Schedule an exam in under Exam Dashboard

      2.Then Download Questionmark Secure browser that you will need to download

      3.Then Ensure your technical requirements as mentioned in certification Hub

      4.Along with this check if Flash player is installed and connected

      5.Then ensure if all ports are opened CFTOKEN=79142866

      6.Then during the test day again do all the test at least 1 hr before certification

      7.Check antivirus and firewall setting is in off

      8.Before 15 minutes for examination you will got exam link under Exam Appointments tab in Learning Hub (Any browser like chrome or firefox...)

      9.Click that link you will get zoom link just click the link then you will get connected to person who conducting exams.

      10.Then follow their instructions you will not face any issues during complete certification process


      Above checklist were I personally followed during certification and Got cleared with in 1st attempt without any technical difficulties.

      Thanks in advance & All the best for your certifications



      Author's profile photo Ravi babu Dhuddempudi
      Ravi babu Dhuddempudi

      Hi Christopher,

      I have the below issue.

      Did anyone come across this. Please help me solving this.