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It’s like I’m in the “New Territories”

Is it just me or does this community feel as barren as the Mars landscape?

I see the same few names over and over.   In my “tag” I’ve had 8 real questions since this place was opened.

I also feel like the whole “community” thing is being lost. I’m not seeing new people.   It’s not very easy to see new blogs or browse a community. If I simply browse blogs right now I get so much white space and only ten blogs per “More”. It’s excruciating to have to page down through these things. There are no “Most active Blogs”.   If I click on a blog and forget to right click and open in a new tab, I have to start all over again from the beginning. You do know that most people are used to clicking on a link, not right clicking right?

I can’t see who has liked a blog. I can’t even see who has liked my posts!

I totally feel disjointed from this platform and I feel very little sense of community.

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  • So you are Lewis and Clark now?  🙂

    I felt that way the first few days but now I see where things are picking up, steadily.  I think it will take some time.  I've seen a lot of questions get asked as blogs - so I don't think members are used to the new community yet; I would give it some more time.

    • I'll give it time.  Not a problem.  And I'm open to learning new ways of working and having change.  After all, change is what keeps me constantly employed!!!

      and No.not like Lewis & Clark... I feel more like one of Lewis & Clarks paddlers... I have no clue where this is going and I'm just trying to learn to paddle as efficiently as I can for now.  🙂

  • Hi Craig – for transparency’s sake, I was the second ‘like’ for your post.  I’ve seen several posts talking about anemic activity, and the lost feeling.  With a reference to Scooby Doo in another thread’s comment, perhaps we are lost on Gilligan’s Island, and the beta period was our three hour tour? 

    <edit:  sorry for those of you who have never heard about the TV show, listen to the words in the opening/closing credits from the show, and hope the irony puts a smile on your face>


        I found another opening credit video with overlay lyrics (perhaps more entertaining than Veselina’s suggestion to search for funny cat videos), and that you can earn karma points here (wonder if they are part of the secret formula): (the ending verse from the closing credits includes these words:

        “No phone, no lights, no motor car,
        Not a single luxury
        Like Robinson Crusoe
        It’s primitive as can be.”

        Not exactly Lewis and Clark, but repeating myself, the irony here…

          • I looked at my own karma point details and it would appear the 11 down votes (last time I looked) on the thread talking about the new people profile exposing sensitive personal details have taken a hit to my karma points (although like most negative news or otherwise I don't see this in the details or in the activities stream - only the fluffy positives apparently).

            Sorry, my joke about Karma was because of a message I saw on the lyrics website - you can get karma there too...

          • Hi Jeremy,

            Ping me when you get a chance because what you've assumed here for karma credit activity is not accurate, and I want to make sure you and I are seeing the same thing.


    • The only part I could never understand about that particular set of castaways, is how they could have a radio that picks up English language radio stations without much problem, and they have a professor who's apparently good with electronics, yet they can't figure out how to modify that into a transmitter?

  • Craig, "like" nr. 5 here. 🙂

    Actually I think even Mars has a lot more going on these days with those rovers and all. 🙂 Number of questions is definitely way down. ABAP used to be very active, with 2 or more pages of unanswered questions daily. Now it's so empty that even Rich Heilman answered a question there! Can you imagine that?! He hasn't been to ABAP space in like 8 years. I guess those who are used to get their fix of being helpful daily are now reduced to scavenging.

    Activity stream is polluted, blog roll unmanageable, home page is empty (I think the picture there should be replaced with rolling tumbleweeds). At first I thought that this migration was not so bad because SCN was at least up and running. But what's the point in having it up when there are no people? I'm really glad to see at least some familiar faces but it is a fraction of an average activity on the old website.

  • Like nr.6 here.
    I don't see this as 'New Territorries'- for some reason it reminds me of S.T.A.L.K.E.R - Shadow of Chernobyl.
    It is a sad place, I don't feel being a part of anything, it is a little bit depressing when you see your old home ruined and even more depressing when you see so much wasted potential.
    It could have been great, this could have been a fresh start for everybody, especially for SAP.
    I don't feel tempted to get out of the relative comfort in Coffee Corner (It's a big bad world outside) and help others - I cannot track comments and replies that easily now, and I treat my answers/comments as some kind of promise that I can try to help. Hit & run is not my thing, I'd rather stay away than ask for additional information and not come back. And I prefer reading documentation and prototyping to fighting windmills.

  • Yes.. I'm cutting back even more from even coming here now.  I check my one tag, (secondary tag mind you!!), and once in awhile the PLM tag.  But I have ZERO confidence that i get a chance to see all new content that i'd like to see.  I have ZERO sense of community anymore.

    I might have to go see if SAPFANS has any uptick in activity.  SAP Fans was dying a slow death thanks to SCN.  But now.. i think it might make a significant comeback.

    For right now I'm ranking this right up there with some of the other "Great marketing" ideas that were busts.  Anyone still want a "new" Coca-Cola?  Anyone want a Pinto?  Maybe a Vega for sale?

  • I don't expect to see a significant rise in the popularity of sapfans in the next few months.
    This is not only because some part of the SCN members never heard about it and don't know how to use search engines.
    Don't get me wrong - I like sapfans: the site layout is more intuitive and their forum rules are what I understand as rules, not "kids, be nice, please". The few recent threads, which I saw there, suffer from the same "Dear gurus, I have some requirement, which I cannot explain, because I have no clue what I am doing here" sickness - so no compelling reason to register, especially when the replies/comments occur in a timeframe of a month.
    I expect that the non-English speaking communities will become more popular in the future - there seem to be 'less do my job' requests and, what is more important - it is easier to communicate in your own language. With the recent changes it must be really hard for non-English speakers to continue collaboration in the new platform. As for blogging - there are a few sites, which I came across through the years, that provide valuable content. Maybe some people, who are disappointed by the blogging functionality here, will switch to personal blogs and will use a different platform, or will start publishing in sites like

  • Well the "time to answer" at any site is usually proportional to the number of users.  SAPfans has no users anymore.  But that could change!!!
    Not sure about blogging.  I guess we'll see what happens here.

    I'm not giving up here just yet.