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Code Completion and Quickfixes for ABAP Doc

Hi community,
with the ADT version 2.68 we integrated some small helper functions in the editor when editing ABAP Doc. One of the benefits of ABAP doc compared to standard comment lines is that you can insert markups for formatting your documentation.

As a small reminder here is the list of available formatting options:

Line break <br/> or <br></br>
Paragraph <p>…</p>
Emphasized text <em>…</em>
Strong emphasized text <strong>…</strong>
Unsorted lists <ul><li>…</li></ul>
Sorted lists <ol><li>…</li></ol>
Headers <h1>…</h1>

For newbies to ABAP Doc these options are not so easy to keep in mind.
Therefore we have now code completion for you in the ABAP Doc section by pressing CTRL-SPACE:

Another cool feature is the quick fix (shortcut CTRL-1) to change the formatting of an existing comment:

You want to try this feature out?
No problem, there is no backend restriction in that case.


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  • Hi Thomas,

    You have made my life simpler 🙂 I had defined templates for the ABAPDoc formatting options, which i have to delete 🙁

    Thanks for this cool feature.


  • Hi,
    great feature. What I am missing is refactoring also applied to ABAP Doc.
    E.g. If I change the name of an importing parameter via refactoring support in ADT, I'd like the ABAP Doc changed accordingly.


    • Hi Bartosz,
      Consistency checks are already in planning, e.g. that all parameters of a method are documented via ABAP Doc. Do you have specific checks in mind?


  • Hi Thomas Fiedler,

    Actually i’m new to ABAP on S/4 HANA, and I have the experience on procedural & object oriented, ABAP and HR-ABAP. So currently my company is going to implement S/4 HANA for one of the client. So I want to know that
    1. “Can we write the Report program, creating tables, etc and other functionalities similarly like ECC in S/4 HANA?”.
    2.And is it mandatory to create the Procedures and SQLscripts in S/4 HANA?
    3.For example if I want write any program to display any 2 tables data, so in this scenario is it required to create any procedures and SQLscrips?

    • Hi Santosh,
      don't worry. The ABAP ist still the same in S/4HANA compared to ECC. You can still use reports, Open SQL, ALV etc. But we have new capabilities in the ABAP stack that you should use to
      optimize your apps concerning performance (e.g. via SQL Script) and usability (e.g. Fiori).
      But this is not a must. But S/4 gives you the "once-in-a-life" opportunity to really optimize your legacy coding.

      Does this answer your question?


      • Hi  Thomas Fiedler,

        So, as per your statement, Can I conclude that we can use or else if we don’t want we no need to use SQL Script & Procedures. So these makes just to optimize the code that it right. And I want to know one thing from u that in which scenarios we need to use these SQL Script & Procedures. Can u give an example in which scenarios we need to use SQL Script & Procedures.

        And if have any sample S/4 HANA programs just share with me for better understanding.

        • Hi   Thomas Fiedler,

          For me there is the requirement like

          1. "To upload the infotype 8 (basic pay) data to SAP system into Infotype 8 either using BDC or using any Function Modules in ABAP-HR ". So in this scenario is it required to create any SQL Script or Procedures?

          2."To upload any transnational data in abap for the modules like SD, MM or etc". Is it required to create any SQL Script or Procedures?

  • I have a missing feature (or bug) with ABAP Doc in Eclipse: Changing a parameter name with quick fix will refactor usages but not the @parameter ABAP Doc comments.

    Not the end of the world, but it would make it a more seamless and consistent user experience.

    • +1.. Right now we have to go to the ABAPDoc comments to remove & add the param, tbh this feature will save our time.

      Btw, did anyone say developers are lazy 🙂



      • Hi,

        I have very good news for you. The rename feature for ABAP Doc comments is already available since AS ABAP 7.52. I just played around with it.

        Another nice feature is that we support now ABAP Doc Links to development objects, e.g.

        {@link cl_abap_browser}

        In the Elementinfo (F2) this is rendered as a clickable link to navigate to the docu of the linked object.




  • Hi Thomas,


    By any chance, will the features of "Inline code documentation with ABAP Doc" and "ABAP Doc Links to development objects" be made backward compatible for customers in AS ABAP 7.5 with a Eclipse ADT update?