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Capacity Leveling: Dispatching with a setup group


Everyone, this is my first blog in the new SCN and I’ll continue the serie of documents about capacity leveling that I have started in the old SCN.
I have recently worked for a customer where they would like to dispatch the order considering the best sequence for the setup of their production line. The solution found in this case was to define a setup group category and a setup group key in the routing operation details and use a dispatching sequence where this value is considered.

The first steps is to define the setup group category and the setup group keys in the customizing transaction OP43. The idea is that materials assigned to the same setup group key will be dispatched together, therefore, we should define the setup group keys according to the groups of materials that should be dispatched together:

After the creation of the setup group keys in customizing, you should access your routing in transaction CA02 (or CA22 if you are using repetitive manufacturing) and select the operation details. Here, you will find the fields setup group category and setup group key, where you will input the values created in customizing.

The next step is to define a strategy profile where we will use a dispatching sequence where the setup group is considered to sort the orders. The standard dispatching sequence SAPSFCSS14 should do the trick if we are working with planned orders.

CAUTION: The standard dispatching sequence will only consider the setup group key for sorting the orders when dispatching. If you also want to sort the orders according the setup group category, you can create a new dispatching sequence in the customizing transaction CY39.

It is important here to also set the flag Sort operations to be dispatched. You can create your own strategy profile in the customizing transaction OPDB or simply change these settings before dispatching the orders in transaction CM25.

After these changes in customizing and master data, the orders dispatched in capacity leveling transactions with this strategy profile should be sorted according to the setup group defined in the routings.

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      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Awesome Caetano. Really great work. Keep it up. We need to get our customers to do capacity leveling and scheduling inside of SAP insread of Excel. This helps greatly

      Author's profile photo Ritesh Dube
      Ritesh Dube

      Caetano, Thanks for sharing something new.


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Thank you Caetano. 

      Author's profile photo Amit Agrawal
      Amit Agrawal

      Very nice work Caetano. We also want to use this type of setting in my project. We were earlier thinking of a big customization. Your solution will help to avoid that. Thanks for sharing!

      Can you please also share other blogs w.r.t capacity levelling? We are planning to utilize that as much as possible, as client is not going to use PPDS for planning.


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Caetano thanks for the detailed expalination.

      I have followup question, why we can display the Setup Group Key for production orders in CM25 but but for planned orders, the Setup group key column remains empty or the value is not displayed?is it because structure AFVGD (order operation) gets fllled only when planned order is converted to Process order,AFVGD-RFSCH is blank for planned orders,hence it is not populated

      I found 2 old SAP notes related but our SAP system is on higher version

      112383 - Cap.lvelng: Setup grp key&cat. missng i. cap.detail
      309273 - Op. data for planned orders not on planning table




      Author's profile photo Caetano Almeida
      Caetano Almeida
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Raj

      The structure AFVGD is supported for planned order and I have already used the setup group key with planned orders. What is not supported for planned orders is the structure KBEDD and you will see an error message in the log when you dispatch.



      Author's profile photo Nikos Giannopoulos
      Nikos Giannopoulos


      I am a little bit confused. I am going to follow the instructions given in this blog in order to dispatch planned orders based on set up groups. I run MRP for a specific production line, so planned orders are created. Then, I use CM25 with profile SAPSFC009 and strategy SAPSCFVER1 to do the leveling.

      Is dispatching by setup group going to work in my case or am I going to receive error messages at dispatching? What is the case with structures AVFGD and KBEDD discussed earlier in this blog?


      Best and kindest regards