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openSAP Reactivation Codes Now on General Release!

At SAP TechEd Las Vegas and Bangalore, we launched our new openSAP, Course Reactivation Option and provided free reactivation codes to attendees; and we had a great response! The reactivation option allows openSAP learners to reactivate weekly assignments and provides an opportunity to earn a Record of Achievement (available for selected courses only). From today, you can now purchase a reactivation code at SAP Store at the cost of €39.

How does openSAP course reactivation work?

  • If you’re interested in earning a Record of Achievement in self-paced mode, check the course to see if there is an option to Reactivate for Record of Achievement.
  • If it’s available, you can purchase one openSAP reactivation code at SAP Store for €39, with bulk discounts available. Simply enter the reactivation code in the Redeem code box on the course page where you wish to earn a Record of Achievement. 
  • You will then have 8 weeks to complete the assignments and final exam.

Important: Remember to check if the course you’re interested in is available for reactivation before you purchase the reactivation code.

Don’t worry – openSAP is not becoming a paid offering – all existing materials and offerings remain completely free of charge. Here’s a simplified guide:

  • What if I complete the weekly assignments and final exam during the scheduled runtime; can I still earn a Record of Achievement without any charges?
  • If I don’t want to earn a Record of Achievement, can I still access the learning content in self-paced mode free of charge?
  • Why is there a charge applied to reactivate a course?
    The goal of MOOCs at openSAP is to encourage learners to complete the content within a specified timeframe and to benefit from features such as the discussion forum. We want learners to join the scheduled courses and share experiences with others, collaborate, and ask questions as this is the key benefit for learners taking part in MOOCs.If learners can earn a Record of Achievement free of charge at any time, the motivation to deliver courses in MOOC format would be lost; learners would enroll but very few would complete the content and put the knowledge to work. Our aim is to support learners who could not complete the course during the scheduled run time to earn a Record of Achievement, without affecting the experience of a live course.

openSAP reactivation codes are now available to purchase on SAP Store so if you’ve always wanted a Record of Achievement for a past course, go ahead and try it out!

Courses currently available for reactivation (as of November 18, 2016)
An Introduction to SAP HANA by Dr. Vishal Sikka

Application Development for SAP Business ByDesign

Application Integration Made Simple with SAP HANA Cloud Integration

Big Data with SAP HANA Vora

Creating Business Value with User Experience

Cybersecurity – The Essential Challenge for Digital Transformation

Developing Java-Based Apps on SAP HANA Cloud Platform

Developing Mobile Apps with SAP HANA Cloud Platform

Developing Web Apps with SAPUI5

Digital Transformation and Its Impact

Experience SAP Hybris Solutions

Experience SAP Cloud for Customer

Get to Know SAP’s Innovative Enterprise Solutions

High Availability and Disaster Recovery with the SAP HANA Platform

How the Internet of Things and Smart Services Will Change Society

Implementation Made Simple for SAP SuccessFactors Solutions

Implementation of SAP BusinessObjects Cloud

Implementation of SAP S/4HANA

Introduction to Ariba

Leadership in Digital Transformation

Next Steps in Software Development on SAP HANA

OGSD 7.0 – An Introduction to Oil & Gas Downstream Logistics

Rapid Deployment of SAP Solutions (Update Q1/2015)

Reporting with SAP Business ByDesign

SAP Business Networks in a Nutshell

SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA

SAP Business Warehouse powered by SAP HANA (Update Q2/2016)

SAP Digital Boardroom in a Nutshell

SAP HANA Cloud Platform Essentials

SAP S/4HANA – Deep Dive

SAP S/4HANA – Use Cases

SAP S/4HANA in a Nutshell (Repeat)

Software Development on SAP HANA (Delta SPS 09, Repeat)

Software Development on SAP HANA (Delta SPS 11)

Sustainability and Business Innovation (Repeat)

Sustainability Through Digital Transformation

Text Analytics with SAP HANA Platform

Transformation to Hybrid Landscapes

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  • Which courses are eligible for this product? The FAQ leads me to believe the list of ones that aren't might be smaller. Can you post them in your guide, or on the course pages? I can't find the requirements you're referring to.

    • Hi Gabriel,

      The available courses are continuously being added so at the moment, the list is not available. If you take a look at the screenshot above under the first bullet point, you will see a screenshot:

      • If you’re interested in earning a Record of Achievement in self-paced mode, check the course to see if there is an option to Reactivate for Record of Achievement.

      This screenshot shows the openSAP courses page ( These four courses are under the self-paced section. You can see in the first two that there are three options:

      • Show course details
      • Enroll me for this course (this will display as "Enter Course" if you're already enrolled)
      • Reactivate for Record of Achievement

      Under the third and fourth course, you will see that there are only two options - they are missing the "Reactivate for Record of Achievement" option. Therefore, they are not available for reactivation at the moment.

      Another way to see if the course is eligible for reactivation is on the course details page. In this example, for Experience SAP Hybris Solutions you can clearly see a "Reactivate this course" section.

      Learners should be interested in the topic and want to earn a Record of Achievement before deciding to purchase a reactivation code, rather than purchase the code and then look for any course that they can take. The focus here is really on the users needs and their decision to purchase - they can even complete the content (videos/pdfs) before they decide to earn a record of achievement 😉

      Some courses are not available for reactivation right now but they might be in the future. Or they might be available for reactivation but it might be disabled in the future.

      I hope this helps you to find courses that are available for reactivation and explain the use case also.

      Kind regards,

      • Thank you so much for the prompt and clear answer with a SCREENSHOT for an example.

        A regularly updated public facing (or even internal list) would be ideal, but this is very helpful