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Part 15 : SAP Solution Manager 7.2 SR1 (+ SPS03) : SolMan ABAP- Managed System Configuration

Hello Friends,

You have successfully installed DAA agent and not its time to configure manage system.

For manage system configuration open SAP soltion Manager work Center and navigate to SAP Solution Manager Configuration >> Configuration >> Managed System Configuration

For any tile issues refer SAP note : 2458539 – Unable to Load Groups in SOLMAN SM_WORKCENTER

Select Solution Manager ABAP system and Configure System

Note: I am showing Full configuration on this document

First of all Assign Product

Execute all automatic activities

First create technical user in managed system by going in to Maintain RFC Step

Maintain RFCs

Assign DAA agent and check host agent

Enter System Parameters

On this step you need to configure DB Parameters for any issue on this step please look at Troubleshooting the errors when setting up remote SQL Server via SOLMAN_SETUP

Enter landscape parameters

Maintain user (Automatic step)

Finalize Configuration step (Automatic + Manual)

Check Configuration


Once you configure ABAP system next step to configure Solman Java system cinfiguration.

We are going to look that in to next document

Thank you for reading

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  • Hi Yogesh,
    your documents are really great.
    I did the installation exactly according to your description.
    But now I am missing the "Initial run" of solman_setup.
    Before defining the managed Systems we have to run the System preparation, the infrastructure preparation and the Basic configuration - right?
    Do you have screenshots for that as well?
    I did not find any.
    Thanks and best regards, M.

    • Hello Marlene,

      I don't have them now but if you follow step by step instruction you will be fine. If you face any issue you can ask question under question and answer section.

      Thank you

  • Hi Yogesh,

    There are three postponed activities in finish configuration and mentioned as optional.

    a) schedule SCMON/UPL job in system

    b) set up extractor and housekeeping SCMON/UPL

    c)Activate E2E trace upload service ..


    Is it not necessary to perform them?..Can they affect the system functionalities in anyway?


    Thanks in advance




  • Hi Yogesh,

    Please clarify the credentials to be used for JAVA managed system config for setting up  DBACOCKPIT connection. Can I use J2EE_ADMIN. What should be used for character set and National character set.

    Character Set:

    National Character Set:


    * User Name:

    * Password


    Thanks in advance


    • User which have access to admin your SAP DB. This is for one time use to setup connectivity. This user will not be ever use again.


  • Yogesh, I currently have my SOLMAN PRD 7.1 SP10 managing 3 ERP' abap (dev-qa-prd) Upgrading in 6 weeks our PRD to 7.2 SPS05.
    We use Charm, ITSM and technical monitoring. What I am trying to find out is if my current SapHostagent and DAA agent on my ERP's will work with 7.2 managed system setup? Should I upgrade prior, if I do, will that blow up my current connectivity to 7.1? Trying to find the oSS notes for versions compatibility. Any advice?

  • Hi Yogesh,

    I have gone through all your blogs..they are very helpful could you please let me know how to configure below tiles in solution manger 7.2..

    Thanks in advance


    • This tile will take you to the basic system configuration of solution manager and other configurations such as managed system configuration, technical monitoring and etc...


  • /
  • Hi ,

    Please refer SAP Note # 2458539 – Unable to Load Groups in SOLMAN SM_WORKCENTER . So basically you need to  add roles to the User ID through you want to open the Workcenter .  We had a similar problem and we were not able to see any tiles and also not able to add new tiles . We gave all the access as mentioned in the SAP note to solman_admin user ID and it works .


    Harshwardhan Kumar


  • Hi Harshwardhan


    Thank you for the note. It is very helpful. I had the same problem and now i am able to view the tiles.

    Also thanks to Yogesh for the blog.