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Now Available on the ABAP Update Site: ADT Version 2.68

Hi ADT community,

It’s time for the new Eclipse-based ADT client version 2.68!

Our teams have developed many new helpful tools and features for you. You can use them in connection with the latest back end version (SAP NetWeaver AS for ABAP 7.51 innovation package SP00). Note that a few features are only enabled if your system is connected with an SAP HANA database.

This blog is an overview. It summarizes the relevant blogs that provide more detailed information.

See here the blogs for the latest ADT features and tools:

To get additional information about working with ABAP push channels in ADT now, look here Connectivity News in AS ABAP 7.51

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  • Hello

    After update my eclipse (neon.1) with the new ABAP Development Tools 2.68.1 I get regular (while typing) the following error message below. The ABAP System has release 7.31 but it works fine before update eclipse ABAP Dev Tools.

    Any hints ?



    • Hi Florian,
      we first want to finish the Dictionary editors and then move over to new challenges.
      Enhancement support could be one of the directions. Let's see.

      CU in Barcelona to discuss the details

  • Hello,

    why did the navigation outline on top of the object(Class, FM, Programm) get removed?
    Or do I have nto activate it somehow? I really miss this feature.


  • Hi, all.

    Can I set project for request in transport organizer in ADT? Now when I create new request  project is empty, and i do not see field where i can fill them in ADT

    • Hi Alexander,

      sorry, I don't understand your question. Can you please provide more details or reformulate your question to reproduce your issue, please?

      Please see here our latest documentation about the Transport Organizer in ADT. There are also links to task descriptions.

      Kind regards



  • Hi all,

    I have the latest version of ADT installed on Eclipse oxygen, with all of the latest updates.

    Unfortunately we have to upgrade our solution manager, and the UI for solution manager requires SAPGUI 750 - this is not optional - as without it you see plugin errors for basic Solution manager features.

    We have noticed that the very latest version of ADT only supports up to SAPGUI 740 - according to the HANA on demand website.

    So now with Solution manager 710 out of support by SAP, all customers of SAP will be forced to upgrade to the 750 SAPGUI - and so it would be good if we could use Eclipse ADT too!

    If anyone has any solutions to this - perhaps ADT is compatible with SAPGUI 750 by some magic means - any help would be greatly appreciated. Have also raised a support ticket for this catch 22 situation.



  • The error that we get in ADT whenever we try to call the SAPGUI backend components from Eclipse is:

    Please contact your system administrator. A new version of SAP GUI for Windows needs to be installed.

    Actual Version SAP GUI for Windows: 750 LSAPI protocol version 23
    Required Version SAP GUI for Windows: 720 patch level 9


  • Hi Julian,

    thank you for reporting your question. Our support is already working on it.

    Please let us know if you need further assistance.

    Kind regards,