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Enable TLS on HANA Web Dispatcher with OpenSSL certificates

Out of the box, my HANA Web Dispatcher comes with a self-signed SSL certificate, which makes its connections insecure:

Checking the certificate details confirms that it is self-signed:

Logging into the HANA Web Dispatcher confirms this further:

If you had read my previous blogs about Enabling on premise Fiori SSO with OpenSSL certificates or Secure your HANA Cloud Connector with OpenSSL certificates the following procedure will be familiar to you, despite some slight HANA Web Dispatcher variations. Please refer to these two blogs for any detailed steps not repeated here.

First I create a CA request:

And import this into my CA:

To be signed:

And exported:

Then I import the CA response together with the CA certificate back into the HANA Web Dispatcher:

Which is acknowledged with a success message. Also the Issuer is now shown as my CA:

With this my HANA Web Dispatcher connection is secure:

As my HANA Web Dispatcher certificate is now being trusted since issued by a trustworthy CA:

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