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The “offline version” of the ABAP Keyword Documentation for ABAP 7.51 is online*.


Besides adding new and overhauling existing contents, I was able to fulfill another SCN request.

Hitting the URL button shows the current URL and allows you to copy it to the clipboard, at least for MS IE and Google Chrome. So you don’t have to add “?file=…” manually any more. E.g. the above one gives

The buttons do not work for Firefox or Safari. But you can mark the URL and Ctrl+C it at least for Firefox there. Believe me, it was far from simple for my limited html/js skills to achieve that at all. I almost gave up before the pieces that I gathered up from the web suddenly teamed up. If you have a better idea how to achieve it, don’t hesitate to tell me. The problem is that copying to the clipboard is regarded as a general security risk and browsers try to prevent it.

For the time being, I enjoy the current solution for placing links to the new documentation in community posts.

*Remember, the real online versions are those shown after F1 in SE38 or ADT.

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    1. Horst Keller Post author

      Yes I know.

      Forgot to run ABAP_DOCU_RESET in the translation system before downloading the tree html.

      New upload is already triggered.

      … and the tree is replaced now, node texts are in English.

    2. Horst Keller Post author

      I guess, you will soon find a flaw in the URL button that I’ve found today, of course after publishing it, and that I have to analyze tomorrow.

        1. Horst Keller Post author

          Hopefully the same 😮

          URL-Copy doesn’t work if URL is already extended with “?file=”.

          Corrected the inadequate IF statement in the JS function for 7.51, SP01 and will upload a new version then. 

  1. Tomas Buryanek

    Hello, thank you for the great documentation!

    I tested new button, but it does not work in Chrome. It always returns “entry link url”.
    If I open documentation through for example link:
    then browse somewhere, then it always puts this same URL into clipboard.

    And by the way, is there somewhere list of online “abapdocu” by version?
    I know of:

  2. Horst Keller Post author

    A new version (7.51, SP01) is online. Some bugs in URL copy are fixed (didn’t work, if the URL didn’t end with index.htm) and a popup asks now for allowance to copy to the clipbpoard.


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