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SOLMAN tags for SAP Solution Manager product


When you are creating a Blog post or asking a Question you need to select a primary tag.

If you are working with SAP Solution Manager product you would enter “solution manager” in the “Select a primary tag (required)” field. You will get these entries when entering solution manager (June 2018):

  • SAP Solution Manager
  • Focused Run for SAP Solution Manager
  • Focused Build and Focused Insights for SAP Solution Manager

In addition to the products tags and with the intention to provide a highest granularity as SAP Solution Manager is covering a wide number of different scenarios these product function tags have been created (Sept 2018):

  • SOLMAN Setup/Configuration/LMDB
  • SOLMAN Process Management
  • SOLMAN Test Suite
  • SOLMAN Project Management
  • SOLMAN Diagnostics
  • SOLMAN System Monitoring
  • SOLMAN Business Process Operations
  • SOLMAN IT Service Management
  • SOLMAN Change Control Management: for Change Request Management, Quality Gate Management, Release Planning, Requirement Management
  • SOLMAN Engagement and Service Delivery
  • SOLMAN Custom Code Management
  • SOLMAN Data Volume Management

The idea would be to enter for example SAP Solution Manager as primary tag and then as additional tag a SOLMAN* tag for the specific scenario.

However and due to the fact that the Email Notifications from SAP Community is using only the primary tag to nofify the tags followers, the best practice would be:

  • enter the SOLMAN* tag in the primary tag (required)
  • enter the product SAP Solution Manager tag in the additional tag(s)

People following the specific product function SOLMAN* tag will be informed about the new question/blog post.



Hope this helps Solman Community experts to find easily the Questions and Blogs of each particular scenario.
Any comment will be appreciated.



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  • Hi Dolores Correa, please what's the significance of the lit match on the bottom-right corner of the transport route layers in SAP? Sorry for the digression from the topic being discussed. 

  • Hi Dolores Correa, I don’t know if you’re the right person for my question, but I try anyway.

    I want to have a charm REPORT for auditor more complete than that CRM_DNO_MONITOR; I need this details for CR completed:


    CR number; CD number, CR requester, CD tester, CR Release Manager in one line.


    The CR number and is Release Manager is the most important info that I need in one monthly report


    I looked for the solution in SAP Help Portal, in WEB community, uselessly.

    Thanks for your attention