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Notifications versus Activities – Dummy blog

So you can create a blog in CC.  Not sure why, but looks like the capabilities are there.  Was planning to create a discussion, but decided to check this capability first.  Will still create the Discussion, but would like this to be a test, primarily how you are delivered the visibility.

Were you following me, Coffee Corner (Primary Tag), found it with a search on either Notifications or Activities, something else.  Would make it a poll, but …  so please make Comments instead.

Also whether you see it in Notifications, Activities, both, neither.

Thanks, Mike

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  • Activities, as expected (by me). 😉

    That you can create a blog with that tag is a bug the team knows about, but has not come around yet to fix.


    • Not a high priority bug in my mind.  Who really cares if there are blogs in CC?  I see why it might be better to just have Discussions.  But where is the negative impact it they see a blog here?

      Hope it is really far down "The List".

      Cheers, Mike
      SAP Technology RIG

      • Because you can't see the blogs in the CC. Just the discussions. CC is the one place in all of New SCN, where all of its content is in one place (or would be without the tag-blog-bug).
        But yes, definitly not a high priority.

  • I was following you already  - it behaves just like any other blog update by someone you follow - activities.

    And where are the old blogs from Coffee Corner?

    I thought they were migrated...

    Are all of them buried here: ?

    • Whoa! Where did you come from?! I’m following this blog, but your comment was not in my AS. Michael’s was.
      I needed to re-tag my Raiders-blog, so... maybe?

      PS: And I just clicked on “Cancel” instead of “Submit Reply”, because it seems like I’m just to the submit button being the left one. ^^
      EDIT: Eh... forget it. Now you are in my AS. The timestamp on the content does not make much sense to me. It's not 3:58 pm where I'm now...