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A professional with administrator access can easily embed a report into the SAP Business ByDesign.

Here is how to embed reports in SAP ByD:

  1. From the given options of employer, lead and a customer choose your mark where you want to embed a report.
  2. Next is to determine the field where you want to embed the report. Some of the given areas that you may find and choose accordingly are: Overview Area, Facet Navigation Area etc.
  3. In order to change the system to Edit mode click on Adapt which you can find on the top right of the SAP ByD.
  4. From the Drop down Menu select Edit Master Layout screenshot of which you can see below:
  5. Open a new dialog box by clicking on Add Embedded reports which might take few seconds to  appear.

You will be shown Report Selection and Filter which will provide with list of report Parameters and screen Fields.

  • Under Report Selection click on the Screen field from the drop down to assign appropriate Report Parameter. In case, you want to set it to default values click on the default checkbox.
  • Under Filter also choose a screen field from the drop down to assign appropriate report parameter.
  1. Choose a relevant display name for the report and update it in Embedded Report Header File.
  2. To add the report to the facet click Apply
  3. To complete the process click on Adapt and then End Layout Changes and your report is ready to be shared with all the end users.

Some of the essential things to take note of:

  • Select, map and embed multiple reports simultaneously.
  • Without mapping, all the data which you are authorized to view is displayed in the report
  • Add Fields selections are also available for mapping in a report.
  • Hidden field in the Header is suffixed by (-). For example, Customer (-)
  • The key field is always suffixed by (*). For example, Lead (*)

Where can you view the report?

You easily access the embedded report from the Facet Navigation Area. If you want to delete the report you can do so form the overview section by clicking on “X”.

How to Add Standard Embedded reports?

The benefit of adding standard embedded report is for professionals who need to refer to a particular report time and again. For example, if you have prepared a report depicting various data regarding the branding of your e-commerce website you need to add the embedded reports to Overview work centers.  You can add your embedded report to Overview work centre by clicking on Personalize and choose “This Screen” option.

Features of SAP Embedded Reports

  • From the View drop down list you can choose different report views.
  • To analyze the data in the report click on Actions and set the Refresh Rate for the data. The refresh rate is 6 hours by default for an embedded report.
  • The report results are represented in either charts or tabular form. The report for chart version will open as:

You can select the different set of values from selection which has been saved earlier from the Selections drop down menu.

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