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Community Known Issues

You can now view the most recent known issues list here:

or by clicking Known Issues & Community FAQs from the Getting Started menu on the home page.

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  • Hello Jamie,

    thank you for the overview.

    Is there a chance to make this blog more visible (like linking it to the community start page and on the community support page?). I don’t follow you or the “Using” tag and probably most other users don’t either, so they don’t see this blog and will probably just create more reports for these issues.

    Will this list be updated with new reported isses? You could link to the thread that reported it, maybe that helps others to find them and add their similar finds on an existing thread instead of creating a new one and therefor raise your work load in answering the same questions over and over again.

    PS: The editor is stealing my empty spaces…

    • Yes, we are under a brief content freeze for our site pages, but it will become a site page and always referenceable from the Getting Started resources 🙂

      I will be updating the list as much as possible, as soon as information is available to me.  I like the idea of adding the reporting thread -- unfortunately, there are often multiple threads reporting.  We are working on getting redirect working for moderation, so we should be able to automatically redirect folks to the original thread.  Perhaps once that is in place, I can implement your suggestion.

      Thanks Steffi!

      P.S. Yes, this is reported and, while not a "bug" persay, I am discussing with the dev team on solutions we might be able to implement for the spacing issue.  Thanks again!

      • Hi Jamie,

        I will be updating the list as much as possible, as soon as information is available to me.

        how will we be able to easily identify what you have updated?
        Suggestion: Maybe you can post updates as a comment as well?


    • +1 to Steffi - this information needs much better visibility. I've stumbled upon this purely by accident. Not sure how exactly are we supposed to find this otherwise. People still struggle with understanding what tags are and how to locate them.

      Also I don't see on the list the issue with the "Like" counter not getting updated in the comments. It was already mentioned few days ago by someone.

      • "This is not an all-inclusive list of every issue or bug the team is working to resolve, but rather is focused on highly impactful, pervasive issues that affect most users."



        Did we not learn from the beta and the nearly 600 bug and feedback discussions that a Jive document or Blog is not an effective collection mechanism?  I appreciate the effort, but adding another channel here is only creating more 'noise' or points of confusion.

        • Hi Jeremy,

          As I mentioned, this will become a site page instead of a blog later this week.  We are not publishing all the bugs here, but attempting to deter multiple questions about high visibility bugs.  Thanks for your thoughts - we're always looking to improve 🙂


          • +1 for Jeremy.
            I know i'm pretty critic about the new, but really,how could be useful a not complete list?
            The "double bug-feedbacks" will still exist, generating noise over noise (I've to stop following "Using" tag: it's a crazy!).

        • Having the biggest issues with their current state in one place is better than having no information at all. This way we can point people to this blog (and later the page).
          And there are users who look around first and then post. So it's not for those who don't do any searching at all, but for those who do.

          So I think this is a very good idea, but I asked for it, so obviously I say that. ^^


  • Why are Q&A not arranged in "forums", like in the old days? Lots of people contributed by going to the forum of their choice (ie. UI5, ABAP, HANA...) in order to browse and reply to questions. Now, there seems to be no way of rapidly checking out what other people are stuck with, in order to chip in with some help...

    Are we being forced to use more user-friendly (and intelligent) foras like Stackoverflow, or will see a renaissance??


    • Trond, I've struggled with this too but if you think of "tag" as "forum" it's very much the same. Just find the tags that correspond to the forums/spaces you followed and you are in business. See if my blog helps with this. Find the tag, get a question list and bookmark it. I've used to bookmark spaces in SCN too, so it's not much different.

      There are some problems with using tags but I won't go there to avoid elevated blood pressure.

      Good luck!

  • Hi Jamie, this blog is really helpful.
    I would like to encourage you to also list lost functionalities and lost data because this also feels like a known issue for most of us.
    Just as a proposal:

    Lost Data (forever afaik):

    • Attachments to blogs
    • ratings/likes of everything
    • Bookmarks
    • History of own contributions

    Lost functionality (please go to ideaplace to request again):

    • Bookmarks
    • E-Mail-Notification
    • RSS-Feeds
    • PDF Export
    • Distinkt preview of changed items
    • Mark threads/blogs to get changes as notifications
    • Full overview of own contributions
    • Full overview of own subscriptions
    • Visibility of own ratings/likes/follows all over the place
    • Preview mode for contributions
    • ...

    And it would be wise to admit that there was a surreal gap between marketing for new SAP Community and reality of new SAP Community.
    Just to make shure you know what I mean:
    "...the platform provides the best possible user experience with features designed to deliver better methods for blogging, asking questions, finding information, interacting with colleagues, and more." (excerpt from SAP Community Voice newsletter)

    Many people would feel less fooled.

  • I seem to have lost the "points" from the old SCN... not sure if this is a feature you've now "scrapped". Badges are also gone. My profile is as clean as... well... an empty slate.
    After the previous renewal of SCN, a few years ago, I (unsuccessfully) launched a petition to have the old SDN back. It felt like a real "home", with a real (delightfully cluttered) home page, where recent blogs, recent questions, and articles provided food for thought - and inspired us to learn, get involved, and collaborate. And, it was handled by real developers; not a marketing person or "evangelizer" in sight.

    Now, with the new, un-cluttered, non-descript home page, it looks and feels even more like a desert.

    I feel that with each iteration, something is lost. Now, I cannot check the latest questions in the HCP or UI5 or ABAP forums, so cannot collaborate. No list of recent blogs, so cannot be inspired. And, as for searching, I don't really want a "blank", un-cluttered search page - I have Google for that!! What I want is some structuring of the info; proper developer spaces with all related content in one area!!

    This was once a working, thriving community. Now, it just feels - and looks - dead.

    Less is More? Not really.

    Sorry SAP, but you messed up again.

        • Hi Simone,

          thanks for replying.

          And thanks for pointing out the ABAP space - although there's no obvious way to get there; as mentioned, all the links under "Developer-Products" are for HANA or HCP-related stuff.

          No way either, from the "Developer Home" page, to reach Forums or Questions.

          So, in short, navigation is obscured. But my main pain point is with the Q&A sections (old "forums").

          Under Community- Q&A, I need to filter on specific terms (which is OK if I want to find an answer), but what if I simply want to collaborate?

          In short: "Where do I go to see the last open questions for ABAP-OO topics, to allow me to chip in with a reply or a solution?"

          The way I see it, you've made the collaboration close to impossible. As I already said, if I need to search for anwers, I use Google.

          As a test, I entered "ABAP-OO" into the search field under "Find Questions & Answers". I got 4000 results; ranked by date. There are apparently no other ways to sort the entries, which means I have no clue as to which questions are "open" and need focusing on.

          A slightly better way is to select "Community - Browse Community", where I get to a page where I can select "ABAP Development". Here, there are some "recent questions" listed - but no indication as to whether these are "open" or not. I can sort questions by date, but the following info is missing:

          - How many replies each questions have
          - number of views (would be great).

          If I want to collaborate, I have no time clicking on each question in order to verify whether there is a need to collaborate or not...

          Could you please put this functionality (back) in place? The usefulness of this new layout is not very good...

          • Hi Trond,
            i agree with you on every single point.
            Sadly, i have no voice (outside opening bug threads with tag "Using" and voting in Ideas Place)

    • Hi Trond,

      Actually, your points and badges from SCN were preserved in your Legacy Reputation. Click on the link in the left side on your new profile and you will see the following:

      Regarding reputation and points moving forward, please read my blog Points No More, and please take a look at Caroleigh Deneen's blog Reputation Program Reloaded.

      Hope this helps!


  • Hi Jamie,

    As per your update its resolved, but Can not find the below blog

    Also could you check on the below, as its saying content not migrated,

    Please have a check & do let us know.


  • Whatever way I try or whichever picture I upload either by DRAG DROP or Open file, it ends up being rotated 90 degree.  I tried 3 different browsers, Microsoft Edge, Chrome and IE 11.  All latest versions on Windows 10 latest update.

    I even tried rotating my picture 270 degree thinking it'll make it right but the uploaded picture is at the same rotation.

    Any idea ?

    • Marc, your profile picture looks perfectly fine to me right now. I have Windows 7 and had no problem so far using Paint for simple image adjustments before uploading.

      If you have a question about SCN in general I'd suggest to post it as, well, question using "Using" tag. We don't seem to have "About SCN" or "SCN Support" anymore, so I guess this is the right medium for any SCN related questions for the time being.

  • Jamie, you are urging us to search first before reporting bugs and I agree. But personally I'm very much struggling with how exactly are we supposed to do that?

    The link in this blog leads to the Q&A page for the whole site. It includes all the questions, from ABAP to Hybris. It's insane amount of content! I have bookmarked Q&A page for "Using" tag but it does not have search button to search just this tag.

    E.g. I want to check if anyone has already reported incorrect answer order by vote (in this question the answers appear in the vote order as 1, 3, 0, -2, 0). How do I do that?

    "Search ahead" proposes all kinds of complete nonsense. And even if I go to the global Q&A page, type in "answers sorted incorrectly" and hit Enter, I get a blank page:

    I guess now I also have some search bugs to report as well...

    • Hello Jelena,
      I think here come several current issues and missing features together. No search by tag yet and I guess the indexing of newly created content is still delayed. :/
      For your issue itself, I just checked the question and it looks fine to me. Your answer with the (1) vote is on top, because it's marked as the accepted answer and those always land on top. The rest is sorted by votes: 4 1 0 -3
      I'm missing your last 0, though. oO

      • The last comment that was 0 just got upvoted (it was fast! 🙂 ). I suspect this might have something to do with "0 vs. null". 0 could be result of someone voting but then removing their vote, maybe somehow it gets higher rank than a post with no votes whatsoever (= null). I've seen the same odd sorting in other questions as well.

        Just posted about it, maybe someone will take a look.

        Thank you!

  • Hi jamie,

    unable to edit a comment or reply ,

    there is no edit option here,

    if i try to edit by going to action->edit under avatar

    its allowing me to edit the question that has started the thread but not comment or reply that i have posted..

    thanks n regrads
    vinay reddy.

      • Hi,

        Please provide edit option,

        other wise it becomes cumbersome to delete and repost a comment every time.

        if there is no such flexibility then what is the advantage of moving to new platform.


  • Hi jamie,

    in avatar the notifications number is keeps on increasing,

    notification number should appear only for unread threads as we have in old community.

    one more thing i have faced recently,

    an X person started the thread (in question and answers section),

    person Y replied to that thread, i left a comment on Y's reply..

    then Y answered to my reply (by going to your answer section) instead of leaving a comment on mine,

    for this i did not received update in my notifications (under avatar)..


    • Hello Vinay,

      could you please re-post your comments as questions with the tag "Using". This blog is for information purposes, not to add issues in the comments section. It would get confusing and overloaded really fast otherwise. 🙂

  • Hi Jamie,

    Today I came by a Blog post that was migrated from the old SCN.

    But, in the Blog, The link  "" here, if clicked, takes to "". So, its obvious that during the transition to new SCN, it got changed. So, it would be better if you can edit the links here by removing "(here" and also since the old SCN is no more, could you update the links under the word SCN to the link to "". Is it even possible to have a solution for mass, for Blogs or Discussion Threads, where its mentioned as Old SCN site link, you can do it for mass to the new SCN link. I know, that I should try the Idea Place. But still.. OK fine, will also try there.

  • I am not able to comment on the new link mentioned there.
    Also there is an issue related to
    1. Read notifications not disappearing and
    2. Not being notified on email for the comments or reply on a blog or Q & A post Is that not a Bug?

    PL advise

    • These are known, but not bugs.  You need to click the small circle next to the notification to get it to show as read.  We do not offer email notifications at this time, but it is in the works for a future release.