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Upgrade your HANA, express edition

In my previous blog Secure your HANA, express edition I described how to register your HANA, express edition system with SUSE to receive critical security updates.

In this blog I will leverage this work to describe how to upgrade your HANA, express edition to the latest patch level. However, please be aware, that

  1. This increases the memory required from 7 GB to 9 GB for the Server only option.
  2. Also, temporarily, 24 GB of available RAM are needed for the upgrade.

To start with, I update the preinstalled VMware Tools to mount shared folders with the upgrade software packages.

As a prerequisite, I install gcc:

and kernel-default-devel packages:

Then I mount the VMware Tools volume, copy and extract the file and run the installer. There is an existing version of VMware Tools installed, which I uninstall in the process:

The two packages I installed earlier are needed in the configuration step:

With that I can mount my upgrade directory:

Next, I shut down my system to increase the memory size from its original 7 GB to 24 GB:

From HANA Studio I start the HANA Platform Lifecycle Management, select my HANA Database upgrade package and add the HANA AFL upgrade package (please check SAP Note 2078425 – Troubleshooting note for SAP HANA platform lifecycle management tool hdblcm in case of any issues):

As a result, my HANA Database will be upgraded from version to version

This can take a while:

But eventually, the update finishes successfully:

Last but not least, I reduce the memory to now 9 GB:

And everything is working nicely on the new version:

Don’t worry about the one alert with HIGH priority. Logging into the HANA Cockpit reveals that this is due to the Log mode OVERWRITE which is fine for a sandbox system like this:

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  • Hello,

    I'm trying to get the C Compiler installed and get VMware tools updated/installed, but my HANA Express system doesn't show the GCC compiler available like you show it or how SAP has it in their video

    All I see when searching for GCC are packages cpp48 and libgcc_s1.  No gcc option.  In the video it talks about installing the "C and C++ Compiler Pattern".  But I don't see that pattern available.  In fact, I only have two patterns available - Base System and Minimal System (Appliances).  Is my HANA Express VM invalid or something?


    • Hello Tony,

      did your register your HANA, express edition with SUSE as described in my previous blog, which is a prerequisite to update it?

      Best regards