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Greetings from SAP Contact Center Support!

Some of you may have noticed a new SAP Community platform and with it new improvements. There are many differences between the new and old platforms but the main difference is the usage of tags instead of topic spaces. For SAP Contact Center, our tags are “SAP Contact Center, on-premise edition” and “SAP Contact Center, cloud edition”.

The aim of this blog is not to write new help documentation, but instead to provide you with some tips to make your life easier on how to get started. You can start by accessing the new Community site by launching the following URL:

 How to use the questions and answers section
Please see my instruction post at the Q&A post

How to use the blogs section
To create a blog click profile icon on top right corner and select “Ask a question”. In tags section please use ‘SAP Contact Center, on-premise edition’ or ‘SAP Contact Center, cloud edition’ tags. Once you have finished writing the blog press submit for review and tag owners will do the review task before publishing.

 SAP Contact Center wiki resources
List of released hotfixes per service pack can be found from here
Other wiki documents can be found from here

 Questions from old community platform
Please find old posts from Community –> Archive. In such case, that you feel like there were a question and you did not get an answer please raise a new question to Q&A area.

 How to see all content under SAP Contact Center tags?

Now all SAP Contact Center content can be found under single tag:
SAP Contact Center

I’m trying to move existing content to this tag. Meanwhile use old tags to access the content.

When you would like to see all content under “SAP Contact Center, on-premise edition”
click the tag and select option View all related content. You can also use direct links below.

For on-premise please use this link
For cloud edition please use this link

Stay tuned, more useful tips are coming!


General questions about the community

Q: I’m not receiving email notification if my question is answered or blog is commented.
A: Email notification settings can be adjusted from personal settings. Click person icon on top right corner – Account Settings – see Email Notification Settings

To report this post you need to login first.


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  1. Thomas Högl

    Hi Jukka,

    why there is no possibility to get the question & answers as a RSS feed?
    You always have to browse to the specific site to see if there are some news, because if you follow a tag, then you even don’t get an email notification.
    Before, you were informed when there are changes, so you could log in if you want to contribute to this topic.
    It’s only possible to get blog entries via RSS feed, but obviously nobody posts there anything.

    In general, now there was made a step-back, because prior it was some kind of push mechanism, and now it’s a pull mechanism 😀


    1. Jukka Suhonen Post author

      Hi Thomas,

      I know, it’s a big problem that there is no notifications. I can tell you that SAP Community team is working on to provide email notfication service and also many more improvements are coming, for example they are planning to add possibility to display favourite tags activity on front page.

      I will of course update this blog once wanted features are available.


      ps. idea about RSS feed was quite nice and I will post in to our internal discussion page. You could also check this link, there people are suggesting new features to Community.

  2. Roman Errapart

    Hi Jukka,


    It seems there has been some changes to the links.

    The “List of released hotfixes per service pack can be found from here” redirects to the page that says “Page Not Found”.


    Best regards,



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