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SAP Community Tags: UI5 application

Added some usability optmizations. See this Q&A topic for details.

! ! ! 07/07/17: Updated app with new json file. It should reflect current tags in SAP community now ! ! !
! ! !  Updated app with new link. See below for details ! ! !
! ! ! App now works on IE ! ! ! 

Cause there was so much trouble with finding the proper tags in new SAP Community I wrote a simple UI5 application that displays all tags available. Via a search field in the header you can search for tags. It’s a fulltext case insensitive search, so it doesn’t matter if you enter “fiori” or “Fiori”.
If you click on the tag you are directed to the area in the community.

You can find this application here:

Here is what it looks like

I’ve converted the Excel-Sheet that can be found here, converted it into JSON and wrote this little application to display them.
You want to see the code or contribute to the project? Just have a look at my github repository.


Here you find some new and updates for the app

New links in app

As you can see in the above screenshot it’s now possible to jump into Q&A, Blogs and Unanswered Questions directly from the app via a link in each table row.

QR Code

With the button QR Code you can open a dialog with a QR Code that leads to the app. This way it is very easy to open the app on you mobile device.
The QR Code control I use has been written by our colleague Jan Penninkhof. It is published on bower and github. Thank’s Jan for sharing this with us.

App now works on IE10

Some of you already complained that the app does not run on IE. I found the bug and it now does.

Coming soon: New URL

Our SAP colleagues have cloned the repo and deployed the app to a more stable hcp instance than hanatrial. As soon as I get the ok I will publish the new URL at the top of this blog

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  • Good work!

    Small bug report - if the search matches no tags, the results area in not refreshed. Try searching for UI and then changing the search term to UI5, for example.

  • nice simple idea. I was thinking the next build your own fiori app should have a challenge around improving community 🙂

    Anyway you could include the URL hyperlink so users can launch and follow it?

    • unfortunately the URLs contain a magic id that is not enclosed in the Excel-Sheet. If you know how to map a tag to such an id please let me know.

      • Is the column hidden? The tag ids were all there when I downloaded it a few days back? The id was there as well as full url. It's the only reason I suggested it

        • Just downloaded a new version of the file. In this version the links are included. Should update the project. Will see if I find time the next days.

  • /
    • Hi Dawood,
      for me it works also with “abap”. I get 21 results.
      I have only tested the app with Chrome, Firefox and Safari browser. Maybe IE has some problems (wouldn't be the first time). Can you check one of the other browsers?

    • Hi Dawood,
      the app is running now on IE and it has some improvements. See text above.
      If you still encounter problems please clear the cache. If this does not fit contact me again.


        Hi Helmut,

        good job, it works 🙂

        Wish it would embedded in SCN. I like the Q&A / Blog links.

        Thanks fixing the app for us, IE minority 😉

        Best regards,


  • Great stuff, thank you 🙂 Would it be possible to somehow "stick" the search area at the top, so it doesn't disappear when scrolling?

  • Currently the size on the tag column is to short to show the full tag name – impossible to select the correct tag:


    P.S. And no way to change tag column width!