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ABAP News for Release 7.51 – What is ABAP 7.51?

Almost exactly one year after releasing ABAP 7.50, SAP releases ABAP 7.51 today.

Time to extend the previous picture again (that itself extends the picture for ABAP 7.40).

While ABAP 7.50 represents the same state of the art as the SAP-internally used ABAP 7.62 (Kernel 7.45), ABAP 7.51 mirrors the internal release ABAP 7.65 (Kernel 7.49).

Releases for the 7.6x release line for SAP’s internal cloud development are continuously shipped in short cycles. After one year it was time for a backport of the accumulated changes of releases 7.63, 7.64, and 7.65  to the 7.5x-line again and here we are.

For 7.50 users, ABAP 7.51 is simply the direct successor of ABAP 7.50 that provides the ABAP Language and Runtime Environment for AS ABAP for NetWeaver 7.51.

As always, there is bunch of exciting ABAP news that I will publish in some upcoming blogs.

And again, for the big pictures, please look elsewhere. I’m only the ABAP docu guy …

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