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SAP Business Explorer (SAP BEx) – Maintenance and Support Policy

For all SAP Business Explorer customers that are interested in the future of BEx, here is what you need to know:


BEx 7.x

BEx 7.x continues to be supported with BW 7.50.

Please note that there are no new features developed.

Customers moving to SAP BW/4HANA from SAP BW should transition their SAP BEx reports and applications to SAP Analytics.

SAP recommends to use SAP Lumira (as of release 2.0 incl. SAP BO Design Studio) and Analysis Office if customers would like to continue with on-premise BI Clients who have similar functionality as BEx 7.x. In case customer would like to leverage cloud based BI Client environment, SAP recommends SAP Analytics Cloud.

To allow customers a parallel approach to complete the conversion project, SAP plans to support the temporary use of the existing BEx Web Applications through a dedicated pilot program. The pilot program is planned for SAP BW/4HANA 1.0 SP 6 or higher.  Exclusively available with the In-Place Conversion (Chapter to SAP BW/4HANA (Support for a limited time until end of 2022. -For more detailed list of limitations and deployment options, please see the SAP Note 2496706)

Please be aware that while those products have similar functionality as BEx they are not legal successors.

There is no 100% feature parity.



Where to go from BEx Web / Web Application Designer 7.x?


– Lumira Designer

Most used capabilities of BEx Web Applications, Dashboards and Analysis for OLAP are available in Lumira Designer 2.x (or planned)

Architecture of Lumira Designer 2.x is different from any predecessor product, to overcome architectural limitations from the past. Hence, automatic migration of BEx Web Templates and Dashboards is not possible

SAP is planning to provide conversion support from the standard BEx WAD 7.x 0ANALYSIS_PATTERN to a corresponding standard template in Lumira 2.x.  We are planning to publish a Blog post in SCN with an example Python script in July 2018. With this script you will be able to convert a BEx WAD 7.x template into a URL iView referencing a Lumira 2.x Generic Analysis Application. The Prerequisite is that 0ANALYSIS_PATTERN has not been modified by the user and no bookmarks are used.

Design Studio / Lumira 2.x require the BusinessObjects BI Platform




– SAP Analytics Cloud / Self Service

SAP Analytics Cloud is highly recommended for customers using BW 7.4, BW 7.5 or BW/4HANA. The solution offers a live connection which allows using the latest cloud frontend technology without replicating any sensitive data into the cloud and fully utilizing exisiting BW authorization concepts.

As SAP Analytics Cloud uses a native connectivity, it provides a feature-rich query consumption including query functionalities like hierarchies, structures, variants, variable personalization, cell calculations and query default layouts. Furthermore, SAP Analytics Cloud is clearly recommended for self-service analytics and business user dashboarding.




– SAP Analytics Cloud / Application Design

Currently we are also adding Web Application Design functionality to SAC.

SAC Application Design is a new SAC core capability that enables customers and partners to create dashboards with advanced layout and guided navigation requirements. It will complement SAC story building by providing scripting and a free-form layout editor to implement sophisticated dashboards and analytic applications including planning applications. The first version will be released to customer in Q3/2018.

In 2018 SAC Application Design is still basic, mainly providing additional control over layout and guided navigation design beyond self-service story building.

In the long term, SAC Application Design will be extended to provide comparable capabilities to SAP Lumira Designer.

Until then, SAP does not recommend trying to convert existing SAP Lumira Designer applications to SAC applications, or use Application Design as a replacement for BEX Web Application Designer templates.





Where to go from BEx Analyzer (Excel) 7.x

  • Most used capabilities of BEx Analyzer are available in Analysis Office 2.x (or planned)
  • Conversion support of BEx workbooks to Analysis Office is available
  • Consulting Service for Migration to Analysis for Office / BEx 7.0:
  • Analysis Office can run with or without SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform (some features like scheduling, however, require BI Platform)
  • You can install BEx and Analysis Office on a single PC
  • Only one add-in can be active in an Excel session (in other words, either BEx or Analysis Office can be active)
  • Opening a BEx workbook activates the BEx Add-In.



Where to go from BEx Information Broadcasting 7.x?

In general SAP recommends to use SAP Crystal Reports for all kinds of report distribution, broadcasting and printing scenarios.

If there is a requirement to broadcast Excel-based content SAP BusinessObjects Analysis Office is a viable alternative to BEx Analyzer (Excel Add-on)

Broadcasting scenarios formerly done with BEx Web templates can be handled with Lumira Designer 2.1 release onwards.  You are able to schedule Lumira applications as PDF format with online and offline data sources. With Lumira 2.2 we are planning to integrate variant capability into the scheduling workflow.  Details please refer to SAP Lumira Documentation.


Where to go from BEx Query Designer 7.x?

All capabilities of BEx Query Designer are available as part of the BW Modeling Tools.
BEx Query Designer can still be used with SAP BW 7.5 but is not supported with SAP BW/4HANA.
Using the BW Modeling Tools with SAP BW 7.4 or 7.5 is optional.
In SAP BW/4HANA, all queries are created and maintained using the BW Modeling Tools.

When transitioning from SAP BW to SAP BW/4HANA, all BW queries will be automatically migrated.



BEx 3.5

Since April 2013 BEx 3.5 is in customer-specific maintenance and not available anymore with the standard SAP GUI compilation.
For more details, see SAP Note:

1410878 – Maintenance for BW 3.5 front-end add-ons.

Please note that BEx 3.5 (design-time and runtime) is not supported for use with SAP NetWeaver BW 7.4 or higher.
For more details, see SAP Note

1932461 – SAP BW 3.5 BEx Tools / BW 3.5 Frontend Add-ons are incompatible with BW7.4.

You can find a “Cookbook for Migration to BEx 7.0” in SAP Note 1807522 – BEx 3.5 Objects Migration to BEx 7.0 but SAP recommends instead of moving to BEx 7.x to move to SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio, Lumira (as of release 2.0) and Analysis Office.





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  1. Donnie Burhan

    Hi Isabella,

    BEx 7.x continues to be supported with BW 7.5x but NOT with BW/4HANA.

    Please give us more clear description on this. It’s not easy to differ all of these new terms SAP has been spouting of late. It would be helpful if you give us a matrix of what will or won’t work between those two.

    SAP recommends to use SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio, Lumira (as of release 2.x) and Analysis Office if customers would like to continue with on-premise BI Clients who have similar functionality as BEx 7.x

    AFAIK, seems like the support for EP for those products is dropped, and it will not receive new functionality unless using BI Platform.
    So what do you suggest for the customers who already invested heavily on EP?

    1. Eric Schemer

      Design Studio requires BI Platform, Analysis Office not necessarily. There won’t be a Design Studio without BI Platform anymore. What EP integration exactly are you missing when running Design Studio on BIP?

  2. RENE Hvidberg


    Regarding the:

    • SAP is planning to provide migration support from the standard BEx WAD 7.x 0ANALYSIS_PATTERN to a corresponding standard template in Lumira 2.x. This functionality is planned to be published in April/May timeframe in 2018. Prerequisite is that  0ANALYSIS_PATTERN has not been modified by the user.

    Is there any new information regarding this? Are we still to expect this in April/May 2018?





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