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SAP-NLS Solution for SAP BW (all Versions)

Last Changed: 17th of February 2021

SAP-NLS Solution for SAP BW (all Versions)


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Introducing the real world and best practice use case with nearline storage (NLS)

And now: Introducing the Hasso’s View at SAPPhire 2019


Improve decision-making capabilities by bringing unprecedented performance to SAP Business Warehouse with SAP HANA for current data and SAP IQ for historical data – achieving the perfect balance of cost and performance. The adapter for SAP IQ as a near-line solution is delivered with the BW system. The Integration of SAP IQ makes it possible for you to separate data that you access frequently from data that you access rarely, thus making less demand on the resources in the BW system. The near-line data is stored in compressed form. You can thus reduce the costs incurred by data that is accessed less frequently.

With the current Release of SAP BW 7.40 Feature Pack 02 (based on 7.40 SP08) some interesting improvements and updates were released for the SAP-NLS Solution based on SAP IQ SP10. Also including the latest SAP-NLS Features for SAP BW 7.50 and 7.50 SR1 (based on 7.50 SP04)

Please Note that the SAP-NLS Solution can be used with all supported database version supported by SAP BW 7.3x and onwards. Together with NLS Partnersolutions, Nearline storage for SAP BW can also be enabled from SAP BW 7.0x releases onwards.

Overview and Roadmap

Find the SAP IQ as a Near-Line Storage Solution on the SAP online documentation:

Installation and Implementation

Blog – Q – the easy Installer for SAP Sybase IQ


IQ simplex server architectureSAP IQ database


Find the detailed installation of the SAP IQ as a Near-Line Storage Solution in the
End-to-End Document – SAP-NLS with SAP IQ which refers to

Note 2780668 – SAP First Guidance – BW NLS Implementation with SAP IQ

SAP First Guidance – SAP NLS Solution with SAP IQ => points to the Document above.

Installing and Configuring SAP IQ as Extended Storage for SAP HANA
you will see, that the implementation is exactly the same as implementing SAP-NLS

SAP IQ “How-To” Video Tutorials
the tutorials giving you a nice insight how IQ works …

How to Archive Data from SAP NetWeaver BW to SAP Sybase IQ as Near line Storage
SAP Help: Creating Data Archiving Processes (DAP)

Notes for Installation and Implementation

Additional Information can also be found in the Blog Section

Since SAP BW on HANA 7.50 SP04 Hadoop as NLS Storage is possible as well.
Note 2363218 – Hadoop NLS: Information, Recommendations and Limitations
SAP Help: Hadoop as a Near-Line Storage Solution
Blog: Apache Hadoop as NLS solution for BW/HANA – Part 1Part 2 – Part 3

See also – Set Up Hortonworks Hadoop with SAP® Sybase® IQ


Optimizing the SAP-NLS Performance

BLOG: Increasing the SAP-NLS Performance
BLOG: SAP BW on SAP HANA & SAP HANA Smart Data Access
BLOG: Monitoring Nearline Storage Tables and Partitions from BW
BLOG: SAP Sybase IQ 16 sets Guinness World Record with 34.3TB per hour for Big Data Loading

NLS Partner Solutions

Please note that the Partner Interface for Nearline Storage is only supported in SAP BW and is not available in BW/4HANA (SAP NLS IQ and SAP NLS Hadoop are supported). See also the SAP-NLS Roadmap referenced above for more information.


PBS Software


(refer to other publications on the NLS community)

Roland Kramer, SAP Platform Architect for Intelligent Data & Analytics


“I have no special talent, I am only passionately curious.”

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  • Hi,

    SAP HANA on disk when it comes to warm data is still supported? I thought that only extension nodes are now the option for warm data, i.e. DT.

    Thanks for clarification,

  • Both options are available. DT is also possible for native HANA scenarios and single node and EN is the preferred option for BW on HANA .
    Best Regards Roland

  • Hello Ronald, great post.
    we are thinking on of implementing the NLS for a SAP BW 7.4 on HANA SP14, and we have a question, is it possible to archive in the NLS the advanced DSO or is it only possible with DSO classics / cubes? This for a BW 7.4.

  • Thanks Roland for the informative blog!!

    We understand BW/4HANA supports SAP IQ NLS solution. If customer already implemented IQ NLS solution in the existing BW system (non-HANA DB), then customer wants to implement BW/4HANA with green-field approach, and hope to somehow reuse the existing NLS objects in IQ. Is there an option for it? Thanks again for your time!

  • Hi Roland,

    As mentioned Straggler Mgmt. functionality is available with BW 7.5, is it available as 7.5 feature or need to install any Add-On? In case of Add-On’s, what are the available options.




  • Hi Roland,

    I've one concern GL, AA, AP, AR, and Inventory data can't be archived? because when I am discussing with my colleagues his claim is since this modules data will be stored in cumulative basis so its not preferable to do data archiving.

    can you please share your thoughts on same.

    FYI we're on BW 7.4 on HANA landscape.





    • Hi,
      Inventory Cubes can be archived with Nearline storage, but I´m not familiar with GL, AA, AP, AR.
      Can you be more specific?

      Best Regards Roland

    • Hi Alejandro, You might want to start with the following note:

      2363218 - Hadoop NLS: Information, Recommendations and Limitations.
      Regards, Philipp


      • Hello Philipp,

        Thank you for your answer. I have another doubt, maybe you can help me with this one too.

        I have read that the master data can´t be archive and is considered hot data by SAP. In the other hand, in some blogs they said it can be done, but don´t mention the risks implades.

        Do you know anything about this?

        Thank you in advance,



  • Dear Mr. Kramer,

    Dynamic Tiering 2.0  is offering the multi-store table (

    I can imagine that they could be quite useful in relation with data tiering as the logical table object can be distributed among HANA memory and an extended storage. Is it planned for BW to use these tables one day? IMHO it would allow to bypass some of the limitations of NLS.

    Kind regards, Philipp

    • Hello, Just found this note: 2374459 - DataStore Object (advanced): Dynamic Tiering per partitoin. I will check for the technical background which is used for the functionality which receives a correction with the mentioned note. Regards, Philipp

  • ...And another question: In the new roadmap for NLS (Feb. 2017), you mention for cube like ADSOs on page 7 "in staging mode". Could you please briefly let me know, what the "staging mode" is?


    Again thanks, Philipp

  • Hi,


    we have recently installed sybase IQ as Near Line storage. It will be linked with Quality System of BW. While searching for license of type CP under test system in SAP marketplace I couldn’t found any. It is showing License Type as DT. Can anyone please tell me which license type we have to use for quality server and what kind of installation needs to be done. will it be of type CP or DT.




  • Hello Roland, this question is a bit not exactly linked to this blog but somehow related. The customer currently has PBS addon and has been using this solution for NLS IQ for years and now recently migrated to the SAP NLS solution. Would now like to get rid of the ABAP addon PBSCBW and the namespace /PBS/ .. how do we go about such a cleanup?

  • Hi,
    Actually if you have the PBS Add-On, you have more Functionality than SAP would ever deliver.
    Furthermore PBS has tools, to migrate the data to the SAP Notation, which is independent from the Software Namespace.

    In addition the PBS Add-on is upgrade compatible

    Best Regards Roland Kramer

  • Hello everybody,

    I have some concerns regarding to SO version:

    • Linux on Power 64-bit
    • Linux on x86_64 64-bit

    So the questions is...

    Which are the special requirements that must be achieved to run NLS (Sybase IQ)? or Where could I find them?

    Thank you

  • Hi Roland,

    In the roadmap document it states

    CompositeProvider can use AdvancedDataStore Objects with NLS in specific join scenarios. (NLS with SAP IQ Slide 5)
    Can you elaborate please, customer is on BW 7.5 SP3 (HANA). Like which join scenarios are not supported or point to a document. Could not find details in SAP Note 2215265 w.r.t 'Joins'.
    Thank you.


  • Hi Roland,

    we are facing an issue when we are adding the one field to NLS enabled ADSO.

    Is there any prerequisite to follow.


    Prasad V

  • Hi Roland,


    Once the data is archived in NLS, it is said that we can have an SDA connection to read the data, But what does SAP recommend, should we create a virtual table on NLS table and use it in calculation view and a new report on top of it or is there a way that the virtual table created using SDA can be used with existing info-provider?



  • Hi Roland,

    Might be I am reiterating the question :).

    1. Do we have straggler on ADSO as well? Please share any supporting document.
    2. In our scenario, we have stragglers coming in almost every DSO. As customer don't want to proceed with 3rd party tool, what is the next available option/solution?
    3. What are options on BW4HANA for straggler management.

    Kind Regards,


  • Hello Roland,

    thanks for this valuable Blog. Helped me already quite a few times.

    I`m currently in the planning phase at a customer who is leveraging BW 7.50 on Oracle with NLS on IQ. Next year they will move with their BW to BWoH 7.50 running on IBM Power. We have various surrounding Systems like DS, SLT, BI Platform etc. Repositories for those Systems will be hosted on DB2.

    As we can see from this Blog, DB2 is also supported as storage for NLS. I got two Questions where i hope you can help me:

    1. Is there some kind of "migration path" moving from NLS/IQ to NLS/DB2? Is this done via DMO?
    2. If i understand the provided links correctly than the DB2 option for NLS is native? Meaning we dont need the partner solution of PBS anymore?

    Thanks and Regards


  • Hi Roland,

    We've enabled SDA option and we could see improvement in query runtime when NLS data is read. However report runtime degraded when Online (HANA) data is read, in RSRT I could see query is reading NLS where 80% of time spent ( 0 records are selected/transferred), since all the data is in memory only. Any suggestion/advise would be of great help.



  • Hi Roland Kramer,

    Good Day!!

    There is a requirement that the data models and reports are in SAP BW 7.5 SP7 on DB2 and also data was archived through NLS in DB2.

    Now want to migrate this to SAP BW on HANA/BW4HANA with NLS option as Hadoop or SAP IQ.

    How to handle the migration of currently enabled NLS in DB2 to SAP BW on HANA/SAP BW4HANA for archived data?

    Appreciate your quick help on this.




  • Thanks Roland for the quick reply.


    Is the PBS Software also valid for migrating to SAP BW/4HANA ?

     i.e., Migration of currently enabled NLS in DB2 to SAP BW/4HANA for archived data?



    we are planning to implement a NLS to reduce our BW database.

    Is there a recommendation for a hardware sizing (number of CPUs / RAM / HDD)?

    Thanks and best regards







    • Hello Roland,

      thanks, the document is very helpful. There's only one question I couldn't get answered clearly: if we decide to build our NLS in a virtual environment, is it necessary to reserve fixed CPU resources? Or can it be handled dynamically?

      Thanks and have a good weekend.


  • BW Straggler:

    Are the any roadmap for the problem with the BW stragler for archived data in NLS ?? If an delta record is loaded to a target and the records to updated has been archived the delta load will fail. The only option is then to 1) reload the archived data 2) update the delta load 3) archived the data again.

  • Hi,
    see the comments above.
    the Pilot availability ist stopped, which the Software Partner PBS can handle these requests

    Best Regards ROland


    Hi Roland,

    is it useful for any reason to implement also a "test"-NLS conntected to the DEV system?

    Or is the regular way to have only a productive NLS?

    I'm asking because of planning an additional hardware invest or not.

    Thanks and have a good day.


    • Hi,

      a test NLS connection is needed to define the DAP processes, as they will be transported to the productive BW System which is connected to the productive SAP IQ database

      Best Regards Roland

  • Hi,

    Can Data Tiering based on temperatures (hot, warm, cold) be applied to aDSO's in "BW on HANA" (7.5 SP11)? When I check the aDSO in our system, I only see the checkbox “SAP BW Data Tiering” and no setting for temperartures… Is there documentation available for temperature settings when using “BW on HANA”…

    Best regards, Frank

  • Hi Roland,

    Thanks for the blog! This is a one stop shop for Archiving using NLS.

    One question when loading data back from NLS to the infoprovider is there a way we can specify filter and load only data for a specific condition.




  • Hi Roland,


    We are on BW/4HANA with SAP IQ for NLS(cold store). We did not enable any warm store( extension node). What are the best practises for warm store/extension node?

  • Hi Roland,

    we have a problem when trying to archive data from an ADSO (corporate memory) into the NLS. During phase 35 we get a job termination / shortdump TSV_TNEW_PAGE_ALLOC_FAILED.

    It seems that the request is too big, but have no chance to add some filters,as it is a request-based archiving.

    If we reduce the request size to a few days, it works, but this is no practical solution, because we have a lot requests and also some big initial requests.

    We use BW 7.50 / SP15 (HANA 2.0 / Stack 4) and SAP IQ 16.

    Do you have any ideas / suggestions, how we could solve the problem?

    Thanks in advance and best regards



  • Hi,

    which are the dbspaces required to be used for a SAP NLS solution (IQ_SYSTEM_TEMP, IQ_SYSTEM_MAIN and <user_dbspace1>, <user_dbspace2> etc depending on the number of SAP systems archiving into this NLS server?

    i could not find a command in the guide which explains creation of IQ_SYSTEM_MAIN. how is this db space created (at the time of install?)

  • Hi Roland,

    We are implementing NLS newly in our BW landscape. We created DAP and transported successfully from Dev to Quality. After import, DAP  shows inactive in quality. Is there any way or any program by which we can activate these DAP in quality.


    Nitin  Jadhav

    • Hello Nitin/Raymond
      every DAP needs a target DB to verify.
      either you create a new user in the SAP IQ for the Test System (which automatically creates a new Schema in the Database, which is sufficient to test), ot you setup for every BW System in the Landscape it's own dummy Database connection to use.

      nevertheless, you will need at least two SAP IQ Databases in your SAP BW Landscape

      Best Regards Roland

  • Hello Roland,

    thanks for the good information. I'm working with BW 750 SP13 and NLS. By executing a query and with use of the NLS-variable it is possible to decide whether to read or not to read data from NLS. Is there another possibility to read NLS data only if it is necessary without using the NLS variable? A "dynamic" decision without knowing, if it is necessary to read NLS or not?

    Best Regards


    • Hello Sigi

      when you open the query you have to decide whether you will read the historical data or not. I cannot imagine a functionality which decides this for you.

      if the NLS archive is broken, you can change the settings in tx. RSDANLCON to "emergency mode" to prevent the query for failing. this would lead to the behaviour that the query is used without the reading of the historical data despite if the connection to NLS is available or not.

      then you could use the NLS variable to switch on the reading or not, but there is always a user decision

      best regards Roland

    • If you use the Software Add-On for BW(/4) from datavard, you can use additional third party databases without the support from SAP. you are completely dependent from the support of datavard, as they are not using the standard Interface from SAP.

      Anyway: the Certification for any NLS Add-On was phased out anyway since SAP BW/4HANA, as the Interface is frozen now and all software works with BW and BW/4

      SAP only supports SAP IQ and Hadoop as secondary data target for SAP-NLS.

      Best Regards Roland