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EP: Themes – Changing Specific Tab Color


As we know both theming tools Theme Editor (old) and the UI Theme Designer (new) serve as the primary baseline through which we can tweak and change specific theme elements.

Let us imagine that we have a scenario in which you need to very particular when creating a new custom theme and each tab must be set in accordance to organizational requirements and preferences. If you have previous experience with the Theme Editor or UI Theme Designer you will be aware that it’s quite simple to achieve a desired look & feel from a high level perspective through images and “panel coloring”. However when it comes to certain tab types and elements, what was first deemed as a simple task can become technically daunting to the untrained eye.

So lets take a sample scenario and imagine that you need to blend & change all the SAP Portal Theme to a red color coding. You have already set the images and Masthead, DLN Color setup and added the required images i.e. Branding Image however you are finding it difficult to find a means of changing specific tab colors.

Theme Class Locator

In order to achieve the desired changes and blend colors in smoothly you can make use of the Theme Class Locator which is accessible via the link outlined below: This provides a comprehensive overview on element editing in terms of theming:


Important NW 7.4 & The Theme Class Locator

The Theme Class Locator tool was updated for NW 7.3+ on-wards in support of the Ajax Framework Page.

You should be able to access the Class tool via the path below:

– Download Theme Class Finder:

– Access   /irj/servlet/prt/portal/prtroot/PortalAnywhere.Go

– Go to the URL and there chose“ThemeClassLocator”.

In terms of theming the UI Theme Designer is the newly released and newly available platform for both editing and generation. In terms of functional enhancements with the UI Theme Designer they key terms here are:

  • CSS
  • LESS
  • SAP UI5
  • SAP NW Portal
  • Usability
  • Flexibility

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