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ABAP CDS Views and Reporting Tools

In this blog, I would like to briefly describe how easy is to build reports using ABAP CDS views in SAP.

As you may already know, there are various reporting tools such as BusinessObjects, Lumira, Fiori, Analysis for Microsoft Excel, BEx Analyser/Designer, Design Studio, etc. available in SAP. ABAP CDS View data can be consumed from one of the tools above to generate reports.

Let us look at the basics of CDS views. There are 3 types of ABAP CDS views available in SAP and they are basic views, composite views and consumption views.

Note: ABAP CDS views are similar to Hana Views (attribute views, analytic views and calculation views) but they are database independent and lie on the Application layer. On the other hand, Hana views are specific to Hana database and lie on the database layer.

Here are few examples of Basic Views,
Basic view with data category DIMENSION below contains the select statement,

Basic view with data category #CUBE below contains the associations,

Once the basic views are defined, we should create a composite view.

Here is a simple CDS view with view type #COMPOSITE and data category #CUBE

When activating the composite CDS View, it creates a transient provider with the naming convention 2C<SQLViewName>

In this case, 2CZVGLDOCS1

Now we have the composite view ready. The following is a simple Consumption view with the annotation @Analytics.query

On activation, this would create a transient query with the naming convention 2C<SQLViewName>

In this case, 2CZCACCDOC

Now we have the CDS views ready. We should be able to test the analytic query (consumption view) via Query Monitor (transaction code – RSRT)

Consuming CDS view data from Fiori

CDS Data can be consumed from Fiori. We should expose the CDS view as a service using the OData protocol so that SAPUI5 application can consume the CDS data.

KPI design tools can be used to create Analytic Fiori tiles.

The annotation @OData.publish: true is used to publish odata service out of CDS views

OData Service with a naming conversion <CDSViewName>_CDS will be created automatically. In this case, Z_C_ACCOUNTINGDOCUMENTS_CDS

Note: Odata will be created but we should register the service manually via transaction /IWFND/MAINT_SERVICE

The following report is created using KPI design tools and the Odata service above

Several report/chart options available in Fiori,

Data in table format. Filters can be applied to create custom reports, which can be exported to excel from Fiori

Users should be able to drill down and apply filters.


Consuming CDS Views via Query Browser/Design Studio

Analytic CDS Views will be visible in Query Browser. Developers and business users should be able to use the Fiori tile to test CDS views and generate reports

Analytic consumption views will be visible in Query Browser,

Design studio is a built-in component in Query Browser

Users should be able to use this, slice and dice and generate reports


Consuming CDS View data from Analysis for Microsoft Excel

This excel based tool can be used to generate reports. Super users should be able to slice and dice with characteristics and key figures and save templates (workbooks) for the end users to run the reports. Report refreshes every time you opens the workbooks.

“Refresh All” button can be used to get the most updated data.

Note: Hierarchies can also be built using CDS views (the above screen shot shows a report with G/L account hierarchy)

BEx Analyser and Designer tools are quite old. Transient queries that are generated from CDS Views can be exposed to BEx Analyser/Designer and generate reports.

I have not tested these with BusinessObjects or Lumira. Any input on these are appreciated.

Please share your thoughts and opinion.

Hope this helps.

ABAP CDS Views have its own authorization concept based on a DCL. Wonder how Data Control Language (DCL) works with ABAP Core Data Services (CDS)?

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      Former Member

      Hello, Fantastic blog, thanks for the effort!!

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks Philipp! Your feedback is highly appreciated.

      Author's profile photo Pramod Singh
      Pramod Singh

      Hi Shen,

      Nice blog , thanks for sharing it.
      But I have one doubt.

      If you declare Annotation for VDM view type or Odata:publish, it does not work for me.
      Do I need to install any other plugins
      Due to this not able to Expose Odata service from Hana Studio itself.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Pramod,

      Sorry for the delay in responding. Hope you have already figured this out. Did you add the annotation, @Analytics.query: true ? You don't need any plug-ins for this. Please also check the annotation sequence


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      Former Member


      Could you please an example regarding Hierarchy?
      I am struggling to make it working on Analytics for Excel.




      Author's profile photo Maddirevula N Sathish Kumar Reddy
      Maddirevula N Sathish Kumar Reddy

      Dear Shen Sundaresan,


      than you for giving valuable information.


      I've a doubt in this.


      here i've taken the datacategory as DIMENSION and used associations.
      Next I created another basic view with datacategory as Cube and remaining program is as shown in the image.

      In these two cases view is executing successfully. then what is difference between DIMENSION & CUBE...


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      Former Member

      Excellent blog.  Can you blog an example where we can use multiple parameters with CDS view then use Fuzzy search as well?

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member


      When I am creating a KPI with a CDS it asks me:

      but I do not know how to create the package, try to create it by the SE80 at the gateway but do not see it. What should I do?




      Author's profile photo Hamama Zouhair
      Hamama Zouhair
      I have a question please, I need to develop a CDS Views Consumption that has filled Parameters and Select option and checkbox just like in the picture below, is it possible please.
      This CDS view musst be  consumed in a FIORI

      Best Regards.