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SAP BW Technical and Functional Upgrade

Information for the Upgrade to SAP BW 7.50 and BW/4HANA:

Additional Information about the former BW release upgrades:

SL related BLOG’s:

ASU Toolbox (incl. BW Specific Content) and BW Upgrade pre/post Task List

With the ASU (application specific upgrade) toolbox, customers get one single truth for all pre/post upgrade steps regarding the technical upgrade to SAP BW 7.0x  and all following releases.

More detailed information about the ASU toolbox can be found in note 1000009. This tool has been available since 2008 (see the TechEd Presentation and the new Upgrade to SAP BW 7.30 Presentation) has been enhanced and now allows application specific and technical resources to work together for a successful upgrade to SAP BW 7.30. Together with the BW Housekeeping Task List, there are also additional Task Lists available to simplify preparation of the application-specific part.
Implement the following SAP Note to enable usage of task list SAP_BW_BEFORE_UPGRADE via transaction STC01.

Note 1734333 – BW Pre and Post Upgrade and Migration Tasks

See also the – SAP First Guidance – BW Housekeeping and BW-PCA

BW ABAP and BI-JAVA Installation

The Software Provisioning Manager 1.0 (SWPM) can be used to install all SAP NetWeaver 7.30 based instances onwards. See the details of the Software Logistics Toolset 1.0 here and the capabilities for an up-to-date SAP Installation.

In addition the SAP BW Installation/Configuration (also on HANA) includes the complete SAP BW basis customizing settings, together with an example configuration of the system parameter. The guidance raises no claim to completeness.

BLOG: SAP HANA Blog – SAP BW on HANA on one server

See all SAP First Guidance Documents here – SAP BW on SAP HANA First Guidance Collection

New Installation of SAP BI JAVA 7.30 – Options, Connectivity and Security

With the release of SAP NetWeaver 7.30 all previous J2EE stacks are now synchronized in one platform. BI JAVA 7.30 is still available with the usage type BI-JAVA to connect to an existing SAP BW 7.30 stack for the classical usage of BEx Web or the native dashboards (former Xcelsius). The presentation SAP NetWeaver 7.30 – BI JAVA Implementation shows the new SAP NetWeaver 7.30 installation and configuration options with the functional unit configuration UI (former CTC BI-Java Template) all information’s are also valid for SAP BW 7.31 and 7.40.

The technical configuration is an elementary part of setting up and operating SAP system landscapes. For example, you have to perform initial technical configuration to bring a newly installed system into operation. But also during the lifecycle of an SAP system, technical parameters have to be set and adapted.

BLOG: BI-JAVA, BEx Web and EP: the real connection…

SAP NetWeaver 7.0 – Deinstalling Java Add-In (also valid for SAP NetWeaver 7.3x JAVA Add-In)

The separation of the dual stack (ABAP and JAVA in one instance) into two separate stacks is a SAP recommendation. An option available since SAP NetWeaver BW 7.0 is the de-installation of the Java Add-In with SAPInst. This presentation provides details and guidance about the process to prepare for upgrade to SAP NetWeaver BW 7.30, concentrating on the ABAP stack.

As a successor for most scenarios, we offer the combined export of the Java system, de-installation of the Java Add-In and installation of a new Java system using the dual-stack split tool available as part of the SL toolset 1.0 (SP05). For more information, see “Dual-Stack Split”.

If you are running SAP NetWeaver 7.30 JAVA Add-In you can use the software provisioning manager 1.0 (SWPM) as part of the SL toolset for the de-installation process, as this always contains the latest software components (Note 1680045). Note that the dual split process is not supported for SAP NetWeaver 7.30 systems (Note 1655335)

With SAP NetWeaver 7.3x JAVA the Functional Unit Configuration UI (former CTC BI-JAVA Template) is available

In Advance check the WebAS/SSO Settings after the Upgrade to NetWeaver 7.3x. The settings are almost identical to NetWeaver BW 7.0x

BLOG: SAP NetWeaver BW 7.0x Dual Stack split using SAPinst export/import method
BLOG: SAP NetWeaver Portal Upgrade 7.0 to 7.4

Migration to SAP BW on SAP HANA

Database Migration Option (DMO) of SUM – Introduction

DMO is an option of SUM (Software Update Manager) for a combined update and migration: update an existing SAP system to a higher Software Release and migrate to SAP HANA database including the unicode conversion of the source database. The procedure is only available for systems based on AS ABAP, hence the executable SAPup is used in background. DMO migrates from an existing relational database type (“anyDB”) to SAP HANA. Software Update Manager (SUM) is the tool for system maintenance: Release upgrades, EHP implementation, applying SP stacks.

BLOG: Migration to SAP HANA made easy with DMO
BLOG: DMO: optimizing system downtime…

Please Note that since Q1/2014 the Presentation –
Migration to BW on HANA – First Guidance
 concludes all of these manual efforts now.
=> Updated January 2017

New Version 1.7x available using the latest SUM/DMO Features and the new UI
SAP First Guidance – Using the new DMO to migrate to BW on HANA

SAP-NLS Solution for SAP BW based on SAP IQ

BLOG: Increasing the SAP-NLS Performance

Improve decision-making capabilities by bringing unprecedented performance to SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse with SAP HANA for current data and SAP Sybase IQ for historical data— achieving the perfect balance of cost and performance. The adapter for Sybase IQ as a near-line solution is delivered with the BW system. Integration of Sybase IQ makes it possible for you to separate data that you access frequently from data that you access rarely, thus making fewer demands on the resources in the BW system. The near-line data is stored in compressed form. You can thus reduce the costs incurred by data that is accessed less frequently.

More flexibility with SAP BW Post-Copy Automation

To reduce downtime for your production landscape, one of the recommended migration paths of SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse (SAP NetWeaver BW) to SAP NetWeaver BW on SAP HANA comprises a system copy of your SAP NetWeaver BW system. The system copy procedure of SAP NetWeaver BW systems and landscapes is complex for a number of reasons however. A large number of configuration settings are involved for example (such as connections and delta queue handling for data loading), as well as system copy scenarios of SAP NetWeaver BW (each with different landscape aspects) that have to be handled as part of every system copy, regardless of whether the system copy is part of the migration to SAP HANA or you want to perform regular system copies of your SAP NetWeaver BW landscape.

To achieve this, SAP NetWeaver Landscape Virtualization Management offers preconfigured “task lists” used by the ABAP task manager for lifecycle management automation.

You can also enable SAP BW powered by SAP HANA to “go productive” with parallel operation of your existing production system, both connected to the same back-end systems. This is achieved with a special and unique automated solution for delta queue cloning and synchronization on production systems.

SAP Note 886102 (SMP login required) thus becomes obsolete. Using the post-copy automation for SAP BW (BW PCA) in the migration process of SAP BW to SAP BW on SAP HANA, this process can be shortened by weeks and becomes easier, faster and more reliable.

The presentation TechEd 2014 – Session ITM206 illustrates the migration to SAP BW on SAP HANA from an end-to-end perspective.

SAP BW System Copy

SAP BW 7.30  – Systemcopy ABAP

Since Release 7.30 SP05, it is now possible to perform a heterogeneous system copy (including unicode migration) to migrate existing systems based on SAP BW 7.30 SP05 and higher to SAP BW on SAP HANA (HDB) based systems.

With this major step forward, a new procedure called “Post Copy Automation (BW PCA)” now supports customers with what can often be complex post-steps before and after the homogenous/heterogeneous BW system copy. This presentation is the delta information to the existing document “SAP NetWeaver 7.0 – BW Systemcopy ABAP” shown above. The technical Improvements with the leaner data model provides advantages with BW on HANA too.

You can also refer to the SAP First Guidance Documents (Updated 03/2018)
– SAP First Guidance – SAP BW on HANA – Edition 2017
– SAP First Guidance – BW Housekeeping and BW-PCA

To ease this generic step of BW system copy, a new procedure called “BW Post Copy automation (BW PCA)” is available, which supports customer now in the complex pre and post steps during the homogeneous/heterogeneous SAP BW  system copy (information from the SAP ALM group) procedure.

Please note that these procedure can be used independently from your BW and Database Version starting from NetWeaver 7.0x

BLOG: System Copy Automation for SAP Business Warehouse System Landscapes
BLOG: New Note Analyzer for SAP BW PCA and Housekeeping

We distinguish between two use cases explained in the FAQ for BW-PCA:

– Initial copy based on an existing original BW system and connected BW source systems

Task Lists – SAP_BW_COPY_INITIAL_PREPARE (BW systems only)

– Refresh of an existing system based on an existing BW system and connected BW source systems


Updating to the minimum level of the mentioned Support Stacks is recommended to minimize the manual effort. For both cases the BW-PCA Task lists support the customer together with the software provisioning manager 1.0 (SWPM) in these software lifecycle management tasks. BW-PCA is embedded in the SAP NetWeaver Landscape Virtualization Management

SAP BW Housekeeping Tasks

Important Housekeeping Principles for keeping your SAP BW in good shape

In this session, you will learn about various housekeeping activities that should be part of the operational concept of your Enterprise Data Warehouse. These housekeeping activities will support you in removing unwanted and unneeded data as well as unused metadata. Scheduling these activities regularly in the system will ensure optimum utilization of system resources while at the same time increasing the overall system performance.

SAP First Guidance – SAP BW Housekeeping and BW-PCA

Note 1829728 – BW Housekeeping Task List

The Housekeeping Task List (Pre/Post Steps) allows you to automate mandatory tasks prior to upgrade/migration with DMO to ensure the quality of the migration process and the health of your BW System.

BLOG: Create #SAP #BW Housekeeping task list
BLOG: House Keeping / Performance Tuning Activities in SAP BW Systems
BLOG: SAP BW-Performance Tuning through System Tables

Event Presentations

Navigating and Networking at SAP TechEd => Live from TechEd Amsterdam, Replay from 05.11.2013

DSAG Technology Days 2014 – Migration BW on HANA – Update 2014

TechEd 2014 Las Vegas/Berlin – ITM206 – Presentation Recording

Additional Topics like References, Experiences, etc.

For information about lower releases, see SAP BW 7.0 and lower – exclusively.

Product Availability Matrix (PAM) for Business Warehouse Accelerator 7.20 (BWA)
Note 1845809 – Latest Revision for BWA 7.20
Note 2369833 – BWA 7.20: Revision 39

See how the German customer Kärcher upgraded their SAP BW System Landscape (Three system plus sandbox) within 8 weeks including BI-IP and BIA.It is still a good reference from the project perspective. See how another German Customer Stihl upgraded their BW on HANA Landscape from 7.30 SP09 to 7.40 SP12 including the BI-JAVA Landscape update.

This is a collection of resources from the former SCN Network and its content is not reflecting the findings from this document of future upgrade and enhancements.

BLOG: SAP BW Upgrade: Pre and Post upgrade activities with answer to why?
BLOG: SAP BW 7.4 Powered by HANA — Promising Features (Part 1)
BLOG: SAP BI4.x Installation/Update/Patching
BLOG: Changes in SAP BEx after Upgrade to 7.3x

SAP BW/4HANA First Customer Experiences

DSAG Forum: “Upgrade NetWeaver BW 7.3x” => (DSAG-ID requested) share your experience with other DSAG members.

SAP JAM site: “DSAG – the Road to BW/4HANA” => (By Group Invitation only) exchange with SAP and DSAG as interested customers.

Roland Kramer, PM EDW (BW/HANA/IQ), SAP SE

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  1. Former Member

    Thanks Roland, its very useful info.

    We are planning to upgrade our BW system from 7.4 to 7.5 on HANA. For that we are looking for general BW 7.5 upgradation Checklist like Pre-upgrade BW activity and post-upgrade BW activity. More interested in Related to BW activity not basis activity.

    Do you have any Checklist for BW activity?



  2. Former Member


    We are interested in deploying our existing BPC 10.1 / BW 7.4 application to Azure cloud. Noticed first guidance on SAP BW4/HANA on Azure. Is an upgrade roadmap from BPC10.1 / BW7.4 to BPC11 / BW7.5 available on Azure? Our goal on BPC11 is to go back to the embedded model.

    1. Roland Kramer Post author

      Hello John

      actually there is no Upgrade from  BPC10.1 / BW7.4 as it would be a so called “In-Place Conversion via an Upgrade to “BW on HANA 7.50”.

      For the Upgrade to SAP BW 7.50 see the following Presentation

      Then you can convert to BW/4 and BPC 11.0 according to the Blog – On the Road to BW/4HANA – first stage accomplished – second stage finalized – choose your Path

      As you already mentioned the SAP First Guidance – deploy SAP BW/4HANA in the Azure Cloud
      there is no difference between the on-premise Deployment and the IaaS Deployment on Azure

      Best Regards Roland


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