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What HANA Cloud Platform (HCP) Can Offer?

HANA Cloud Platform (HCP) is gaining more popularity in recent times as it is a hassle free way to run ERP services in the cloud without having to maintain following on premise and by just paying a subscription fee for the high availability system.

  • Server Maintenance
  • Hosting Costs
  • Version Upgrades
  • Service Pack Upgrades
  • Memory Upgrades

To understand HCP offerings I attended a SAP HCP technology drive. In this blog will put together an overview of HCP and its offerings from an overview perspective.

6 major services which is offered by HCP is listed below.

  1. Prototyping Tool
  2. Web IDE tool
  3. Portal Application Deployment
  4. Mobile Application Deployment
  5. Application Integration
  6. Internet Of Things (IOT)

1) Prototyping Tool: To use this tool developer needs to have an account at This tool will allow developers to build or translate exactly the whiteboard sessions which you conduct with the end user. There are 2 types of the prototypes which can be built using this tool.

  • Low-Fidelity Prototypes
  • High Fidelity Prototypes

2) Web IDE Tool: It is a browser-based web development environment available on HCP.It will allow developers to create or extend standard Fiori apps or to develop new custom apps using languages like Java, XSJS, and HTML5. According to SAP by 2020 least 70% of new application development will happen in the cloud and it would be more of developers collaborative approach. Application templates are available which will help in most sensitive and highly responsive applications development. Using the Web ID tool developer can perform following tasks.

  • The developer can design UI
  • The developer can extend or create new app development
  • The developer can perform Unit testing
  • The developer can investigate the code and understand the Model View and Controller concepts which will help to extend apps.
  • The developer can easily deploy code on HCP server
  • Templates available on WEB IDE Tool for creating and extending projects this will allow developers to develop more efficient projects.

3) Portal application Deployment: If application developed and tested using WEB IDE then it can be deployed using portal services if Fiori launchpad is running HCP cockpit. This a very efficient way to develop and deploy apps onto the portal.

4) Mobile Application Deployment : As we know the world is going mobile and everyone is using apps on their smart platforms to perform many transactions instead of using regular URL and going to main websites using the browser. The reason being it is more effective, fast and convenient as only required transactions are loaded instead of the entire site. After developing a mobile app using WEB IDE tool it can be deploy using SAP Hybrid Toolkit Companion app from respective app stores depending on mobile OS platforms.

5) Application Integration:  HCP is providing  HANA Cloud Integration (HCI) as part of the platform. This is a subscriptions based services which are available and can be used to perform Cloud to On-Premised application integration. If you need more information please go to my blog on overview of HCI. HCP is also providing API management as a part of HCI subscription which allows developers to create their own adapters required for integrations.

6) Internet Of Things (IOT): SAP recently acquired leading enterprise-grade Internet of Things (IoT) solution platform called PLAT.ONE ( PLAT.ONE’s IoT platform enables the rapid development and scalable management of enterprise IoT environments, including connected products, smart cities, connected transport and smart manufacturing. ITO can offer following business scenario development.

All above-mentioned modules are offered as services by HCP. So before any development, all the required services needs to enable in HCP cockpit. The trail version is available if a developer wants to explore the HCP tool and understand how services work. The trial version does not include any HCI.

Hope this helps!

See you in my next blog!

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