This document will detail the steps required to setup additional clients in an SAP S/4HANA OP system. As there are requirements in Sandbox Development, and Quality or Test environments to create more than one client for various usages, this document can be used as a checklist to detail the steps that need to be reran within the Fiori building block documents as well as the Administration guide.
As a tip to use this document, please see sections “Fiori Configuration Checklist Steps After Creating an Additional From Client 000” or “Fiori Configuration Checklist Steps After Creating an Additional From Clients Other Than 000” to determine which steps you need to follow. For example, if you created a client copy from 000 in the Fiori Frontend and S/4HANA Backend servers, you will need to follow the section “Fiori Configuration Checklist Steps After Creating an Additional From Client 000”. All other client copies where the source client is other than 000, you will need to use section “Fiori Configuration Checklist Steps After Creating an Additional From Clients Other Than 000”. Within this section, the tasks are also dependent on the client copy profiles used as well, so please pay special attention to the column “Additional Information” for more details.
Link to the full version of document “S4HANA On Premise 1511 Fiori Configuration for Multiple Clients




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  1. Pascal Renet

    Thanks Van.
    This is a great and very concise document that I have shared with some of my customers and the feedback on it has been excellent. It’s very clear and a great time saver.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Karthik Kanagala

    Hello Van,

    Excellent document.

    We have a situation here.

    I have two clients in my front end and back end servers i.e. 100 & 200 in front end and 100 & 200 in back end.

    Now 100 to 100 i made fiori configurations and its working fine for 10 apps.

    Now i want to use the same 10 apps for 200 to 200 connection also.

    For OData service oriented apps its working fine. But for webdynpro apps its asking for backend user and login again and its going to 100 client only.

    Please suggest what needs to be checked here.

    1. Van Vi Post author

      Hi Karthik,

      Thanks for your question.  Looks like you might of not removed the “CLIENT=###” from the web dispatcher profile.  Can you please review “6 Additional Activities” section and step 1 Open the Web Dispatcher profile and ensure the parameters for “wdisp/system_#” does not have “CLIENT=###” values. The client number is not required.?


  3. Peter Orton

    Thanks Van, I have gone through this document several moths back but have not got opportunity to try so far but I will be using this document in next few weeks as I have to setup frontend server which will be shared between our DEV and QAS backend systems.



    1. Van Vi Post author


      Hi Subbu,
      Please note that this document is not meant to recommend settiing up a shared frontend server with a DEV and QAS backend systems.  But more for enabling multiple clients in a DEV and/or QAS system.  Having one frontend server connected to a DEV and QAS backend may have complications when change management comes into the picture for SPS or version upgrades.  For exmaple, when you upgrade a FPS/SPS or S/4HANA version starting with DEV, the frontend server will also need to be upgraded in parallel fashion.  After it may have compatibility issues when using it for QAS backend.  Just my 2 cents.


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