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ABAP Development, Blogs, Questions and Answers

Since navigating in the new SAP Community needs a bit of getting used to, I bookmarked the following links on my desktop:

ABAP Development Community

Blogs in ABAP Development

Blogs in ABAP Development (other results)

Questions and Answers in ABAP Development

How do you do it?


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  • That’s a very diplomatic way of putting it. I don’t like bookmarks… but I might bookmark your blog 🙂 If only I could see a bit more of the content on the first screen at 125% Zoom…

    Edit in: trying to fix smiley...

    • "If only I could see a bit more of the content on the first screen at 125% Zoom"

      Exactly. This layout with absolutely 0 information on the first page is driving me nuts. I already know it's Hort's blog and what it's called. And why is the "like" and other buttons on top? Wouldn't it be logical to read the post first and then do something? Wouldn't you be at the bottom of the page at that point.

      At first I thought maybe at least it looks fantastic on a cell phone but on my corporate iPhone 6 it looks just as stupid as on the laptop. Author, title, like/share. That's it. Ugh.

      • Right, that's what I see at 150% zoom...

        "SCNew" is one of the few sites I'm visiting, where I'm yet to find "viewing options" that aren't annoying

          • Experimenting with 200% zoom :O

            – the annoying white spaces left and right – gone!
            – menu neatly tucked away into corner!

            – even less content on the page, but then there wasn’t much of it visible to begin with;
            – fonts too big obviously
            – pop-out menu when clicking on avatar shifts the whole page left

            Had I bought pivot to portrait display at home, I’d take 200% zoom.

            I think, I'll be "fixing" those button bars using AdBlock.

  • Hello Horst,

    I`m following every tag that matters for me, as well as bookmarking the topic pages (I don`t know the exactly name of those main pages that used to be Spaces in our old SCN) directly in my browser for quick access.


  • Thank you, Horst, for the book marks - I just spent 2 hours this morning trying (and failing) to find these topics.

    Best regards,
    Loyd Enochs

  • I liked the most (for the layout/navigation and the content)
    I had to adjust for (new layout, but missing content) --> Sorry I'm lost, too - so much empty space.

    I have created some bookmarks for abap, webdynpro, sapui5 and security

  • Same here, I had bookmarks before and am using new bookmarks now. The only difference is that I bookmarked only the open discussions and was able to navigate easily to the blogs/documents if I wanted to. Now everything is isolated. The "community page" is useless IMHO as I can't easily navigate to "show me all recent ABAP blogs" or "show me recent unanswered questions" from it. There is just "view more" and it's not very helpful.

    Here is my "unanswered ABAP questions" link, just a variation of yours:

  • It seems that the only way to follow "ABAP Development" related questions is by using the the SCN community site.

    e-mail notification seems not to be implemented either... ( A huge drawback in my opinion).
    Hope this functionality is re-implemented as it was on the old SCN.

    Let's see how things goes...


  • Hello, Horst.
    I'm sorry I had to ask the question in this topic.

    I had a question about cl_gui_docking_container in TabStrip and I got the answer from Sandra Rossi.

    "A docking container is only for the main dynpro."

    This is the correct answer ? I think I've seen examples of cl_gui_docking_container in subscreens.