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I admit, as with many moves, it has been bittersweet the last few days. Within the Community Experience Team we had to complete certain tasks before turning out the lights officially on SCN – we noted these special moments within the team. They included:

  • Deciding what content to put on our last homepage
  • Honoring our last Member of the Month on SCN (and truly unique since its also the first in the new home)
  • Noting the final list of our top 20 lifetime contributors (Top 3: Juergen L, Tammy Powlas & Gordon Du)
  • Accepting that lifetime points have come to an end (I was bummed not to have made diamond)

Today however is exciting. Our team has been preparing for this day for so long, the day we launch our new platform. To help commemorate this event we have also launched a new name: SAP Community.

A new platform and a new name call for a new URL too. You can now access our new home at .

This home is incorporated into the larger experience. It is mobile-ready, a must for today’s on-the-go members. And it’s composed of best-of-breed solutions that deliver long-awaited conveniences, such as type ahead features and tag-based content that should cut down repetitive questions and cross-posts.

And yet, with every new home, there will be adjustments as people settle in. For those of you who were active in our months of open beta, I encourage you to help us support the wider community with the knowledge you developed during testing. We’ll be working to support you and them as well. You’ll find plenty of useful information about Getting Started in the lower right of the new SAP Community home page, including a quick-start guide. You’ll also find helpful resources on the About SAP Community page.

To complement this information, we have published several blog posts and videos over the last few months to provide guidance, cover important developments, and highlight new community features. Jerry Janda has consolidated them for you.

Blogs and videos can’t always replace a conversation, so we will be holding 90 minute open line calls three times this week to accommodate different time zones. Please join if you have questions.

While we have taken many steps to explain the new community and how to use it, we are also aware that members want to know what features and functions are coming in the future. Oliver Kohl wrote a wonderful post about our platform and the road ahead in which you can further learn about changes and what we’re targeting going forward.

Some community members have asked for more details about these forthcoming changes. We have focused on specific items based on your feedback (provided in beta and through our survey), which we plan to address first, such as easier filtering and searching for content, tagging, and moderation elements. There are also elements of gamification on the way. Please understand, however, that we need to be flexible and may need to shift priorities due to items that may arise (a critical bug, for example).

That doesn’t mean your feedback won’t guide us strongly. We invite you to share your thoughts. Be sure to read Moshe Naveh’s post about how you can continue to provide us with your valuable insight into how exactly we can improve your experience.

We want to hear from you. More importantly, we need to hear from you. Together we built this new community. Together we will make it even better.

Welcome to day one in our new home. We look forward to working with you in the weeks, months, and years to come.

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  1. Joachim Rees

    Thanks for the welcome, I hope I can find my way around!


    PS: I like how the tooltips of the respective icons still say “SCN Moderator and SCN Global Moderator”

      1. Matthias Steiner

        And while you’re at it… please (with sugar on top!) do update the icons. They look ‘cheap’ – especially next to more colorful ones like SAP employee or SAP Mentor lemon. And given that the moderators do most of the heavy lifting in keeping the community a happy place they do deserve a nice looking icon, right?

  2. Tom Cenens

    Hi Gali,

    Thanks for the welcome, happy to see change taking place and eager to learn more about all the possibilities of this new platform, trying to approach it from beginner minds (I already read Matt’s post).

    Best regards


  3. Horst Keller

    Don’t be bummed about the “lifetime” points,  in the last SCN transition around 2011 all the points earned before also had been skipped …

    1. Jelena Perfiljeva

      Lifetime points did indeed survive the last migration (otherwise there would be riots!). But the point structure changed from the previous bronze/silver/gold/platinum to the new one with more “jewel” levels.

  4. Former Member

    Nice post, so nice to be finally home! It has been a long road. I know there is a few things that require fixing, as in any new home. Great job on you and your teams efforts! 

  5. Mark Yolton

    Thank you for the warm welcome, Gali. Like, you, I’m nostalgic for the “good ol’ days.” Like you, I’ll embrace the future. I’ve been pleased to see the community continue to thrive and wish everyone a bright future on the new platform. Long live the SAP Community! 😎

  6. Marilyn Pratt

    Adding my congratulations to the team.  Was delighted to see this pop up in my feed .  Thank you all for the honor of being in the top 20 (retired) list ( somehow was squeezed in ) .  I look forward to seeing how the community develops and evolves . 

  7. Eli Klovski

    Hello Gali,

    Jolly good luck with the new platform. Of course, a lot of ‘angry’ mails are awaiting, but it’s not something that cannot be overcome. After all, you’ve been into it already… I guess, somewhat 2 or 3 times, when SCN was changing its look and content.

    All best,


  8. Saurabh Tiwari


    Could you please tell us a way to ask our questions/discussions in a particular forum? I am confused here with it and searching for   but it looks it is no more.
    I cant even see my previous content on SCN.
    Could you please guide me for it?
    I am worried on usability part of it now.

    Best Regards

  9. Osvaldo Lopez

    Hello Gali.
    I have a doubt about new “home”, because redirect to this site.

    SDN moved to SCN.
    SCN moved to… how we call this new site?
    SCN still alive? or this new concept for “blogs and questions” reemplace with new name?

  10. Former Member

    HI….i am not able to find where i need to post a question in the sales and distribution community..can you pls help… sdn/scn website changed ????

    pls advise asap

  11. Former Member

    Hello , can anyone help me?

    I have one question regarding change of description in BOM.

    First I created Material Master and I have given description.

    And then I created a BOM for one Module that I can say Parent part number for the Parent part initially when we create material number we give description.

    Now I need to change description.

    In MM02 it is allowing me to change but if I go and check in cc02 change is not reflecting.

    1. Steve Rumsby

      You need to ask this as a question (click on the “Actions” menu top right and choose “Ask a question”) and add the primary tag “MM (Materials Management)”. A comment on an unrelated blog is unlikely to get you an answer to your question.

      See the “Getting started” link also top right for more information on how to ask questions.

  12. William Wang

    hey, i just want SCN back !!! the new community sucks! i can’t find my the articles by category, even more i can’t find the questions i just wrote one minute ago. really bad idea to change the appearance of SCN without giving the option to launch the previous SCN. i even don’t know how to use the new community.  

    1. Kumar Avi

      apart from the fact that we need to get used to the new version some basic old features are lost e.g. old bookmarks are gone, at least there should be an option to use the old version for a limited period.

        1. Colleen Hebbert

          Hi William

          I can’t imagine how it would be technically possible to run systems in parallel (even if this was not cost prohibitive)

          The change is massive as it was a complete re-platforming and migration. To run both would require a heap of data replication to manage consistency, etc or a bunch of dual entry happening.

          I hope over time things will improve

          In relation to finding your question, you can look at your profile and get to links that way.


  13. Demetrio Delgado Salas

    Congratullations all people collaborated in this project, I wish that it motivates all memebers of the community for follow to collaborate and it will be a huge source of knowledge.

  14. Katherine James

    With the old SCN, I was able to setup to receive notification email each time a topic or response was listed. I am able to do that in the new environment? If so, how?


    1. Former Member

      Just in case if someone is interested:

      The drivers are here:

      PHP 5.4


      PHP 5.5


      PHP 5.6

  15. Former Member

    I am also SAP Family member since 5 years, everyday i used to follow SCN blocks and gained required new questions and experts answers for those and in my scn account was followed around 150 members with email fortification enable. the problem in new SAP Community platform doesn’t seems much friendly,where we unable to find related questions and blogs, new updates.

    even though i red about new sap community but i didn’t find any correct information for how to use new community and their usage and following steps. i really want to same as old SCN functionality and user friendly.

    please any one help on about how to use it and how to enable email notification in new SCN, easy way to search our questions..

    please please i was addicted to SCN. without read scn blogs questions i bit fell down.


  16. Former Member

    How to find the question I had posted just a minute ago. Neither I got any notification regarding submition of question nor I am able to dinf my posted question…. I am totally lost.

    1. Jürgen L

      Click your avatar to get into your  profile, and there you can see all your content
      This info should probably be added to the Getting started page. Have you been there?


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