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SAP Translation Hub

For an overview of information about SAP Translation Hub, check out the following information sources:

Pictures Speak a Thousand Words
We think moving pictures speak even more words, so why not check out our video playlist on YouTube? Head over to the playlist.

You want step-by-step procedures to take you through your first steps with SAP Translation Hub? Look no further than the following tutorials:

OpenSAP Course
SAP Translation Hub has it’s own, dedicated course. The moderated period is from January 23 through February 21: SAP Translation Hub in a Nutshell.

What’s New
For a quick, concise overview of the major changes with each release, take a look at What’s New for SAP Translation Hub.

More Info.
Got a question about SAP Translation Hub? Or maybe you want to exchange ideas with others in our SAP Jam group. Check out our Troubleshooting page.

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  • Is there a way to use the translation hub service as an API call, maybe from JAVA code, with the properties file and the required language locales. The service returns the translated properties file for the requested locales.

    • Hi Akash,

      The ‘translate’ API that we offer for SAP Translation Hub requires you to provide the individual texts in the request. We are, however, working on an API that will enable you to translate an entire file. Stay tuned by checking the what’s new information.

      See you,

  • There are several things that could be causing a problem. It really depends on what you’ve already ruled out.

    Is the connection to your ABAP system from SAP Cloud Platform working properly?

    Assuming the connection is fine, another issue sometimes surrounds the criteria that you enter to search for an object list. Do you see any object lists or is just a specific object list missing?

    Take the following example: if your object list ID is 0008, it does not suffice to enter simply “8”. You have to enter either the exact ID (0008) or place an asterisk before the 8.

  • I have been looking at SAP Translation Hub and it is a great tool. I have successfully tested the “API”, Workflow UI for File Upload, Web repository (Azure DevOps Git and Github) and SAP Git Repository.

    What is not working for me is “Generate Translation Files” from Web IDE Full-Stack that fails with the following error. Struggling to find the root of the error. I assumed either the underlying API call is not correct or there is a failure in userid propagation.


    The configuration is “out the box” at the moment – i.e. SAP Translation Hub automatically created destination at Subaccount level (not Translation Hub service level) i.e. translationHubBeta┬áwith URL https://<…>

    App to App SSO is configured as required on the subtenant with principle propagation.

    Project in Web IDE is also saving to SAP Git Repository correctly

    The Translation Hub API appears to be called successfully for “GET” operations e.g. get domains but fails when initiating actual translation. NB when “Generate” is clicked, prompt for Git password is displayed. Password is entered and “Submit” triggers the error.



    Any advice offered to resolve will be appreciated.


    Many thanks