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A family is a place where minds come in contact with one another.” » Buddha

I want to tell you a particular story. It is not a love story, but talks about, is not also a story of self-help, but may help. To begin to tell it, I have to go back to some 2 years ago, stay calm, I will not take long.

Chapter 1: How I Met SCN

It was sometime in 2014, I was doing my codes like any good ABAP does (after of course a nice and delicious hot coffee). I do not remember what I was doing in the SCN at the time (I was probably researching a doubt that I had). I found what I wanted and I thought, “hey cool it here, I think I’ll join in too.” I put a picture of me and then a status on the World Cup, what was happening at the time.

It was there that came such Jurgen commenting on my status, I created my first connection to the network yay o/. But wait… What I’m going to talk to him? The man is a monster in the community (in this moment I had seen his profile). At that moment I had a little afraid to start a conversation, took a deep breath and typed something funny, typical of me.

It was a very nice conversation, I explained that I was new in the community and he showed me the rules that it had. At this time I was impressed by so much that I could absorb, because until then only knew the ABAP space. One caveat about this: Here in Brazil unfortunately (and even today) we do not have much contact with the SCN, very few people really enjoy this tool. Returning to my story, so I started to create connections, the second person who I connected me was Jose, a very cool Mexican and a monstrous attention. He introduced me to the Spanish space and gave me many other tips (including about speaking in Spanish). After them I never stopped making connections, one that I had the pleasure to meet in person, a person who motivated me a lot and made me better my presenter side, I will talk about it in the following chapters.

Chapter 2: Ready, set, share!

All set, created and have connections in the network, go to the road! I was going to all Inside Tracks that there were in Brazil in 2015, helped in some, I participated in virtual events (SITsv, TechEd, and others), was all that I could go. I created more connections and encouraged people to access the SCN. Have all been incredible experiences, I gained a love of learning through so many tracks, meetups, it was natural that I tried something bigger, become a presenter in SIT. I remember that person I mentioned in Chapter 1? Well, if not for her, I would not have done it. I’m talking about Marssel. This guy gave me so much courage and support that decided to face this challenge. If it were your motivating words, maybe I have not continued to follow this line and create new forms of presentation. It was also during that time that I had my first disappointment with the community … I think this issue will be for the third chapter.

Chapter 3: My hiatus

So my dear reader, come to the third chapter, perhaps the most important in this whole text … My hiatus … I started my year in 2016 with several questions about the things he had done for the community. I kept reclusive seeking to find myself and with one question in mind, I was on the right track? Which was after all the path I wanted to follow? I left a little community and started out ways in the search to find what was missing for me … I met other micro communities, other events and began to study other subjects, it was there I met a course that would change what I was feeling and curiosity the course name is “Refresh”. It was here that I encountered me, I learned to listen to my needs and those of others and then decided to return to the community, but with other eyes. It was then that things have changed, but I leave for the next chapter.

Chapter 4: A new beginning

Time to put what was taught in practice on!

With new thoughts, created new connections within and outside the community and went to introduce myself, creating a framework of presentations based on TED ideology (I will speak of this in the “new” SCN). I came back to me in love with the community, but more mature, I confess I still am not yet fully engaged with her’m still adjusting. You must be wondering, but now, your flame will not die again right? That’s a question a little difficult … I believe that we should all go through changes, it is natural! Today we want to be X and then change everything and want to be Y. It is with this phrase that I have been finishing my review, which is not so big, I know, but it was heart.


Extra chapter

I left this last chapter for thanks, it is fair to honor the people who contributed to my personal development, each with the characteristic I most admire and try to follow:

Jürgen L: Sarcasm and discipline

Jose Antonio Martinez: Friendship and functional view

Marssel Vilaça: Leadership and strategic thinking

Matt Fraser: How to be awesome with texts and do things more consciously

Jelena Perfiljeva: The same things that the matt, but with more focus

Moya Watson: Creativity and leadership

Eng Swee Yeoh: Friendship and love for the community. 
To the others:
I leave my thanks for part of my transition. I see you in the future (I will get there the DeLorean).
Concluding … I consider all my family and wish all the best in what will come, we will make it happen in the new community 😉

Oh noooooooooo, wait! I can not leave without leaving a drawing I did yesterday HAHA

/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/cabra_1049495.jpgNot a very beautiful drawing I know 😛

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  1. Eng Swee Yeoh

    Thanks for sharing your ode, Raphael. I think one way or another each one of us have such stories and reasons why we come back to SCN day after day.

    PS: Finally we get to meet HANNA, just in time! 😉

    1. Raphael Pacheco Post author

      Thanks for your reply, Eng!

      I wanted to tell a story because we are living in an era full of changes, putting me as an example that we should not give up passing knowledge 🙂

      And yes, HANNA now has a face (I will do a cleaner drawing next time) 🙂


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