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Reporting Bugs and Providing Feedback After Go Live

Update: The instructions in this blogpost are no longer relevant. Please click here to read the new guidelines for reporting bugs and providing feedback.

Since we launched beta on May 12, we found great value in your input. By reporting bugs and providing feedback, you enabled us to improve and design a better community. (October 10). We will continue to follow-up on the bugs and feedback you’ve already submitted (more information will be provided later on).

As Gali shared in her launch announcement blog, after go live we’ll be like “A Great New Home…with Plenty of Room to Grow”. In order to maintain this growth we need you and your ongoing feedback on new ideas/features and bugs. Please find below information on how to do starting October 10.

Report Community bugs:

A bug is when a functionality isn’t working as it should. For example, you click “like” for a blog post and nothing happens. When you encounter a bug, please create a question (using the tag “Using”) explaining what occurred including relevant links, images and if possible a video. The community team will then review your submission and reply accordingly. If we will not be able to resolve your issue right away we will follow-up and you will get a notification once we post an additional reply. Please note that sometimes not everything that the user thinks is a bug is actually a bug. When something functions as intended but not in a way that you prefer — that’s not a bug. If you dislike a feature, you should share your feedback following the process explained directly below.

Share Community feedback:

We welcome your opinions and comments about the new community platform. Let us know what you think we should improve and point out features that may be missing. Please do so by posting an idea in our Idea Place session.

Before posting to Idea Place, however, please check the Beta Feedback Recap page first. We have compiled quite a lot of member feedback already, and it’s possible that your idea is already on our list.

If you check the Beta Feedback Recap page and don’t see anything matching your feedback, then please use this link to provide your suggestions in our Idea Place session. Note: You can also search for feedback submitted via Idea Place. (Look for search field “Search This Idea Session” on the upper right of the page.) If you find an idea similar to yours, you can vote on that instead — so we can see which ideas have the most popularity. 

After you submit your idea, we will follow up and update with our reply and idea’s status(e.g. Archived, Approved).

When sharing feedback please also remember to provide relevant links, screen shots and clear description of how your idea/proposal.



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  • Hi Moshe,

    What about all the feedback items which currently exist in SCN?  Will they be migrated or will be (like Jive docs in the wiki), have to recreate them all so the long list with detailed issues does not disappear?


    Thanks, Mike

    SAP Technology RIG

    • Hi Mike,


      I'm literally working right now with Catherine LaCroix on this exact topic.  They will be carried over, though not to the IdeaPlace space.  Instead, you'll find a cleaned up list on a page in the About section of the new community.  We will link the existing ideas from beta to features/enhancements as they roll out in release notes wherever possible.




      • Hi Jamie,

        Will this new list include the priorities of the fixes?  Or will that be kept closely held?  Not much transparency so far on what issues get the limited resources.


        Regards, Mike

        SAP Technology RIG

        • Hi Michael,


          A great example for how we engage community feedback in our prioritization besides the feedback list, recent survey, feedback sessions and more is the top 20 list we created together (you and I)  with other community members in July from which the critical bugs were attended. Please let me know if you can think of additional ways.




        • Not so much "closely held" as "always changing based on the most recent information" (e.g. new critical bugs that pop up, etc.). 


          The feedback list from beta will only be updated as we implement features from it (note: I'm talking feedback, not bugs, which are managed separately).  NEW ideas (feedback) will be handled via IdeaPlace (link to be shared at launch), where we can be much more transparent simply from a logistics perspective on the current status of ideas (e.g. on the roadmap, expected to be implemented soon, etc.). 


          This is less of a transparency issue from our perspective than a logistical issue - the feedback list in table format became unmaintainable, which is why I had to go in and clean it up for the published list coming at launch.  The new tool will allows us to do better and be more responsive to changes in the prioritization and roadmap.




  • After logging on in the community, I see in my activity list that I have notifications (moderation queue). However I can't access the submissions. System tells me that the access is denied.

  • Hi Moshe,

    Unfortunately, I can’t neither post questions nor answers in discussions.

    It says something like “waiting for moderation of post” and the entry never appears.

    Interesting enough, I’m able to blog. But there, the notifications about comments are not complete.

    Since I can’t use the official way, maybe you can forward.



  • Hello Marcus

    The old site was really good...Can't see all the features. Can't post any blog. Its too tough to figure out what is happening...


  • Can someone let me know what is going with this new Community Pages. Not able to find any information. No old links are working. Hard to navigate and find information. As usual SAP concentrated on change not on making things easy for users. 

  • It seems that the search on "browse the community" only searches the main tags. I would expect (and need) a search that combs through all the tags, titles, authors, and body text. Currently, it is quite hard to find content. 

  • Not sure why the first category “Database” is expanded by default. The result of this decision is that when a user chooses to “browse the community” and is working on a smaller monitor (like with my laptop) the other categories are hidden below the “fold”. I suggest collapsing all the categories by default.

  • After entering a search term in the search field on the “browse the community” page that gets me a good result, I click on the link for that group, But once I am on the group page there is no button or link that allows me to follow the group.

    Following a group seems to be the primary mechanism to keep track of content on the new Community site, so this should be very easy to find for users. I actually did manage to follow a group yesterday after much clicking around, but I cannot find it again today.

    I recommend a “follow this group” button in a very prominent place when users access the group page from the search.

  • After more than an hour of stumbling through this new plattform, turning disorientation into frustration, I thought of a last feedback to say goodbye to SDN. Looks like this place is as good as any other.

    I have been an active contributor to the SDN for years focussing on answering questions in SAP HCM esp. E-Recruiting. No matter what people say, it is never easy to lose things you have been used to for years and being forced to learn new things and I do not exclude myself here. But I wanted to give this page a chance and continue what I did so many times and really liked to do - helping others with their E-Recruiting questions.

    Unfortunately it already took me nearly 45 minutes to find the E-Recruiting area which is currently not listing a single question not even the ones from the ols E-Recruiting board. When I try the Q&A search instead, I have one free text search field suggesting dozens of auto complete options when I start to type: e-Rec, eRec, EREC, eReC, eRecruit, e-Recruitment, E-recruiting, ... - what should I chose? If I simply try "eRec" I get over 3.000 results of which the first 10-something are displayed. These are from 2007 and 2008. There is no possiblity to further cut down the result list. THERE IS NOT EVEN AN OPTION TO SORT IT BY DATE TO GET THE NEW ONES!!!

    Dear SDN team. This is the same "make it oversimple"-approach which currently makes the support portal unusable. This is a complex environment where specialist are looking for specific topics. A full text search is for sure an option which should be offered but it cannot be the only one! Where are must have predefined tags? Where are component Ids? ... ONE SIZE FITS ALL WAS NEVER A PROMISING SOLUTION STRATEGY ... Dumping everything on a pile you can brute force search does not bring any additional value over just asking google. A big amount of information is only useful if there is a proper data classification and access strategy. The old SDN boards perhaps were not the best way of structuring the information but at least they were one. People just tagging stuff freely is, at least for me, no strategy at all.

    So there is either currently no need to answer an E-Recruiting question or I am simply incapable of finding them. Either way I am not able to contibute anymore, which makes me a bit sad. If someone looking for help on E-Recruiting is accidently stumbling over this post just feel free to send your question per mail to romanweise(at) I will try to respond.

    So it's time to move on, Farewell SDN. Has been a fun time.
    -- Roman

  • The inability to focus on a particular area that you are interested in is extremely frustrating.  This used to be very informative and a place where you could find information quickly as it was compartmentalized into specific solution areas.  The use of tags is at best disgusting as not everyone uses the same tags or even uses the official SAP acronymns to help you find anything.  I have spent an hour trying to find something that would have taken me 5 minutes in SDN because I could get to a particular community instead of having to deal with the ENTIRE community database, and even more frustrating, I still did not find what I am looking for.  This has made collaboration and mentoring much harder between those of us who would follow certain areas and answer questions as we could.  Looks like I need to move to a different community such as IT Toolbox or ASUG to help now as this is not user friendly.


      Hi Kevin,

      Sorry to hear about this experience. Did it improve since? Is the new "Browse the Community" page helping?

      If not, can you please send me an Email (can be found in my profile) so we can troubleshoot together the issues you are facing?

      Thank you,




  • Either my feedback goes unnoticed or there's too much feedback to take care of.
    It doesn't matter if I post comments or questions or send a moderator alert, stuff stays unanswered.
    Not very motivating to contribute here

    • Hi Hendrik,

      I apologize for overlooking your comment. Did the experience change since? If not, can you please send me an Email (can be found in my profile). Let's together walk through the issues you are having.




  • Are there more updates than just biweekly (I am not just referencing the fact that there was just one week between Nov. 1st and Nov 6th).
    I wonder a bit that I can see resolved errors back again between the biweekly updates, and also errors that vanishes on other days (or did I understand wrong and only the wiki is update biweekly?)

  • Wiki pages have no "follow" option. Is there any reason an announcement can't be posted on the SCN home page?

    Also maybe I'm missing something but in the last releases I did not see fixes for the numerous bugs already reported (not just by me). This is not very encouraging.

    • You can follow a wiki, you can even get email notifications. You have to log in on the wiki page, then click the icon "watch"  . then click the avatar and go to Settings and make your setting to get updates by email.

  • Hello,


    I have noticed that there in no reputation followed by Legacy Badges in my profile.

    Can I know why its not appear?




  • Hi Jurgen,

    If you continue again the badges, we are very happy because once if the users receive the badges means, users will be active more and  concentrate more on subject and also..

    Lets think it once your team.




    • Hi Achiki, I'm glad to hear you are looking forward to the return of missions. The missions are on hold, but we remain committed to the program. You can find details here: