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Where will I find Business Rule related Stuff (UPDATE)?

As you certainly have noticed the advent of the new SAP Community Network is just around the corner. The go-live date is the 10th of October (see A Great New Home…with Plenty of Room to Grow) and with the new community we have to say “Bye Bye Spaces”. So there will no longer be a Business Rules Management Space.

Do not cry nor panic there is still a way to engage with the Business Rules community 😀 . The new community is built upon the concept of managed tags (for more details seeGoodbye Spaces, Hello World of Tags), so no matter what you want to do (ask a question, answer a question, follow a topic, write a blog …) you have to use the right tag to connect to the desired part of the community. Here an example from the area when you want to ask a question:

Ask a Question - SAP Answers.png


Now the question that arises is: “How should I know the tag that was formerly known as space xyz?” As a matter of fact, there is no mapping table that states which tag(s) of the new community correspond to the old (but beloved) spaces (now one might ask the question “how could they then do a migration” – no idea on that one AND this is not the space to discuss that topic 😉 )


However, for the for Business Rules Management space we can deliver you the tags you should use:


  • Anything related to the topic of SAP NetWeaver Java – Business Rules Management (SAP BRM) should by assigned to the primary tag “NW Java – Business Rules Management (BRM)”
  • Anything related to the topic of SAP Decision Service Management (DSM) should be assigned to the primary tag “SAP Decision Service Management
  • Anything related to the topic of The SAP NetWeaver ABAP tool Business Rule Framework plus (BRFplus) has currently to be assigned to the primary tag “SAP Decision Service Management
    => Makes no sense right? That is why the new SCN team was asked to create a dedicated tag for this topic. The dedicated tag is not available yet and there is nor information if the tag will make it to the go-live at the 10th of October. In case something changes I will update this blog!
  • [UPDATE] With the go-live of the new community fortunately a new tag was added that can now be assigned to BRFplus specific questions. It is called NW ABAP Business Rules Framework (BRFplus) as can be seen from the following screenshot


So the “old” space is split into three tags. So the mapping is not that complicated (when using the type-ahead search in the new community you will see that other spaces were not that lucky)

To make the story complete the HANA Rules Framework (HRF), that was covered in the SAP HANA space, is linked to the tag “SAP HANA rules framework”

As shown in the screenshot above you can also assign user tags: as they are not managed and the variants to write something or make typos is quite large, this will not really be helpful when it comes to direct a question or a blog in a specific direction

Hope to see you all soon and safe on the other side!

BTW: You definitely should take a look at the blog Action Required: What You Need to Know (and Do) to Prepare for the New SAP Community – Especially if you used bookmarks there might be some manual migration to be done.

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      Author's profile photo Carsten Ziegler
      Carsten Ziegler

      Thanks Christian! Very helpful.
      I'm still struggling with learning all the new stuff and how to feature this.

      Author's profile photo Christian Lechner
      Christian Lechner
      Blog Post Author

      And I am sure you are not the only one 🙂