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Purchase Order Release/Approval Process – My Inbox Fiori App (Workflow and Organizational Plan Setup) Part 2

Part 1:


The Part 1 of this document can be referred from the below link


Purchase Order Release/Approval Process – My Inbox Fiori App (Workflow and Organizational Plan Setup)


Standard PO Approval Config Process:


As a standard Release procedure configuration, we will go in SPRO and go in the below node. The Release code, release group and release strategy creation is standard and nothing new is there in that.



Release Group:



Release Codes




1 – This option was there in SAP older versions as well




In this, we wont be assigning the User Ids, rather we will be assigning the positions that we have created. If we select Position, automatically “S” will come in the field



Press F4 on “Agent Id”



So we can see the positions we created in PPOMW appears here for assignment



If you observe, automatically, we get the numbers corresponding to the Positions created.System assigns a number automatically when we create a Position during organization set up





Workflow Configuration


To enable the above configurations, it is imperative to have the workflow setup in the system. In the following steps, we will see how to set up the workflow for Purchase orders release.

PFTC – Task Maintain,



Go in the Change Mode,



In the above step, go to the “Trigerring event “ and select the line and click on “Call binding editor”



Select the line as above and click on “Generate Automatic binding”



On saving, System will ask for the TR

SWDD: Workflow Builder:


Go to SWDD and put the task as WS20000075 in there and see the below screen



Click on 000093 Release of Purchase order, you will get the below screen



Make sure the binding for TS20000166 is assigned under Task

Under agents, click the drop down and you will see the below options. Since we need to assign Position in our workflow, we will select “S” under Agents



Click on Position that we created above and assign it here



Select ACC_MGR and corresponding number will get auto populate here



Agent Assignment:


Go to SWDD and select the step 0093 Release of Purchase Order

Click on Agent Assignment



It will take to the below screen



Since user was already assigned to Sales Manager in PPOMW, as soon as the position is chosen all the user assignments will come auto. Also we can assign the users to the position directly here.



As can be seen below, we can assign the users directly here also



My Inbox: PO Approval


Once the above setup is done, Purchase Order is created as below.



PO: 4500000396 is created


Go to the “My Inbox” App





PO gets Approved !


Trouble Shooting


Earlier the My Inbox App was showing the workflow items for approval, however the details of the PO was not visible. Due to this issue was raised with SAP and below was the SAP response.




SAP Note Implemented


Also the below SAP note was implemented to fix the above issue


SAP Note 2291570

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