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Feedback Talkback: Single Sign-On (SSO)

Single sign-on (SSO) was one of the most demanded features for the new SAP community platform. This new Feedback Talkback video shows how SSO has been enabled across the community platform’s various solutions, features, and areas — to provide a seamless navigation experience.

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  • Hi Jerry - no question that SSO has been one of the most highly demanded features, but this should not have been overly surprising and begs the question, wasn't this near the top of the list during the requirements definition phase?  I won't pretend to know all of what is going on behind the scenes to make this work in the best of breed approach, but considering the as-is Jive platform we sort of take this for granted as a fundamental expectation.

    One question puzzles me about the early portion of your demo video, if I access SAP Jam or SCN on the soon to be decommissioned Jive platform I rarely have to manually force the initial login.  Why is this also not a basic expectation that the first area you touch, a blog, tag follow page, CTP, answers, notifications, etc. signs you in, and then SSO takes over from there.  Again, sorry to harp on the point, but the experience of having to check for my picture in the header and manually login is also something that I don't think the community members should have to concern themselves with.

    • I actually have that same problem with SCN on Jive often (needing to manually click "Log on"), so I don't think this is much of a change in some respects.  I expect this has to do with the browser passport, but I'm not personally that familiar with the SSO roadmap, so I can look into plans for implementing that across the new platform for auto-login at initial contact and get back to you.



      • Thanks Jamie - I thought we were one-upping Jive, so occasional hiccups in auto logins are to be expected when using the IDP, or whatever is causing it.  Equal or better is how I would describe best of breed, and I am confident we will eventually get there.