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This is a self help Blog showcasing how to achieve sequence order for classic BADI Implementation’s. The Sequence of implementations can be achieved using 2 approach in case of classic BADI’s.  The second approach has some restriction

Approach 1 via Sort Technique

Ok here I have a Classic BADI ZDEMO_CLASSIC_BADI and an corresponding Interface ZIF_EX_DEMO_CLASSIC_BADI

Badi Defn 1.jpg

Badi Defn 2.jpg

Badi Defn 3.jpg

Implementation 1

Impl 1.jpg

Implementation 2

Impl 2.jpg

Implementation 3

Impl 3.jpg

There are 3 Implementations for the BADI. Lets try giving a implementation sequence via Sort.

To Sort, click Utilities -> Sort

Sort 1.jpg

If asked provide an Transport Request. That’s all !

Ok now the sorting criteria is available for multiple Implementations. Check as shown below.

Layer visible.jpg

Implement the sorting order. Enter a sorting value in the implementation, save and activate.

3 Sorting values.jpg

Ok lets do a quick test to verify the implementation sorting order.

SE38 Program.jpg

After report execution, we see the implementation order sequence


Approach 2 via Filter values

The sorting can be achieved also via using Filter Type.

2 Options :

1) For a custom BADI, no issues.

2) For standard BADI, check if the filter values are enhanceable. If yes, you can add a new value to the value table of the Filter Type Data Element/Domain by calling the respective implementation. For more info, press F1 on the field enhanceable.

Filter enhanceable.jpg

Create a filter for the BADI ZBADI_WITH_FILTER.

I have created a Data Element ZORDER_SEQUENCE (CHAR10) and used in in the Filter Type

Data Element.jpg


Badi with filter.jpg

Save the BADI.

Ok lets move to the Implementation part. We have 3 implementations.

BADI Impl 1.jpg

BADI Impl 2.jpg

BADI Impl 3.jpg

Time for a quick test.

SE38  Program.JPG



So we can use the two approach’s with a careful considerations for the BADI implementations order sequence. Hope this was helpful.

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  1. Kiran K


    I doubt if using a Data element with a value range as a FILTER can really be considered as “Execution of IMPL in a defined order”.

    Awaiting a few more experts opinion.



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