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What made me earn SAP HANA Certification – C_HANAIMP151

Dear All,

It is always a delight to pass SAP certification and I am very happy to share with you that I’ve recently cleared my SAP HANA certification ( C_HANAIMP151) ๐Ÿ™‚ .

Through this post, I would like to share some helpful tricks, bifurcated into four bullets, which I hope will ease out some complexities if you are preparing for the same/similar exam.

1. Company’s Internal Process

As a part of capability development, almost all IT companies encourage their employees to take up the technology certifications for the verification of skills in a particular area. Once you have set up your mind to hone your abilities by taking an exam for SAP HANA Certification, one needs to find out an internal process in his/her company to support you and help with required approvals. This process is different for every company and you should reach out to relevant Learning & Knowledge Management Team within to understand process.

Express your gratitude to your company for believing in you as its valuable asset to invest in and providing necessary approvals to initiate your application!

2. SAP Process

The next and foremost step is to prepare your application. There are two ways to apply for SAP certification.

  • Direct Certification- on the basis of your project experience and the kind of projects you have handled, you are eligible to apply directly for the certification.
  • SAP Five Days Paid Training Courses- considering your willingness to achieve SAP Certification, one can apply for 5 days paid training courses on SAP HANA.

I applied for direct certification based on my experience in projects at IBM and prior. It is necessary that you evaluate your eligibility to undergo direct certification. There is a very good document available at this link- which details out procedure of Direct Certification including stages like Profile Submission on SAP’s portal, Consent Form, Scheduling the exam and making final Bookings. If you are going ahead with Direct Certification from India, get yourself registered on and submit your online application. You can also write to SAP Certification India team at for queries related to certification process and to know status of your application.

Be grateful to the SAP team for considering your application apt for the certification!

3. Preparation Phase

Nothing can be achieved without efforts and hard work. The result of our exam purely depends on how dedicatedly we prepare for it. To utilize and represent our skills proficiently, it is very crucial to follow the right way to begin preparation.

Some of the key points from my six weeks journey are noted below:

  • It is very important to follow the SAP standard study material in line to the SAP HANA version you are taking an exam for. Like I took an exam with code – C_HANAIMP151 which is primarily based upon SPS09 and SPS10 so I stocked up the study material for these versions ONLY. This is to avoid confusions related to the features, set up and more which vary in older and newer releases. It is always nice to have a compatible system and the proper study material to give a perfect start.
  • Given your daily business schedule, make a detailed plan to follow for next couple of weeks, compile study material and resources you have and then set deadlines for each topic, course and then overall curriculum. This will keep you on track and help you gauge your progress and accelerate as and when the need be.
  • For C_HANAIMP151, I went through HA100, HA300, HA350, HA360 and HA900. All these books are available per SAP HANA version. Again, refer to the book version specific to your certification exam. Questions in exam are spanned across all of these books so make sure to understand all topics and try not to miss any.
  • SAP Learning Hub Being an IBMer, I’ve got an opportunity of easy access to SAP Learning Hub which provides detailed Learning Plans for all active SAP HANA versions. We can also get our technical doubts cleared from SAP experts ( Mark Green) by posting questions in Learning Rooms. SAP Learning Hub has been my key reference where I went through various e-learning courses and read flipbooks from. Courses I completed on SAP Learning Hub for my SAP HANA certification are – LR-HANA-INTRO-IMP-MOD, HA100e_EN_Col10, HA300e_EN_Col10, HA100_EN_Col10, HA300_EN_Col10, HA100_EN_Col09, HA300_EN_Col09, HA350_EN_Col09, HA360_EN_Col09 and HA900e_EN_Col09. The most impressive thing which I found from learning room is blackboard series, which was very helpful for me.
  • There is a good number of scenario based questions in the exam which test your hands-on knowledge on SAP HANA. I being associated with IBM Lab for SAP Solutions get to work on assignments related to newest and greatest offerings from SAP just like SAP HANA. So make sure you practice very well specially on some of areas like Modelling, SQL, SQLScript, Data Provisioning and SAP Front-end Tools for Consumption of Information Models.
  • In addition to the exercises at the end of every chapter, a very good collection of videos on each of the topics from SAP HANA is available on SAP HANA Academy at this link-
  • Do prepare notes of topics and they will also be a good reference while revising the course quickly just before exam.
  • Do not trust on the certification dumps you come across through any means. I also tried to collect sample questions from here and there online to practice but mark my words, the exam level and the kind of questions you get in exam is much higher than what these dumps get you ready for. It is always good to practice a bit but going through SAP standard study material is a MUST to achieve success in the exam.

Thanks to your mentors, leads, colleagues and, friends for sharing their learning with you and specially your family for tolerating a stressed “YOU” all this while ๐Ÿ™‚ .

4. The Exam Day

A good sleep and a peaceful mind is what all required before the exam day. There might be certain things which you have not actually worked upon in your projects so go through those topics from your notes once again. There is very less to memorize and a lot to understand, if you excel in this skill then you have nothing to worry. Be on the venue 30 minutes before the exam and get yourself comfortable with the place. There are tricks in the questions which you are able to crack by reading the paper carefully. Some of the questions are quite descriptive but have simple answers so stick to the gist and do not get carried away by rest details.

Finally, appreciate yourself for all hard work, guts and firmness you devoted to take this initiative which has earned you this prime SAP certification.

I wish you all the very best and do feel free to ask questions in comments section if you need any kind of help on SAP HANA certification!

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Hope this helps!



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