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Howto import BUILD prototype into Web-IDE

BUILD generates the code that you can import into Web-IDE as a starting Point for further developing.


1. Create destinations for Web-IDE to BUILD-System

  • In the SAP HANA Cloud Platform Cockpit select Destinations->New Destination and enter the following Information:
    • Name: Web_IDE_Plugin
    • Type: HTTP
    • Description: BUILD Destination
    • URL:
    • Proxy Type: Internet
    • Authentication: NoAuthentication
    • Add additional property: WebIDEEnabled = true
    • Add additional property: WebIDEUsage = plugin_repository
    • Save
  • Create further Destination in SAP HANA Cloud Platform Cockpit with these parameters:

2. Enable the BUILD-plugin in Web-IDE

  • Launch Web-IDE then select Preferences->Plugins->Repository “BUILD Destination”
  • Enable import_build_prototype
  • Save
  • Refresh browser

3. Create Web-IDE Project from BUILD-template

  • Launch Web-IDE then select Create Project->New Project from template->BUILD Project, press “Next”
  • Input your project name, your splash user name and password, press “Next”
  • Under “Available Prototypes” select your BUILD prototype for Import, press “Next”
  • Select “Finish”

A new project is created in the Web-IDE workspace. This project can now be modified and enhanced.

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