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WKS: The trigger report as evolved a bit

The trigger report /SCMTMS/PROCESS_TRIGGER_BGD has been significantly improved with note 2369160, the note is available for TM 9.3.

Main improvements are

  • Performance! The report now aggregates triggers into one action call, even when created in different sessions before, this allows real mass processing which can have a huge impact on performance in case of many triggers of the same trigger-type
  • Package Size consideration: So far sometimes the package size was exceeded, specifically in cases where a lot of triggers has bee created in the same save, e.g. from the transportation cockpit or so. Now the package size is always applied as defined
  • Error Handling: Now the trigger report goes into single document processing in case of problems, this way as many as possible documents are processed. The handled issues are::
    • An exception has been caught by the trigger report (to avoid dumps)
    • The action returns failed keys
    • The save fails due to e.g. failing validations
  • Result Page: The result is now shown as an ALV table and only processed triggers included, this should improve the readability, here is an example screenshot (the updated document was a Booking with 5000 container units assigned and 10 stages, see the performance point ;->):screenshot_trigger.JPG

If you never heart of the trigger report, please also listen to the podcast episode and read note 1747234.

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