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Survey Integration with SAP Hybris Marketing

As a marketer in your organization, it is important to get constant feedback from your valued customers about the product or service that you are selling in the market. Marketers initiate online surveys using third party survey tools such as SurveyMonkey to collect valuable feedback from their customers, analyze survey responses, and take actions to improve the customer experience.


In SAP Hybris Marketing and S/4 HANA Marketing Cloud, marketers can perform the following actions:

  • Trigger an email campaign with survey URL that is already created in a survey tool such as SurveyMonkey.
  • Download survey responses from a survey tool such as SurveyMonkey.
  • Download Microsoft Excel spreadsheet macros from SAP Mobile Documents to transform responses from a survey tool such as SurveyMonkey to a compatible Microsoft Excel (csv format) and easily import survey responses into SAP Hybris Marketing.
  • Import survey responses into SAP Hybris Marketing.


  • Create target groups based on survey responses by dragging and dropping Channel, Survey Name and Survey Response attributes and take appropriate actions such as initiating a campaign for a target group.


For more information, see the following topics in SAP Hybris Marketing and S/4 HANA Marketing Cloud Application Help:

  • Importing Data Using a CSV File Upload (Refer the Survey Response section)
  • Importing Survey Responses and Creating Target Groups

Go ahead and make the best use of importing and analyzing survey responses with SAP Hybris Marketing!

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  • Hello Pradeep,

    Nice blog. But in my opinion you have missed some key things like:

    1, This Survey Integration only work with Survey Monkey "Platinum"  user, not for all user
    2. To integrate Survey with Hybris Marketing, it is necessary to use "Outbound ID" feature in yMkt,
    that outbound id is generated in Survey Monkey.
    3. a couple of screenshots explaining in detail.

    In my opinion, it would make a complete Integration case.


  • Hi,

    The link with the macro to transform the responses to a compatible csv file, is no longer working...

    The link indicates "Share is no longer available; contact the owner if you need access" 🙁


    Also this "integration" is really manual... probably why hybris marketing isn't mentioned on the SurveyMonkey integrations page

    Other competing products like SalesForce and Marketo do provide a real-time link of data from SurveyMonkey. Any idea if / when a real integration would be coming to hybris marketing?




  • Hi,

    So you are supposed to add a custom variable to Survey Monkey which recognises sap-outbound-id which is added to your survey url when you add it in an email in a campaign:

    screenshot from SAP documentation:


    However when we try this in Survey Monkey, we get an error: we are not allowed to use the "-" character in the custom variable...


    However we can't change how hybris marketing codes this outbound id tag; this is completely standard...

    How can we set up the integration with surveymonkey then?





        • Hi,


          Yes a few weeks after my comment (and further communication with SAP), SAP released a note that transformed the outbound id into soid.


          However does anyone have access to the macro file?

          I still have an old version of it, in which sap-outbound-id tag is used to convert the surveymonkey file into hybris marketing import file... that macro doesn't work with soid...