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Author's profile photo Muthuram Shanmugavel

SAP S/4HANA & SAP BW Data Integration via ODP-ABAP CDS Views

Hi All,

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ABAP CDS Views, which is S/4 HANA New and Advanced Modeling Object.

So many SAP documents and SCN links are available about

What is ABAP CDS  View?, How to create it?, It’s Features and Benefits.

I have listed few links below for reference which will be useful to understand above things.

In S/4 HANA, We have Embedded BW also and We can use it Operational Reporting.

But We need one complete analytical suite in the following scenarios

i.       Multiple ECC Systems

         (Example: Separate ECC Systems for America, Europe and Asia Pacific)

ii.      If we have Data from Non-SAP Applications and Multiple Source Systems

          (BODS, 3rd Party Databases – Oracle, DB2, Teradata, MSSQL, ….)

iii.     To Maintain Historical Data

iv.     Extensive Analytical Reporting Usage

v.      Implement Planning Functions

For this above scenarios,

S/4 HANA System and BW on HANA – Both system needed in Enterprise Landscape.


(Ref: Open SAP – BW 7.5 Powered by HANA Course)

CDS views are Integration between S/4 HANA system and BW system.

There are two options available for BW and S/4 HANA Integration.

i.     Virtual data integration:  

          Create Open ODS Views (BW) directly on top of CDS views (S/4 HANA)

ii.    ETL load:

          Extract data from SAP S/4HANA to SAP BW using CDS Views via ODP source system type.

In this blog,

I am going to explain about how to integrate BW and S/4 HANA systems by “ETL load” method.

In S/4 HANA Source System, In-built ABAP CDS View are there for almost all the functionalities.

I have taken Simple ABAP CDS View Model – IMATTYPE (Material Type), Which have 7 records.

In this Integration exercise, This CDS View Output has to be extracted to BW on HANA system.

Steps Involved in ETL Load – Extraction Process:

1.      Data Flow diagram,

          which is explaining Extraction process between S/4 HANA system and BW on HANA System:


2.           Create New Source System (Source S/4 HANA) Under “ODP-ABAP CDS Views”.

               In Connection Parameter, In Target Host Field,

               Enter S/4 HANA Application Server Host Name and Instance Number.

               In Log on Security – Enter S/4 HANA User Name and Password and Check the Connection.

               After Successful Connection, Save it.

               New Connection will be created and will be displayed under ODP – ABAP CDS Views.      



3.          In Data Sources Node, Create New Data Source on top of S/4 HANA CDS View – IMATTYPE

             Enter “IMATTYPE” in Operation Data Provider field and select the Type as Master Data Attr.

             Provide Data Source Name as “ZABAP_CDS_EXTRACT_01” and create and Activate it.


                 Data Source “Material Type ABAP CDS View Extraction (ZABAP_CDS_EXTRACT_01)”:


4.           Load the data to this data source using Usual Info package execution.

              Verify the data in Data source against S/4 HANA CDS View output.


Source S/4 HANA – CDS View Output Target BW – Data Source Output
                         temp.PNG temp.PNG


My Observations:

Few of My Observations from this Exercise,

i.            We can customize Existing ABAP CDS Views and create New CDS Views in S/4 HANA.

              This CDS Views also could be extracted same as above method.

ii.           In Source System, ABAP CDS views can be exposed to Bex Query and

              Operation Reporting will be created on top of BEx.


iii.           In Virtual Data Integration (BW – S/4 HANA) Method,

               Two Systems are connected via HANA-HANA Smart Data Access (SDA) Connectivity.

               This ODP – ABAP CDS View Extraction is based on NetWeaver RFC Connectivity.

iv.          In this ETL Load BW-S/4 HANA Integration (ODP – ABAP CDS View Extraction),  

              In Info Package, Only “Full Load” Option is available. “Delta Load” Option is not available.

Thanks & Regards,


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      Author's profile photo Vivek Singh
      Vivek Singh

      Hey Muthu,


      In this ETL Load BW-S/4 HANA Integration (ODP – ABAP CDS View Extraction),

      In Info Package, Only “Full Load” Option is available. “Delta Load” Option is not available."

      Have you seen any CDS views that support delta, or did you tried to create the delta functionality
      I am wondering if there is no delta then CDS views does not provide full functionality, For the huge number of records one cannot do full load every time,



      Author's profile photo Muthuram Shanmugavel
      Muthuram Shanmugavel
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Vivek,

      Currently there is no Delta Load for CDS Views Extraction.
      In TechEd-2016, I asked this question during the sessions.
      I got response that Soon It would be supported.

      So I think, In new versions, It would be supported.

      Author's profile photo Abhishek Sharma
      Abhishek Sharma

      Hi Muthuram,


      Delta is enabled and available for use via ODP_CDS DS with certain pre-requisites:

      How To:




      Author's profile photo Jay Roble
      Jay Roble

      Hi Muthuram,

      Is SAP S/4HANA to SAP BW via ODP extraction ONLY supported using CDS Views via ODP source created under “ODP-ABAP CDS Views”?

      Or can you still create a Source System (Source S/4 HANA) under "ODP - SAP (Extractors)" to use the ODP without CDS views?

      And can you still create a Source System (Source S/4 HANA) under "SAP" that can use the old NON-ODP extractors?



      Author's profile photo Karan Sehjpal
      Karan Sehjpal

      Hi Muthuram,

      I have one doubt :- My system is 7.4 with sp 10 and i am not this source system. shall i able to create the new source system with - odp-abapcdsview. my backend system is S/4 HANA system. and as you have describe i too want to try the same in my system. using CDS view data flow.


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member


      Hi Muthu,

      We can enable delta in ABAP CDS view itself by using Annotation " ". We are going to use delta mechanism based on this Annotation in future.

      Thanks & Regards,

      Malakondaiah K