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Plant Maintenance Information System

  • Information System in logistics is used as tool for monitoring, controlling & planning the business processes.
  • It can be used to analyzing different data depending on requirements
  • Many modules have different Information Structures and LIS reports for example Material Management, Sales and Distribution, Plant Maintenance, Production etc.
  • In Plant Maintenance we have following PM – IS reports:
    1.    MCI1 – Object Class
    2.    MCI2 – Manufacturer
    3.    MCI3 – Location
    4.    MCI4 – Planner Group
    5.    MCI5 – Damage Analysis
    6.    MCI6 – Object Statistics
    7.    MCI8 – Cost Analysis
    8.    MCIS – User-Defined Analysis

          All of these PMIS reports have different analysis criterion which can be used in decision making for business processes.

  • In case you need any different analysis tool other than MCI1- MCI7 reports, you may configure a new Info Structure, which can be used for analysis through MCIS – User Defined analysis report
  • These user defined Info Structure can be copied from standard Info Structure or by adding the key figures required in analysis for example In cost analysis Planned Cost, Actual Cost, Number of Orders & Notifications created with material costs and labor cost are taken as Key Figures which can be defined while creating Info Structure
  • Info Structure requires frequent updating of data, which can be defined through update rules defined through Info Structure in Tcode MC26,this can be below units
    • Day
    • Week
    • Month
    • Posting Period

         In case Manual update required for Statistical Data in Info Structure, it can be done by TCode “OLPM – PMIS: Statistical Update of Info Structures“, where we have to update the data in Version “000”, in case there are other versions in Info Structure then data in those Info Structure should be copied in version ” 000 ” , can be done from TCode “OLIX – Copy/Delete versions of an Info Structures”

  • User Defined Info Structure can be used for analysis through TCode MCIS, by selecting the Info Structure and passing Key figures in Selection Parameter
  • These Info Structure runs on LIS Structures which considers current costs/ Current Exchange Rates for providing data

Comparing PMIS data with Order data – Currency Conversion and Cost Differences

There may be requirement that we need to do analysis for cost and we compare the cost data in MCIS/ MCI8 & IW38/ IW39 Reports.

The data will be same in case reports being executed in Statistical Currency, if your statistical currency is USD than the data will be same in MCIS and IW38 or in technical words PMIS and PMCO will give same data related to costs for example Estimated Costs, Plan / Actual Cost, Material & Labor costs etc.

In case the Object Currency for PM Orders is different from USD, for example if Object Currency is EUR and we need to analyze the report in EUR as currency then there may be differences in Costs data in PMIS and PMCO Tables.


Order Costs are shown as below screenshot:

In Object Currency (EUR)


In Controlling Area Currency (USD), which is same as Statistical Currency (USD)


Above Conversion is based on exchange rate maintained i.e. 1 USD = 0.90744 USD, described below:

  • Contract Services is 303.05 USD = 275 EUR ( 303.05 * 0.90744)
  • Internal Labor is 793.44 USD = 720 EUR ( 793.44 * 0.90744)
  • Purchased Material is 60.61 USD = 55 EUR ( 60.61 * 0.90744)
  • Stock Material is 44.73 USD = 40.59 EUR (44.73 * 0.90744)

There is a difference in EUR cost which should be 40.49 EUR but Order shows 34.72 EUR.

The reason for this difference is that Order cost get updated at the time of goods issue, this cost is fetched from the inventory or the Price / Unit in material master.

Material Master has USD Price = 44.73 USD and EUR Price = 34.72 EUR (Approx.) below screenshot for reference


The EUR rate is picked in Maintenance Orders from Material master as above

PMCO Table data for Actual cost


Analyzing the same case in MCI8 Report – Cost Analysis Report, working on S115 Info Structure

Case 1 – Analysis in Statistical Currency (USD)


Above image shows that cost figures are same as PMCO & IW33 (Order Cost Tab) as MCI8 works on Statistical Currency.

Case 2 – Analysis in Other Currency, Taking Object Currency (EUR)


There are differences in Cost Figures in Object Currency (EUR) :

Fields MCI8 Report IW33 / PMCO Variance
Actual Cost     1090.59       1084.72   5.87
Storage Material Cost        40.59          34.72   5.87

The reason for difference is explained earlier, as Material Master has EUR Cost / Unit as 34.72 EUR but Currency conversion as per USD price in Material Master gives 40.59 EUR (44.73 * 0.90744)

Plant Maintenance Order gets the Material Cost in cost tab from Material Master depending on analysis currency selected i.e.

  • Object Currency
  • Controlling Area Currency

SAP Notes useful for analyzing the PMIS Reports

  1.     112841Steps to Regenerate PMCO & PMIS files
  2.     1945736 – Why the results are different between IW39/IW38 and MCI8
  3.     2113046 – Estimated costs at value category level not in PM-IS
  4.     2145101 – Incorrect value in field IAKOSPLAN (total planned cost)
  5.     180047Cost Distribution to Time Axis and in PMIS/SMIS

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      Good blog. Please add other PMIS report like MCJB, MCJC, MCIZ... 

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