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Are clients or tenants possible to implement 2 industries in yM?

Dear all,

I like to implement 2 different industrise in yM.

Is it possible to use a “”client or “tenant” for the industries to display e.g industry-specifc segmentation attributes for only 1 client?

Thank you very much for the support!

Best regards,


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        • No problem, by the way - on second client you only need to run update task list (so no initial configuration necessary); actually you should do this on first client and then make client copy and run update task on the copied one.

          So just for clarification.

          What do you mean by those attributes? As preserved content or in terms of changing data model. We enhanced data model in Hybris Marketing to adjust segmentation (we used this for direct integration of Hybris Commerce, prior to release 6).

          I guess any adjustment to attribute data model should be similar.

          Let me know for any specific question - but in general I can suggest extensibility guide.


  • Hi Tobias,

    I certainly don't understand your full use case but different attributes in segmentation first
    sound like working with several segmentation profiles with each profile showing only one
    industries attributes.
    Maybe you provide some more background (OnPrem or S4 Marketing Cloud, Business Scenario...).
    Working with clients is possible but is more or less the most restrictive separation of data in one
    system which is often not recommended.