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In SAP system with database Sybase ASE some times shows the following errors,

* Dispatcher stop in SAP MMC

* when login using GUI shows, No connection to database, session terminated

* Cannot login through SAP GUI

dev_0 log shows ——> ***LOG BY0=> [ASE Error SQL1105][SAP][ASE ODBC Driver][Adaptive Server Enterprise]Can’t allocate space for object ‘syslogs’ in database ‘SID’ because ‘logsegment’ segment is full/has no free extents. If you ran out of space in syslogs, dump the transaction log. Otherwise, use ALTER DATABASE to increase the size of the segment.

This is because of “Syabase Logsegment, syslog full, we should clear logsegment to resolve this issue”

Login to server with “SYBSID” user,

Goto command prompt

Use the following commands for login to Sybase Databse,

> isql -Usapsa -Ppassword -SSID -X

– Usapsa         – user sapsa

– Ppassword    – Password of the sapsa user

– SSID            – Your system SID

To clear logsegment use the following commands,

1> use master

2> go

1> dump transaction tempdb with no_log

2> go

1> dump transaction sybsystemdb with no_log

2> go

1> dump transaction sybsystemprocs with no_log

2> go

1> dump transaction sybmgmtdb with no_log

2> go

1> dump transaction saptools with no_log

2> go

1> dump transaction saptempdb with no_log

2> go

1> dump transaction model with no_log

2> go

1> dump transaction SID with no_log

2> go

> exit

Restart your SAP system,

Hope it helps you….

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  1. Kiran Kumar Adharapuram

    Hi Sajmal,

    Nice writeup.
    My thought, It would also better if you would have included the db extension commands (if all the above options didn’t restore the space).

    Kiran K Adharapuram

    1. SAJMAL TS Post author

      Hi Kiran,

      Kindly Thanks for your suggestion. I will add the “db extension commands’ and update the document soon.


  2. Maria Victoria NORMAND

    Please take into account that the “dump transaction…with no_log” ( = suicide of transaction log) is not recommended *at all* for SAP SID databases of SAP systems.

    Error 1105 on SID should turn on one of those actions or both:

    1. to increase/extend the log segment & implement log threshold.
    2. to identify the job/process causing that error if recurrent and check the SQL code generated behind.

    Please take into account SAP Note¬†1801984 – “SYB: Automated management of long running transactions”.



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