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Broadcast Resolution: Agentry SMP 3.0 iOS 10 release – Work Manager, Inventory Manager and others

To all SAP users of SMP 3.0/Agentry,


It was brought to our attention around July (pre-release of Apple IOS 10 Beta) that there are known issues with SAP mobile products with SMP 3.0 (Agentry). We found out that iOS 10 deprecated a few libraries (or methods) and made the Agentry client system unstable on this version. The types of issues that were seen will differ per different iOS 10 supported devices.  Some of the Apple devices may work but may fail on other features (ex: iPhone may show a different issue than iPad Pro but iPad Pro will work while iPad mini will fail and others). So iOS 10 release introduces device specific issues instead of OS general issues.


The official release of Apple IOS 10 was on September 13, 2016.


We have documented the details of this issue and our solution/release in this SAP KBA # (Has different versions – updated often since original report to help people get a sense on where the fix is at). This is the main document that we used in SAP support to help users understand what issues were found for this official iOS 10 release.  Any other new issues after this SMP 3.0 SP13 PL05 release will be treated separately and not covered in this SAP document.


Best targeted availability to download SMP 3.0 SDK SP13 PL05 in SAP Software center is: October 3rd, 2016 (Pushed to October 4th) But the iOS Agentry client SP13 PL05 is available in the Apple App store for download.  This date is the best targeted date as of 10/4/2016. This date may or may not change based on additional issues found within these next 5 days.  If no additional issues found (i.e. patching issues, documentation and others) then this will be the best date available. Please check at the start of the day or end of the day as the official time is not released or check the SAP KBA # 2355282 on updates.


As of 10/5/2016 – the SMP 3.0 SDK SP13 PL05 library is still in the process of getting propagated to the SAP Software Download Center. Most of the SAP development, Support and team are waiting for it to show in the download center (The official posting date is October 4th). What we are experiencing at this time is the pending propagation of the software to be readily seen in the software center for all to download. As discussed in the SAP 2355282 (this process can take up to 5 days but the iOS Agentry client is already in the Apple App store.  The only thing we are waiting for is the SDK for branding).


As of 10/6/2016 – The SMP 3.0 SDK SP13 PL05 is now available in the SAP Software Download Center (Thanks to all your patience from SAP Support).

Please note:

  • This is an Agentry iOS Client patch upgrade
  • The available demo application for SAP Work Manager 6.4 and others may need to be patched to this newer client to get it to work
  • Also note that iOS 10 was released with Xcode 8
    • This version of SMP 3.0 SDK SP13 PL05 supports only up to Xcode 7
    • Please do not use or brand your Agentry SDK using Xcode 8
    • SP14 release will be the one that will support Xcode 8 (Note: This is a targeted release. It may or may not change without prior notice)

As of 12/5/2016 – The SMP SDK SP 13 PL05 was reported to have issues with Agentry iOS rules not properly triggering (or working). This may mean that some of the screen updates or execution of rules may be impacted.  The targeted release for this iOS 10 Agentry rule fix is targeted for December 7, 2016 (Note: This is a targeted date only and the date may change without prior notice and it may get delayed based (2~5 days) on software upload process to the SAP software download center). As always, check our SAP software center for update (i.e. SMP 3.0 SDK SP14 PLX where X is the identified patch level – you need to reference the date of release or it has to be after 12/7/2016).

As of 12/7/2016 – The SMP SDK SP14 PLX will resolve the iOS 10 + SMP 3.0 SDK SP13 PL05 issues with rules that pertains to styles (ex: color red turns to regular black). The fix for this style is under KBA # 2416368 – iOS 10 Agentry Mobile SDK 3.0 SP13 PL05 style font color issues. There are additional investigation happening on background images or color + issues with the swiping of the screen with respect to the Agentry rules (not functioning properly or randomly getting different results). This issue on swiping or scrolling with Agentry rules fix is documented under: KBA # 2425698 – iOS 10 Agentry clients List Tile highlights style rule updating incorrectly when scrolling.

As of 12/8/2016 – After further investigation about iOS 10 Agentry clients tied to the Agentry rules randomly changing during swiping and/or changing of images, this issue also exist in iOS 9 or a newer version of iOS 9 (latest patch). What helps is that it works in Windows WPF so comparison is going to be made in the logic and we can further improve the logic here soon. This change/fix may delay the stated SMP SDK SP14 PLX (still needs to be determine – proof of style rule was confirmed fix in our development build pre-release of SMP 3.0 SDK SP14 PLX). Everything is still subject to change without any prior notification. But the ultimate goal is to get the best version out to the customer in one delivery (patch level still being determined).

As of 1/9/2017 – SAP released an SAP note that helps iOS 10.X (i.e. iOS 10.2) users of SAP Mobile Platform (SMP) Agentry to be able to access the Agentry.db (database) from the mobile iOS client. This is due to Apple iOS 10 added further security on accessing local files from the device and this prevents the users from attaining the Agentry.db for debugging or to be sent to SAP for analysis.  The solution to attain the Agentry.db in iOS 10.x is by following SAP note # 2413006 – Enable Access to Agentry.db in Branded Apps on iOS 10.

As of 4/11/2017 – SAP released an SAP KBA that states that when Apple iOS 10.X or iOS 11 drops 32-bit apps support, the Agentry client is not affected but developers may need to use 64-bit for branding. Please reference # 2457018 – Agentry and iOS 10.3.1 or iOS 11 for 32-bit apps dropped from support – SMP 3.0 SDK for more details

We thank all our customers for your patience and to all the customers who reported this issues at the very beginning to help SAP improve our delivery of our software.

Best Regards,

Mark Pe
SAP Platinum Support Engineer

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  • Mark,

    Thanks for the information.

    We had the same hassle when user upgraded to iOS 9.

    As far as I know, Apple will open pre-release test to limited group of developers for new iOS version prior to the public release. Is there any plan to get access to the pre-release and test Agentry client beforehand?

    Kevin Hu

    • We were also testing the same fix in newer version of iOS 9. That is still in progress (or last time i checked it was still being done).

      To answer your other question: For friendly customers who want to contribute in further testing, sometimes we can offer dev build.  But the goal of that is to test if there are other issues that can be found but not used for production before an issue occurs or iOS release. That offer of dev build is subject to review by support or dev people or some special SAP ruling (some customer need to pass or get approve to be part of it). I am not part of the review team but I have heard customers who have special access (check with your AE on the level of your support contract). 


      Mark Pe
      SAP Platinum Support Engineer

      • Hi Mark,

        I just created a custom client using the SMP 3.0 SDK SP13 PL05 and it presents issues that the client in the Apple App Store doesn't.

        First, I just took my old custom client project and replaced the Framework and its references to point the newest version. It solved the issue that didn't allow the user to go trough the login screen in the previous client when used in iPad. But then in a fast test we found out that it crashes when the user wants to take a picture or pick one from the storage.

        Because of that, I took the "Setup" project included in the ZIP file, and only changed the App ID to then generate a distributable IPA file. I also did a second change, that maybe is the source of the problems, even I don't think so and otherwise I coundn't create the IPA: In section Build Options, I set Enable Bitcode to No

        This second client, presents the same issue than the first, even it's generated from the setup provided by SAP. Am I doing something wrong? Why the client in the App Store is not presenting the problem if it's in theory using the same framework version?