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MRP Live – WHY & HOW ??


In this paper I will be putting together information relevant to the discussion why someone should look forward to use MRP on Hana & how this can be done to achieve the full potential.

The performance optimization for the classic MRP transactions is available as of SAP enhancement package 6 for SAP ERP 6.0, version for SAP HANA.

MRP Live & MRP Fiori Apps are available as of SAP enhancement package 7 for SAP ERP 6.0.

MRP on HANA can be activated with business function LOG_PPH_MDPSX_READ.

Two modes are there-

  • Classic MRP on HANA
  • MRP Live on HANA

Why MRP on HANA ?

Improved performance and execute the planning run in much shorter cycles (10+ times) – several planning runs daily can be executed providing the MRP controller with the following benefits, for example:

  • More up-to-date supply and demand information on which to base decisions.
  • Faster reaction to demand changes reduces the risk of stock-outs and means that you can reduce safety stocks.
  • Match demand and supply more efficiently than was previously possible.
  • Identify and react to issues faster than was previously possible.

S4/HANA offers prioritized view on material flow issues with clear visibility. It also gives system-generated solution proposals & automated creation of procurement proposals. It’s flexible in tailoring of available capacities and receipts to meet required quantities.

Classic MRP on HANA DB

The old MRP transactions, (such as MD01, MD02, etc…) were optimized to improve the performance when reading planning elements from the database, when running on a HANA database.

The internal logic to read the planning elements from the database to the internal table MDPSX has been completely redesigned for better performance with HANA.

The classic MRP run (MD01) also runs on HANA (parallel to MD01N) with exactly the same functionality as on any other database.

There is no substantial change on the transaction design but you can find a flag pointing that the optimization was active during the MRP execution:


What is MRP LIVE

MRP Live on HANA (MD01N) was implemented to improve MRP performance on HANA. This is a new MRP mode, where MRP has been fully redesigned to run an in-memory planning run. Can be run in background or foreground as well.

Materials which might be unable to be planned via MRP live, will be automatically planned on Classic MRP (internally) – No extra user effort. (Restriction)

More materials planned in MRP Live on HANA, greater performance improvement.

MD01N Report name is PPH_MRP_DISPATCHER.

The already existing MRP functionalities are still supported, but with a few exceptions.

In addition to the planning scopes covered by the classic MRP transactions, MRP Live also supports the following planning scopes, for example:

  • The planning of a selected material in a selected location (such as a distribution center) and its supplying locations (such as a production plant).
  • The planning of the distribution of a selected material across several locations.
  • The planning of a selected material in a selected location and its supplying locations and the components in the production location or locations, multilevel across the complete supply chain.
  • The planning of all the materials for which one MRP controller is responsible.
  • Using the settings and control parameters in the initial screen of the MRP Live planning run, you can determine how the planning run is to be carried out.


Once the MRP Run finished, Performance log appears: If MRP Levels button is clicked then detail log can be seen.


Stock/Requirement list is used to see the summary of the MRP Run. And the detail list shows the requirements and created PurReqs.


When to use? Classic vs MRP Live

For each low level code, which planning run is used depends on the MRP parameters defined for the materials in the material master record and in Customizing. Below is the sequence of planning when using MRP Hana.


How to be Ready for MRP Live

Report PPH_CHECK_MRP_ON_HANA is run to estimate how many materials can be planned by MRP Live and exactly which restrictions do you have on your system. This can be run even Non Hana systems with support package.

If you are considering to use MRP on HANA, you can use this report to improve your master data and reduce the number of restrictions, focusing a better performance on MRP Live.


Total number of materials that can be planned by MRP Live by low-level code, and also specifying the number of materials that cannot be planned by MRP Live for a specific restriction.


All the materials are displayed. Here, the report will tell you if the material will be planned in HANA or in ABAP and it will also tell you if there is any specific restriction for this material.


Factors that Impact Performance of MRP on HANA

MRP live (transaction MD01N) is designed to perform MRP for a large set of materials in one or even multiple locations with fast runtime. The improvement in performance in MRP live on HANA compared to classic MRP depends on the following:

  • MRP features used
  • Number of materials to be planned
  • Number of materials not to be planned
  • Number of low-level codes


SAP Notes-

1863808              MD01N: When to plan in MRP Live, when to plan in classic MRP

1914010              MD01N: Restrictions for Planning in MRP Live on HANA

1975704              Evaluating the material masters for MRP live

1989922              MD01N: SAP Notes overview

2023766              MRP Live/MRP Classic: Performance Information

2115914              PPH_CHECK_MRP_ON_HANA; further evaluations

2143063              Evaluating the material masters for MRP live


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      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Nice Blog.

      Any idea if they have an offering on Fiori for MRP Live.

      Have they moved MD01N to fiori , if yes which out of box solution is that.

      Author's profile photo Rahul Agarwal
      Rahul Agarwal
      Blog Post Author

      There is Fiori App for Scheduling MRP runs but for MRP Live, it seems not to be there yet.

      Author's profile photo Joachim Rees
      Joachim Rees

      Nice overview, thanks!

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Very helpful information with specific details.  Thanks for publishing.

      Author's profile photo Satish Kumar Srirambhatla
      Satish Kumar Srirambhatla

      useful Information and hope to use in my current project

      Author's profile photo Amit Kumar
      Amit Kumar

      Structured and well explained Document! Very good.

      Author's profile photo Csaba Timar
      Csaba Timar

      Very nice article.

      Author's profile photo Bill Beatty
      Bill Beatty

      Hi Rahul, I've raised a question regarding the results of PPH_CHECK_MRP_ON_HANA when I've run it - I have been presented with a lot of restrictions but I am having trouble figuring out how to fix them to get more of the organization running on Live. Are you able to assist?

      Author's profile photo Christoph Nagl
      Christoph Nagl


      how do I get the mrp messages for all materials out of MRP live?

      Before mrp live there was the database tables mdkp and mdtc  where the details are stored. Where is this information now?



      BR, Christoph