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IoT in SAP HANA Cloud Platform & Microsoft Azure

Dear experts,

Is a pleasure to share more experiences and now talking about of one trend topic in this last years although this has more years in the market than we sometimes could belive, sharing the step by step proposals followed by other experts in this topics…

Business Vision:

With a little opinion based on both architectures proposals and with the real experience in integration paradigm:

  • Avoiding the confusion about: How do you determine that you are implementing a “IoT concept” and not just another “integration point of view”,
  • The investment evaluation: is not just to talk about “resources and talent”, it is a must to consider recomendations like: the way to create new business, to add value, to support the productivity of your SCM Model as a competitive advantage and as an “engagement” and “simple” biz model proposals, understanding that maybe you will be implementing innovative ideas with more risks in the unpredictable market…
  • The decision making about quality: begin from your providers, so the doubt here is What is the best “IoT Solution” for you and how do you align it to your strategy?
  • SAP Architect proposal: consider new business models, services and products, usage-based pricing, dynamic pricing, etc…
  • What about concepts like big data, business intelligence / Analytics, mobile, etc in your company?

And How do you align your Business Strategy with this Digital era?, From the integration from your On-site business user… until one question: How do you reimagine your business, for example implemeting SAP S/4 HANA and other New tech offer?…

Process Vision:

Focused in SAP, i can share some tech and flows needs, that you can apply for your company:

  • Processes: Final report available, New supplies on route, Order replacement part, Predictive Maintenance, Connected Asset Management… And specialy with ARIBA and CONCUR….
  • Solution: covering Gateway communication trough HCP, in-memory computing, predictive analytics, spatial analytics, geo-location, telematics,
  • Communication: Connect to transactional and analytical business data: Hadoop, SAP HANA, SAP IQ., SAP HCI…
  • Content: SAP HANA Cloud Platform cockpit / Internet of Things Services

Technical vision:

In this new adventure considering that even you can implement it by yourself (without complex scenarios), we are going to just to compare 2 proposals (SAP / Microsoft) in a simple way, common components from device connectivity to the storage and identification that you need to finish the interoperability vision to your back systems:

About implementation (step by step):



  • HCP: the common tool is the below image, where you can find tools like Device Management and Message Management, but after you configure the roles / restart IoT Services, you will find the Message Managment Service with tools like Core Services and Data Services:

1 sap manage.png

  • Azure: you can get a free account and then implement different kind of logics activating the services and then working on visual studio 2015 (depending the technology that you want to use like C#, Java, etc…):

1 azure manage.png

You need to download: azure-iot-sdks-master file and then open the project DeviceExplorer in your Visual Studio 2015 (you must have last updates to execute it wihout errors)

2 azure exec11.png


  • HCP: This is just a tool that we have for a test, but you can consider for example, SAP FIORI proposals…

2 sap exec.png

  • Azure: Here we simulate the execution with SOAPUI, but you will have the “DeviceExplorer .NET Project” to monitor this executions and even to execute Async or Sync Flows:

2 azure exec.png

You need your Azure IoT parameters to have the opportunity to activate your services

2 azure exec1.png

2 azure exec2.png

2 azure exec3.png

2 azure exec4.png


  • HCP: as an expected tool, we can monitor executions, but this is no all that we can use because we must to remember that the architecture consider even more technologies and “concept IoT focus”:

3 sap monitor.png

  • Azure: You can log the requests and even instal IAM tool, or other REST technologies:

3 azure monitor.png

What is next:

  • In tech vision: you can consider to complement the architecture proposed by SAP covering from Onsite business users, Internet of Things concept working with HANA, HCI, IoT Services, etc…
  • Consider Business Owners or other Cloud providers that can offer business core vision like Ariba, Concur your S/4 HANA (sFin / SLog / etc…), Hybris, etc…
  • Be careful to not connect devices, you must to reimagine your business…
  • Now you can implement more complex tech scenarios including devices and business needs…


  • Azure:

  • HCP:


  • HCI:–rojo-consultancy-bv

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