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SAP Jam Collaboration, release 1608: developer update

With the SAP Jam Collaboration 1608 release, there are some great updates for developers to help navigate, and use, the SAP Jam API as well as new features to support different integration scenarios.

Alias User

The Alias User is a new type of user in SAP Jam where one or more SAP Jam users can be assigned to use an Alias User account. This Alias User can then be used as the specific contact point or representative for a business area or department e.g. the “Voice of HR”. From a developer perspective, the Alias User can also be used as a system user, or technical user. Look out for an upcoming blog post that will outline some of the possibilities with Alias Users.

Push Notiifcations (Webhooks)

In addition to the integration capabilities already available to support both inbound and outbound SAP Jam integration scenarios, the 1608 release introduces Push Notifications. Push Notifications can send outbound message notifications, based on a number of events in SAP Jam – in the form of Webhooks, such that an application can receive the notifications and take action if required.


For example, if a document or wiki is created or updated in SAP Jam, a notification could be sent to alert an external application that a change has been made. This replaces the need to poll the SAP Jam API to check for new, or updated documents.

Please check out the updated SAP Jam Developer Guide section to learn more about Webhooks and try out the sample application available to help you test Webhooks with your own SAP HANA Cloud Platform and SAP Jam developer environments.

OData API updates

*NEW* Mirroring – Mirroring is now available in the API

– Mirroring content to the root of content of a specified group:

[POST] /ContentItem_MirrorToGroup

  • Parameters: “ContentItemId”, “ContentItemType”, and “GroupId”

– Mirroring content to a specific folder:

[POST] /ContentItem_MirrorToFolder

  • Parameters: “ContentItemId”, “ContentItemType”, “FolderId”, and “FolderType”

– Deleting a mirror is possible by using the existing content delete:

[DELETE] /ContentItems(Id='{id}’, ContentItemType='{ContentItemType}’)

– Mirror properties

  • IsMirror – returns true if the content item is a mirrored document
  • MirrorsCount – returns how many mirrors the content item has

– Mirror Navigations from ContentItem

  • A read-only, nullable, one-to-one navigation labelled “MirrorSource”, which points to the original document if the current ContentItem is a mirrored document, and null otherwise
  • A read-only, nullable, one-to-many navigation labelled “MirrorTargets”, which points to all of the mirrored copies of a document if the current ContentItem has been mirrored


– New navigation called MemberResponse that indicates the attendance status of the currently logged in user.

Private Folders

– It is now possible to modify the list of members who have access to a private folder.  Adding them with a POST, removing them with a DELETE on the following endpoint

/Folders(Id='{Id}’, FolderType='{FolderType}’)/$links/PrivateFolderMembers

Email Frequency

The email frequency for a specific group for the currently logged in user is now available to be read with the EmailFrequency property of the Groups entity.

Bulk Invite

Ability to invite users in bulk using their external user identifier (SyncID for SuccessFactors Foundation, username for SAP Cloud Identity):

[POST] /Group_InviteByMemberSyncId(Id='<GroupUUID>’,MemberSyncIds='<MemberSyncIds>’)


In addition to the new product features and updates, the SAP Jam Developer Guide has been updated with more samples, including the Push Notificatiions/Webhooks samples as mentioned above. The SAP Jam Developer Guide can be found here.

These are just some of the highlights for developers available in the SAP Jam Collaboration 1608 release. To learn more about other enhancements, please refer to the release notes.

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      Hai this is varsha,

      Thanks for the Sharing Knowledge about the SAP JAM .. I have one doubt what are the integrating Solutions With SAP JAM and how to enable the SAP JAM..! Waiting For Your Rply..!



      SAP Mentor

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      Former Member
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Varsha,

      The SAP Jam Collaboration Developer Guide contains everything you would need to know about the integration options available with SAP Jam. It also details how you can signup for your own SAP Jam Developer Edition environment such that you can have access to the API etc. In addition to the integration options documentation, the Developer Guide provides interactive API documentation and a number of tutorials and samples that you can walk through.

      Please let me know if you have any further questions and we can always connect directly to discuss what you are looking to do with SAP Jam.