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E_HANAAW142 Certified Development Specialist – ABAP for SAP HANA Preparation Steps

Hello all,

Last week I passed for the certification for ABAP on HANA associate Level.I would like share the preparation steps so that it will be useful for you guys.

This is the best Certificate for any ABAPer to start with SAP HANA on ABAP.

Here are some TIPS for passing the exam :

Below are topics:

SAP HANA information Models & Database Procedures

Implement basic SAP HANA information models and database procedures.


  Try to cover the below topics thoroughly :

  • Approaching SAP HANA Modeling
  • What are the different types of engines and what engine will be used for what view.
  • Check what are unique features of each view like the calculated columns,variables,filters,Default, hidden and Hierarchies options which view has what options what is the purpose of each.
  • Create the views of different types and use the above in each
  • Always remember that you can only use unions in the calculation views.
  • CF and scipted views should be just reffered.

Refer this for more information:

  • Surely you will be asked about the currency conversion try to do one sample conversion using variables and constants
  • Get to know about the different fuzzy logic and text logic and so on.
  • Try to know what the different kinds of authorizations and privileges are.
  • Try different login options by SAML and so on.

Implications of SAP HANA on ABAP Programming

Evaluate and identify implications of SAP HANA and implement ABAP programming respectively.


  • Get familiar with the technology innovations like software and hardware read in detail about each one like why are the effects of each and how they are created.
  • ADT and HANA studio try to get HANA login credentials or use the cloud one provided by SAP and try to see different views and folders.
  • Get to know the transport mechanisms like delivery unit’s package and when to use the transport container tool.

Run-time Analysis Tools

Use available tools for run-time analysis, such as SQL monitor, code inspector and ABAP test cockpit.


***Integration of SAP HANA Coding in ABAP Programs****

Integrate SAP HANA Coding in ABAP programs e.g. by basic ABAP views using core data services.

ADBC,Procedures and proxies  : Prepare all the classes which are used for the ADBC however this is SPS 7 and learn just basics like syntax (Native or ADT ,ABAP )


  • ALV classes and Transport container
  • Finally know what are the relations of transport container and the delivery units
  • HA100E (HANA SPS08)

SAP Development Tools for SAP NetWeaver8% – 12%

Describe and use SAP development tools for SAP NetWeaver in the context of SAP HANA.

  • Introduction to SAP HANA get to know about the different architectural features and then different types servers and their functions.
  • What are different loading and transformation technicques like flat file and get to know each and every point about  SLT processing

  • Just get to know basic ADT functions like they debugger options and different options like ABAP unit tests fuzzy logic available.

NOTE : :

  • Do not expect any direct the examiner has set the questions expecting you to know all the basics and syntax.
  • Never ever except you can pass with just learning theory always do the exercises that are provided at the end of each unit.
  • Don’t get confused with the HA300, Ha400 and BC404 all looks similar but study all the three may be BC404 have quick view or glance if you don’t have time.
  • But if you want to pass with just preparing the theory you need to be perfect each and every slide .
  • Believe me questions are not very simple at least for the parts from the HA400 part
  • Concentrate more on the CDS and ADMP part from HA400.
  • Concentrate more on the SPS 8 and above how to consume the views in the HANA like using CDS views and ADMP.

NOTE: CDS and ADMP should be better practice with high priority as I observed more questions were on CDS annotations and ADMP parameters like what will be used for in syntax.

Never ever follow any certification materials or paper its pure waste of time

If you have SAP technical access try to access the quizzes and videos they are really helpful


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      Vijay - Really appreciate for useful information about HANA certification and Thank you for your valuable time you have spent here for explaining about it. I would need your help as I am preparing for same it would be great if you can. Thanks!! 🙂

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      Vijay Chintarlapalli
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      Former Member


      Hi Vijay

      Many Thanks! for such tips which are very helpfull!!!

      Best Regards